Report from the Special Counsel Investigation into Russian Interference During and Before the 2016 Presidential Election | Outer Space | Astronomy
scribd · 4 hours ago
Gary Vaynerchuk on the Internet as a Culture Shift
youtube · 9 hours ago
Angel Investing vs. VC Investing | Jason Lemkin (SaaStr)
youtube · 11 hours ago
California Has the Jobs but Not Enough Homes
wsj · 1 day ago
Florida man faces charges for eating pancakes in middle of the road
kdvr · 1 day ago
SF considers banning cashless Amazon stores
sf.curbed · 2 days ago
Jason @Jason
pscp.tv · 2 days ago
Arlan Hamilton's diversity-minded investment fund falls through
axios · 3 days ago
Jason @Jason
pscp.tv · 3 days ago
Jenny Lewis Is Still Figuring It Out
thecut · 3 days ago
Jason @Jason
pscp.tv · 4 days ago
Jason @Jason
pscp.tv · 4 days ago
Jason @Jason
pscp.tv · 5 days ago
Experience Calm
calm · 5 days ago
Design Your Model Y | Tesla
tesla · 7 days ago
Saving Facebook, a Three-Part Strategy for the New CEO - Jason Calacanis
calacanis · 7 days ago
Jason Calacanis Presents The Angel Syndicate & Equity Crowdfunding Boom | Upfront Summit 2019
youtube · 7 days ago
Jason @Jason
pscp.tv · 9 days ago
Jason @Jason
pscp.tv · 9 days ago
New York Charges Manafort With 16 Crimes. If Heโ€™s Convicted, Trump Canโ€™t Pardon Him.
nytimes · 9 days ago
Netflixโ€™s After Life from Ricky Gervais: Mad, melancholy and powerful
theglobeandmail · 9 days ago
Secret Leaders | Jason Calacanis: The GREATEST angel investor of all time (his words) and host of This Week In Startups | Season 3 | Episode 7
simplecast · 10 days ago
Keith Rabois Reflects on His Biggest Miss as a Professional Investor
youtube · 10 days ago
Jason @Jason
pscp.tv · 11 days ago
Why Y Combinator Moved HQ from Boston to Silicon Valley | Paul Graham
youtube · 11 days ago
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Would Steve Case Consider Running for President? | Steve Case
youtube · 11 days ago
"Bad Blood" Author Reveals Tip That Led Him to Elizabeth Holmes & Theranos Fraud | John Carreyrou
youtube · 11 days ago
Jason @Jason
pscp.tv · 12 days ago
Live | This Week In Startups
thisweekinstartups · 14 days ago
Jason @Jason
pscp.tv · 14 days ago
Jason @Jason
pscp.tv · 15 days ago
Jason @Jason
pscp.tv · 15 days ago
Wealthfrontโ€™s Guide to Equity and IPOs
blog.wealthfront · 17 days ago
Jason @Jason
pscp.tv · 16 days ago
E908 Roger McNamee, FB investor, author "Zucked": mentoring Zuck, Russia, big data, surveillance-PT1
youtube · 16 days ago
Zucked โ€“ Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe
zuckedbook · 17 days ago
BART Fare Evasion Remains Rampant Despite Crackdown
youtube · 18 days ago
Why People Don't Get Wealthy - Jason Calacanis
calacanis · 18 days ago
TWiST: E908 & E909 Roger McNamee Ad Free Video! | This Week In Startups on Patreon
patreon · 18 days ago
Calm Co-founder Alex Tew - This Week in Startups with Jason Calacanis - Podcast Notes
podcastnotes · 19 days ago
Jenny Lewis' On The Line Online | March 3rd at 6pm PT
youtube · 19 days ago
Jenny Lewis | On the Line
jennylewis · 19 days ago
CITIZEN APP: Man Abducted Delivery Robot
i.citizen · 19 days ago
The 5 Things Everyone Is Missing In A.I. by Rob May
medium · 19 days ago
Steven Spielberg Is Continuing His Quest to Ban Netflix at the Oscars
vulture · 20 days ago
This Week in Startups - Jon Steinberg President of Buzzfeed
youtube · 20 days ago
TWiST LIVE - Rob Frohwein, Kabbage
youtube · 21 days ago
Andrew Cuomo is reportedly trying to get Amazon to come back to NYC
vox · 22 days ago
Jason @Jason
pscp.tv · 22 days ago
E906: Caterina Fake, co-founder of Yes VC & Flickr, explores tech's unintended consequences in new podcast "Should This Exist?"; shares insights on community building, founder skills, the zebra movement, the future of capitalism & funding startups that embody creativity & expression | This Week In Startups
thisweekinstartups · 23 days ago
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