Azeem Azhar
Why Ukraine must win
economist · 250 days ago
Заглянуть в планы Путина: чего Кремль добился за месяц спецоперации · 250 days ago
Volodymyr Zelensky in his own words
economist · 250 days ago
Is the Russian Military Running Out of Soldiers?
nationalinterest · 250 days ago
Applen kerrotaan ostaneen kasvuyhtiön Suomesta – Tekoälystartupin sivut katosivat verkosta · 250 days ago
🔮 How to make nuclear energy safe & affordable · 250 days ago
soundcloud · 250 days ago
📊 EV’s Charts of the Week #69 · 251 days ago
Video-sharing platforms: Ofcom's plan and approach · 253 days ago
The drone operators who halted Russian convoy headed for Kyiv
theguardian · 253 days ago
Volodymyr Zelensky on why Ukraine must defeat Putin
economist · 254 days ago
🔮 DeSci; Psychedelic capitalism; Digital Solar; Whistling dolphins++ #365 · 254 days ago
🌏 Minding the climate tech gap
climatetechvc.substack · 255 days ago
Analysis | The government unsealed Russian hacking charges to warn businesses
washingtonpost · 256 days ago
Õàðê³âñüêèé íàïðÿìîê: ÏÏÎ çáèëà ðîñ³éñüêèé âèíèùóâà÷ Ñó-34 · 257 days ago
📊 EV’s Charts of the Week #68 · 258 days ago
Nazanin is grateful, but is she grateful enough? I don’t know but the trolls will tell us | Marina Hyde
theguardian · 259 days ago
Putin’s megalomania is encountering reality | Peter Caddick–Adams | The Critic Magazine · 260 days ago
Washington must stop worrying about World War III and act
thehill · 260 days ago
the Russian investors in Europe
nordic9 · 261 days ago
Russia using Israeli drones to bomb Ukraine · 261 days ago
🔮 Sunday commentary: Deep learning’s next decades · 261 days ago
Pasha Lee went from Ukrainian screen idol to volunteer
economist · 262 days ago
London's Hoxton Ventures has a new $215 million seed fund
fortune · 264 days ago
🕸️ The Russian hierarchy vs. the Ukrainian network · 264 days ago
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The Bankrupt Colonialist
samf.substack · 266 days ago
📊 EV’s Charts of the Week #67 · 265 days ago
Healthcare tech platform Doctolib reaches $6.4 billion valuation – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 266 days ago
India considers buying discounted Russian oil, commodities, officials say
reuters · 267 days ago
Russia threatens to make external debt payments in roubles
ft · 267 days ago
UK says looking at using sanctioned oligarch properties for refugees
reuters · 268 days ago
Russia Asked China for Military and Economic Aid for Ukraine War, U.S. Officials Say
nytimes · 268 days ago
2187 civilians were killed in Mariupol as result of Russian shelling on the city as of today Mariupol', Donetsk Oblast - Ukraine Interactive map - Ukraine Latest news on live map -
liveuamap · 268 days ago
Under New Scrutiny: China’s Nuclear Pledge to Ukraine
wsj · 269 days ago
Preparing for Defeat
americanpurpose · 269 days ago
Deutsche Bank to wind down Russia business
reuters · 270 days ago
Chip world's major suppliers of neon gas shutter in Ukraine
theregister · 270 days ago
Attack On Europe: Documenting Equipment Losses During The 2022 Russian Invasion Of Ukraine
oryxspioenkop · 280 days ago
Chelsea on its knees: Club could run out of cash in 17 days · 270 days ago
China's state media buys Meta ads pushing Russia's line on war
axios · 271 days ago
Russia says China refuses to supply aircraft parts after sanctions
reuters · 271 days ago
📊 EV’s Charts of the Week #66 · 272 days ago
Chinese Nickel Giant Tsingshan Faces $8 Billion Trading Loss as Ukraine War Upends Market
wsj · 273 days ago
Piracy OK: Russia to ease software licensing rules after sanctions
bleepingcomputer · 274 days ago
Ukraine war: Putin offer of evacuation routes to Russia condemned - BBC News · 274 days ago
WSJ News Exclusive | Investors Start Buying Ukraine, Russia Bonds
wsj · 274 days ago
Opinion | How to Stop a Nuclear War
nytimes · 275 days ago
Space and Time
samf.substack · 275 days ago
A Major Internet Backbone Company Cuts Off Russia
wired · 276 days ago
March 5, 1981: Timex Sinclair ZX81 launched : Day in Tech History
dayintechhistory · 276 days ago
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