Azeem Azhar
Nahwa - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 19 hours ago
WSJ News Exclusive | Googleโ€™s Secret โ€˜Project Nightingaleโ€™ Gathers Personal Health Data on Millions of Americans
wsj · 22 hours ago
๐Ÿ’ญ Can AI blossom with stronger regulation? · 1 day ago
POLLING: How do our towns intend to vote?
centrefortowns · 1 day ago
If People Were Paid by Ability, Inequality Would Plummet
nytimes · 2 days ago
Marc Benioff couldn't get VCs to invest when launching Salesforceโ€”now it's worth $124 billion
cnbc · 2 days ago
Annunziata Rees-Mogg interview: Iโ€™m from the more common wing of the Rees-Mogg family · 2 days ago
Majority believe general election will fail to break Brexit deadlock · 2 days ago
๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿง  Big ideas: Bitcoin, designer babies, the Global south #243++ · 2 days ago
Inmate claims he completed life sentence by dying · 3 days ago
Instagram Will Test Hiding 'Likes' in the US Starting Next Week
wired · 3 days ago
UK inquiry was warned of Russian infiltration, leaked testimony shows
edition.cnn · 3 days ago
Creating AI responsibly
linkedin · 4 days ago
Emmanuel Macron in his own words (French)
economist · 4 days ago
Students more likely to vote tactically on Brexit · 5 days ago
How Free-Market Economists Got It Wrong
hbr · 6 days ago
Ofcom selects Melanie Dawes as chief executive
theguardian · 6 days ago
Zapier integration with Cronycle | Cronycle Blog
cronycle · 7 days ago
Automation and its enemies
voxeu · 7 days ago
Opinion | Martin Scorsese: I Said Marvel Movies Arenโ€™t Cinema. Let Me Explain.
nytimes · 7 days ago
Facebook bans ad posted by ex-Downing Street aide · 7 days ago
Sinn Fรฉin won't stand in three Westminster seats · 8 days ago
The Making of the Worldโ€™s Greatest Investor
wsj · 8 days ago
World's most profitable company to go public
bbc · 8 days ago
mike galsworthy @mikegalsworthy · 8 days ago
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Opinion | The Real Reason Facebook Wonโ€™t Fact-Check Political Ads
nytimes · 9 days ago
Iโ€™m leaving the Tories and voting Lib Dem · 10 days ago
Check out this property for sale on Rightmove! · 10 days ago
Fitbit snapped up by Google in $2.1bn deal · 10 days ago
The Puppy Rodeo, Videos · 11 days ago
Societies change their minds faster than people do
economist · 11 days ago
Mixed Returns for Kleiner Perkins: Weak Venture Funds, Strong โ€˜Growthโ€™
theinformation · 14 days ago
China Sets Up New $29 Billion Semiconductor Fund
wsj · 14 days ago
#11 - The long arc of technology
jamesonstartups.substack · 15 days ago
i.imgur · 15 days ago
The BLS Just Released Its First Research on the Freelance Economy in 13 Years
contently · 15 days ago
How I went VIRAL with my parcour!
youtube · 16 days ago
๐Ÿ”ฎ Working less; AI & war; rethinking GDP again; rats, emoji & duck-rabbits++ #421 · 16 days ago
Boeing considered system redesign before accidents: NTSB report
reuters · 16 days ago
Opinion | Why Will Breitbart Be Included in โ€˜Facebook Newsโ€™?
nytimes · 16 days ago
China's President Xi Jinping wants the country to 'take the leading position' in blockchain - The Block
theblockcrypto · 18 days ago
Giuliani butt-dials NBC reporter, heard discussing need for cash and trashing Bidens
nbcnews · 17 days ago
AI and the future of warfare
linkedin · 18 days ago
Artificial Intelligence Research Needs Responsible Publication Norms
lawfareblog · 18 days ago
Hitman hires hitman who hires hitman who hires hitman who hires hitman · 18 days ago
Boeing Sales and Profits Plummet as 737 Max Crisis Continues
nytimes · 19 days ago
Self-driving startup FiveAI launches commuter trials on London streets - CityAM
cityam · 19 days ago
European leaders expected to grant Brexit delay
theguardian · 19 days ago
Teaching Rats To Drive Tiny Cars Helps Them Relax, Scientists Discover
iflscience · 20 days ago
Does Manufacturing Matter?
europeanstraits.substack · 20 days ago
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