Bilal Zuberi
Whatโ€™s the Matter withย Men?
newyorker · 3 days ago
U.S. Department of Justice Disrupts Hive Ransomware Variant · 5 days ago
Everyone Wants Your Email Address. Think Twice Before Sharing It.
nytimes · 5 days ago
Earth's inner core may have stopped turning and could go into reverse, study suggests | CNN
cnn · 7 days ago
Why DOD Should Get Out of the R&D Business: Mislav Tolusic
news.bgov · 16 days ago
Drone Boats: Inside the U.S. Navyโ€™s Latest Unmanned AI Tech
wsj · 16 days ago
This 3-D Printed Icelandic Fish-Gutting Machine Contains the Secret of a Future, Less-Globalized Economy
wsj · 16 days ago
The best way to get rid of your Christmas tree? Just eat it
theguardian · 18 days ago
These Are The Essential Gun Safety Rules For Parents, Whether You Own A Gun Or Not
huffpost · 21 days ago
Space contractors release China's annual launch plan · 28 days ago
Gartner HR expert: Quiet hiring will dominate U.S. workplaces in 2023
cnbc · 28 days ago
Appliedโ€™s year in review: CarSim acquisition, new customers, and over 500 new features
linkedin · 30 days ago
Chemists make the unimaginable possible in crystalline materials discovery
phys · 41 days ago
Ali Ahmed Aslam, inventor of chicken tikka masala, dies at 77
theguardian · 42 days ago
J. Robert Oppenheimer Cleared of โ€˜Black Markโ€™ After 68 Years
nytimes · 47 days ago
This Colorado doctor photographs snowflakes in incredible detail
axios · 49 days ago
Own the Problem, Not Just the Solution
medium · 50 days ago
Aircraft Parts Prices and Lead Time Index showing the signs of Post-COVID Supply Chain Stabilization โ€“ SkySelect · 51 days ago
Ronaldo and Manchester United Part Ways โ€˜By Mutual Agreementโ€™
nytimes · 71 days ago
Army Veteran Went Into โ€˜Combat Modeโ€™ to Disarm the Club Q Gunman
nytimes · 72 days ago
Support for Manal and Omar's Children | LaunchGood
launchgood · 78 days ago
Align Technology and Desktop Metal Announce Strategic Collaboration to Make iTero Elementโ„ข Flex the Preferred Restorative Intraoral Scanner for Desktop Labsโ€™ Customers Serving General Dentists
businesswire · 90 days ago
Digital Dentistry Expertise - Dental Labs - Desktop Labs
desktoplabs · 90 days ago
Lift or Lyft? The company that cannot spell seeks a $100B tax bailout from California
linkedin · 93 days ago
Mom loses 2 kids in 2 years to New Orleans gun violence
wwltv · 94 days ago
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The VC Slowdown Has Young Investors Sweating
theinformation · 97 days ago
Opinion | Putin Is Onto Us
nytimes · 98 days ago
NASA Announces Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Study Team Members · 102 days ago
China's Communist Party amends constitution, cementing Xi's status as 'core' of the party
reuters · 102 days ago
Generative AI Startups Are Burning White Hot · 103 days ago
Bloomberg takes over Pentagon advisory panel
politico · 106 days ago
Scientists send robot into furious hurricane and capture wild footage
mashable · 126 days ago
You Need a Password Manager. Here Are the Best Ones
wired · 897 days ago
Jamal Khashoggiโ€™s wife to sue NSO Group over Pegasus spyware
theguardian · 132 days ago
The Story Behind My Investment In Figma
semilshah · 140 days ago
Billionaire No More: Patagonia Founder Gives Away the Company
nytimes · 140 days ago
Falcons debut security screening technology before regular season opener · 143 days ago
Uvalde Police investigating shooting at city's Memorial Park; two victims shot
kens5 · 146 days ago
Trump tried to pay lawyer with horse, New York Times reporter writes in new book
thehill · 146 days ago
An astronomer thinks alien tech could be on the ocean floor. Not everyone agrees
npr · 155 days ago
Inside a U.S. Navy Maritime Drone Operation Aimed at Iran
wsj · 154 days ago
U.S. Navy Foils Iranian Attempt to Capture Unmanned Vessel in Arabian Gulf
dvidshub · 155 days ago
Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin · 177 days ago
Ex-DOD chief data officer David Spirk joins Palantir
fedscoop · 181 days ago
Alex Jones Concedes Sandy Hook Attack Was '100% Real'
bloomberg · 182 days ago
Pakistan army chief seeks White House help over vital IMF loan · 184 days ago
U.S. Drone Strike Said to Have Killed Ayman al-Zawahri, Top Qaeda Leader
nytimes · 184 days ago
From Boeing Starliner to Goodyear Tesla tire, 3-D printing is becoming manufacturing reality
cnbc · 185 days ago
Disney cruise's new 'Star Wars'-themed cocktail costs $5,000 and includes shots of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon
businessinsider · 211 days ago
Trump Denies Ever Knowing Ketchup
newyorker · 217 days ago
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