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Karl Friston: How should we respond to an upsurge in covid-19 cases?ย  - The BMJ
blogs.bmj · 1 day ago
Beijing to splash out on โ€˜strategicโ€™ sectors to curb reliance on US tech
scmp · 3 days ago
Night Images Reveal Many New Detention Sites in Chinaโ€™s Xinjiang Region
nytimes · 3 days ago
The State of Climate Tech 2020
pwc · 3 days ago
What the 2020 SPAC boom means for 2021
axios · 4 days ago
Is Oracle Biting Off More TikTok Than It Can Chew?
theinformation · 4 days ago
COVID-19 may damage bone marrow immune cells; another reinfection reported
reuters · 4 days ago
The Next Big Breakthrough in AI Will Be Around Language
hbr · 4 days ago
Why Spotify Has So Many Bizarre, Generic Artists Like โ€˜White Noise Baby Sleepโ€™
onezero.medium · 4 days ago
One billion good Americans
ryanavent.substack · 5 days ago
Why Did Covid Overwhelm Hospitals? A Yearslong Drive for Efficiency
wsj · 5 days ago
Novus Coronastatus - Novus · 5 days ago
Kindred Capital closes ยฃ81m seed VC fund | Sifted · 6 days ago
Facebook Says it Will Stop Operating in Europe If Regulators Donโ€™t Back Down
vice · 6 days ago
Trumpโ€™s TikTok battle heralds the ugly birth of a new splinternet · 6 days ago
Gangster capitalism and the American theft of Chinese innovation โ€“ TechCrunch
techcrunch · 6 days ago
Kindred Capital, a European tech investor which shares profits with founders, has raised a $105 million second fund
businessinsider · 6 days ago
Hancock warns Britain at 'tipping point' as Covid cases increase | ITV News
itv · 7 days ago
Judge blocks US attempts to ban China's WeChat · 7 days ago
Frederike Kaltheuner posted on LinkedIn
linkedin · 7 days ago
Apple Books TSMC's Entire 5nm Production Capability - ExtremeTech
extremetech · 7 days ago
Coronavirus: Just 6% of Britons have antibodies - and levels wane over two months, SAGE warns · 8 days ago
Amazon Makes Major Investment In Redwood Materials
cleantechnica · 8 days ago
Eat Out to Help Out: crowded restaurants may have driven UK coronavirus spike โ€“ new findings
theconversation · 8 days ago
Matt Hancock, could you honestly think of no one better to run test and trace? | Marina Hyde
theguardian · 9 days ago
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TikTok reveals details of how its algorithm works
axios · 9 days ago
๐Ÿ’ญ Friday discussion: Does the TikTok deal herald a new Internet? · 9 days ago
Scoop: How the Oracle-TikTok deal would work
axios · 9 days ago
Focus: Dice Become Ordered When Stirred, Not Shaken
physics.aps · 1028 days ago
Gravity Sketch scores $3.7M seed for its VR-based product design and collaboration platform โ€“ TechCrunch
techcrunch · 10 days ago
Get newsletters in Feedly | Feedly Blog
blog.feedly · 12 days ago
Opinion | America Is Going to Decapitate Huawei
nytimes · 12 days ago
Oracle PowerBrowser ใ‚ชใƒฉใ‚ฏใƒซใƒ‘ใƒฏใƒผใƒ–ใƒฉใ‚ฆใ‚ถใ‚’ไฝฟใฃใฆใฟใŸ
youtube · 12 days ago
Boris goes for Boris | Robert Hutton | The Critic Magazine · 12 days ago
๐Ÿ”ฎ Metaverse, robots, decarbonisation, Civilisation, megacities, drones++ #ev287 · 12 days ago
Our third decade of climate action: Realizing a carbon-free future · 13 days ago
Oracle confirms deal with TikTok-owner ByteDance to become 'trusted technology provider'
cnbc · 13 days ago
TikTok exceeds 100 million monthly users in Europe as US sale deadline looms
businessinsider · 13 days ago
ByteDance won't sell TikTok U.S. operations to Oracle or Microsoft: CGTN
reuters · 13 days ago
Firms get public data in Dominic Cummings tech drive · 13 days ago
Lifeโ€™s not so great when youโ€™reย 48 · 13 days ago
Zoom Towns And The New Housing Market For The 2 Americas
npr · 14 days ago
What's allowed?
whatsallowed · 14 days ago
Clashes over Tory plan to seed the UK's next Apple with state aid
theguardian · 14 days ago
The controversial company using DNA to sketch the faces of criminals
nature · 14 days ago
You can never ignore Clyde #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #dogsoftiktok #dogs #viral #greatdane #clyde #snuggle #sassy
tiktok · 15 days ago
Tories beg for answers as Boris Johnsonโ€™s Zoom rally turns farcical · 15 days ago
China has quietly vaccinated more than 100,000 people for Covid-19 before completing safety trials
vox · 16 days ago
A $200 Million Seed Valuation for Roam Shows Investor Frenzy for Note-Taking Apps
theinformation · 16 days ago
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