Phin Barnes
eBay’s First Chief Diversity Officer on Humanizing Diversity and Inclusion
firstround · 2 days ago
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Good investor communication is like a management 1-on-1
sneakerheadvc · 3 days ago
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Why Are Basketball Games So Squeaky? Consider the Spiny Lobster
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Yes, Trump Is Being Held Accountable
nytimes · 10 days ago
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Warning: This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Talent Planning
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Candor Coach - Product Hunt
producthunt · 11 days ago
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Tax Credits Are No Substitute for Obamacare
nytimes · 19 days ago
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If the Feds Did Wiretap Trump Tower, It’s Not Obama Who Should Worry
wired · 21 days ago
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Sen. Graham talks Trump wiretap tweets - CNN Video
cnn · 21 days ago
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Exclusive: Trump admin. plans expanded immigrant detention
msnbc · 22 days ago
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Six Steps to Superior Product Prototyping: Lessons from an Apple and Oculus Engineer
firstround · 30 days ago
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Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds
newyorker · 31 days ago
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Trump Seeks Credit for America's Debt Reduction
bloomberg · 27 days ago
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TV Commercial | The New York Times | The Truth Is Hard
youtube · 27 days ago
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Slain SEAL’s dad wants answers: ‘Don’t hide behind my son’s death’
miamiherald · 27 days ago
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Warning to governors: Big coverage losses under GOP health plan
axios · 27 days ago
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Revealed: how US billionaire helped to back Brexit
theguardian · 27 days ago
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Ban Donald Trump
theverge · 27 days ago
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Rep. Darrell Issa: `Russia is evil, and we need to have checks against them’
mercurynews · 27 days ago
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The man who changed the way we live
bbc · 27 days ago
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Will the Real Democracy Lovers Please Stand Up? -
nytimes · 28 days ago
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Warren Buffett: 'Talented and ambitious immigrants' have made the U.S. economy great
money.cnn · 28 days ago
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Trump Voters, Your Savior Is Betraying You
nytimes · 28 days ago
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Remy Ma Disses Nicki Minaj in New Track “Shether”: Listen
pitchfork · 28 days ago
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More GOP politicians have been arrested for sexual misconduct in bathrooms than trans people
deadstate · 28 days ago
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There's a good chance Melania Trump would have been deported if Trump's new immigration rules had been in place in the 1990s
businessinsider · 28 days ago
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White House Bars Times and 2 Other News Outlets From Briefing
nytimes · 29 days ago
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