Azeem Azhar
This prime minister was destroyed by Brexit. And the next one will be too. · 21 hours ago
Terminator: Dark Fate - Official Teaser Trailer (2019) - Paramount Pictures
youtube · 1 day ago
Sky Views: The government is quietly creating a digital ID card without us noticing · 1 day ago
Seedcamp sells part of its stake in European unicorn TransferWise โ€“ TechCrunch
techcrunch · 1 day ago
George Osborne's Evening Standard backs Lib Dems for EU elections
theguardian · 2 days ago
โ€ŽExponential View with Azeem Azhar: Embedding AI in Business on Apple Podcasts · 2 days ago
Fordโ€™s vision for package delivery is a robot that folds up into the back of a self-driving car
theverge · 2 days ago
Compare the Brexit
comparethebrexit · 2 days ago
What to Do When Youโ€™re a Country in Crisis
nytimes · 2 days ago
The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet
onezero.medium · 3 days ago
Ford to eliminate 7,000 jobs, or 10% of workforce, by end August
marketwatch · 3 days ago
The women are revolting!
unbound · 3 days ago
Tech Podcasts | Angel Investing Resources - Mathon · 5 days ago
Religious Women are Having the Most Abortions
sheroandascholar.substack · 5 days ago
Infographic: Unemployment Down Across the World's Largest Economies
statista · 6 days ago
What went wrong inside Boeing's cockpit? - BBC News · 7 days ago
Ferret shows human her babies
youtube · 7 days ago
San Francisco bans facial recognition in US first
bbc · 8 days ago
The Victorians by Jacob Rees-Mogg review โ€” โ€˜what a staggeringly silly book this isโ€™ · 8 days ago
Koalas "functionally extinct" in Australia, with just 80,000 estimated to remain: What you need to know
newsweek · 10 days ago
Deepest-ever sub dive finds plastic waste · 11 days ago
How the Composition of Wealth Differs, from the Middle Class to the Top 1%
visualcapitalist · 12 days ago
Inside Syriaโ€™s Secret Torture Prisons: How Bashar al-Assad Crushed Dissent
nytimes · 12 days ago
Arsenal Fanpage ๐Ÿ”ดโšช๏ธ on Instagram: โ€œWhat duo!! 69 goal contribution in one season is insane!!๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿคซ๐Ÿ”ดโšช๏ธ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพโœ… __________________________________ Follow my partners @arsenalrealistโ€ฆโ€
instagram · 13 days ago
Disney put more than $400 million into Vice Media. Now it says that investment is worthless.
vox · 14 days ago
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Agnotology and Epistemological Fragmentation
points.datasociety · 14 days ago
Tarantola - The Cage · 14 days ago
Markets Are 10X Bigger Than Ever
blog.eladgil · 15 days ago
Opinion | Itโ€™s Time to Break Up Facebook
nytimes · 15 days ago
A backroom stitch-up wonโ€™t solve Brexit · 17 days ago
Business leader warns of Brexit harm in years to come · 18 days ago
Model and manage the changing geopolitics of energy
nature · 18 days ago
China: How Mass Surveillance Works in Xinjiang
hrw · 18 days ago
Inside Facebook's war room: the battle to protect EU elections
theguardian · 18 days ago
Perceived Threat and Authoritarianism - Semantic Scholar
semanticscholar · 18 days ago
Reform capitalism or face revolution, billionaires are told at Milken Conference
latimes · 20 days ago
Latest updates and video from the local election results 2019 · 21 days ago
London startups lose investment because of Brexit - Sifted · 21 days ago
Alleged Russian spy whale is refusing to leave and seeking Norwegiansโ€™ devotion, authorities say
washingtonpost · 21 days ago
Facebook bans Louis Farrakhan, Milo Yiannopoulos, InfoWars and others from its platforms as 'dangerous'
cnn · 21 days ago
AnyVision - The world leading recognition platform · 22 days ago
When AI Meets Medicine
hbr · 22 days ago
Endangered Leopard Mothered by Retriever, Accompanied by Lion, Tiger and Shepherd Dog
youtube · 22 days ago
Sri Lanka Authorities Were Warned, in Detail, 12 Days Before Attack
nytimes · 23 days ago
Permafrost collapse is accelerating carbon release
nature · 23 days ago
Indonesia to move capital city
bbc · 24 days ago
Labour members know what we need: a referendum and a campaign for remain | Laura Parker
theguardian · 24 days ago
The once-hot robotics startup Anki is shutting down after raising more than $200 million
recode · 24 days ago
The We Company, better known as WeWork, files confidentially for IPO
cnbc · 24 days ago
Forsker om hvithval med seletรธy i Finnmark: Trolig fra den russiske marinen · 25 days ago
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