Azeem Azhar
Canada to alter sanctions law to allow paying compensation from sanctioned assets
reuters · 222 days ago
✨ Investing in Web3.0 with Amy Wu, FTX Ventures · 222 days ago
📊 EV’s Charts of the Week #73 · 223 days ago
U.S. intel helped Ukraine shoot down Russian plane carrying troops
nbcnews · 224 days ago
Beyond The Call - Dutch Arms Deliveries To Ukraine
oryxspioenkop · 225 days ago
America has a plan to throttle Chinese chipmakers
economist · 225 days ago
The Belarusian railway workers who helped thwart Russia’s attack on Kyiv
washingtonpost · 226 days ago
🔮 Elon the GOAT; invention, abatement; demographics and Mars++ #369 · 226 days ago
Women and children beg for help in video from besieged Mariupol steel factory
theguardian · 227 days ago
Exclusive: France and Germany evaded arms embargo to sell weapons to Russia · 227 days ago
Artillery unit commander Tetyana Chubar put her confectionary dreams on hold to fight off invaders · 228 days ago
🧨 The economy of the metaverse · 229 days ago
Exxon sees carbon capture market at $4 trillion by 2050
reuters · 229 days ago
Neptune’s Wrath: The Flagship Moskva’s Demise
oryxspioenkop · 233 days ago
🔮 Foundational AI; verified Elon; culture clash; giraffes & mushrooms++ #368 · 233 days ago
Blind Mexican cave fish are developing cave-specific accents
newscientist · 234 days ago
A Ukrainian village tries to make sense of Russian occupation
economist · 235 days ago
Thank the elderly for keeping Europe’s extremists out of power
economist · 235 days ago
Russia's Tragic Failure to Reform Its Economy
rand · 235 days ago
German police seize superyacht owned by Alisher Usmanov’s sister
theguardian · 236 days ago
In ‘game changer,’ Israeli laser-based air defense shoots down drones
timesofisrael · 236 days ago
🚀 VC & Deep Decarbonisation · 236 days ago
📊 EV’s Charts of the Week #71 · 237 days ago
TikTok advertising revenues set to triple · 239 days ago
Putin ‘purges’ 150 FSB agents in response to Russia’s botched war with Ukraine · 239 days ago
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Russia has defaulted on its foreign debt, says S&P
cnn · 239 days ago
Moscow’s Central Banker Dismantles What She Built
wsj · 239 days ago
Can Mushrooms “Talk” to Each Other?
the-scientist · 239 days ago
Putin’s War in Ukraine Shatters an Illusion in Russia
nytimes · 240 days ago
His wealth is irrelevant: Sunak displayed poor judgment · 240 days ago
Ukraine’s 'iron general' is a hero, but he's no star
politico · 240 days ago
🧵 One perspective on Worldcoin · 240 days ago
Ukrainians shocked by 'crazy' scene at Chernobyl after Russian pullout reveals radioactive contamination
cnn · 241 days ago
Wealth envy shouldn’t bar Rishi Sunak from No 10 · 241 days ago
The Russians Fighting Vladimir Putin in Ukraine
time · 241 days ago
In Bucha, the scope of Russian barbarity is coming into focus
washingtonpost · 243 days ago
Channel 4 privatisation is the opposite of levelling up, says Co-operatives UK. · 243 days ago
📊 EV’s Charts of the Week #70 · 244 days ago
On Monsterphilia and Assad
guernicamag · 244 days ago
Ivo Daalder says NATO enlargement didn’t go far enough
economist · 245 days ago
Czech Republic sends tanks, infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine
reuters · 245 days ago
Decarbonizing steel · 245 days ago
Lower inflation, better jobs … in France la vie est belle
theguardian · 246 days ago
ОККУПАНТ: Бучанская резня · 246 days ago
Twitter shares soar more than 25% after Elon Musk takes 9% stake in social media company
cnbc · 246 days ago
West Ham sixth in table after win over Everton · 247 days ago
🔮 Fake news; drones & Ukraine; stange space; memory DNA++ #366 · 247 days ago
🔮 Sunday Commentary: Send in the Drones · 247 days ago
Battlefield medicine: improving survival rates and ‘the golden hour’
iiss · 249 days ago
World Cup draw: England to face US and Iran and could be joined by Wales or Scotland · 249 days ago
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