Azeem Azhar
A lying shit who likes to be liked
billemmott.substack · 4 days ago
People devote third of waking time to mobile apps · 4 days ago
The Obscure Traffic Rules Helping Tesla Conquer Shanghai
sixthtone · 5 days ago
Live Carbon Prices Today
carboncredits · 6 days ago
r/BeAmazed - Watch this goat walk vertically down a tree. Are you not entertained?
reddit · 8 days ago
Naturally Selective: Female Orgasm and Female Sexual Selection
quillette · 14 days ago
Exponential Thinking
tandfonline · 15 days ago
Meet the woman who discovered climate change in 1856 - before men did
euronews · 19 days ago
South Korean crosses DMZ in rare defection to North Korea · 19 days ago
Buchtipps 2021: 14 Bรผcher zum Jahresende: Das sind Ihre Favoriten
handelsblatt · 20 days ago
Facebook: The New Big Tobacco or A Media Moral Panic?
quillette · 22 days ago
British Plugs Are Better Than All Other Plugs, And Here's Why
youtube · 837 days ago
Is Norway the new East India Company?
glineq.blogspot · 25 days ago
Big Techโ€™s Next Monopoly Game: Building the Car of the Future
politico · 25 days ago
OBITUARY E.O. Wilson, naturalist dubbed a modern-day Darwin, dies at 92
reuters · 25 days ago
Timeโ€™s up, Google: TikTok clocks up the most visits · 29 days ago
US army to march on microbial diet · 34 days ago
Britain accepts EU judgesโ€™ role in Northern Ireland protocol · 35 days ago
How to go from being a super hot company to lucky to get acquired in less than 24 months
joefernandez.substack · 36 days ago
Many North Korean women outearn their husbands, but still do the chores
economist · 41 days ago
Can Facebook be blamed for pogroms against Rohingyas in Myanmar?
economist · 41 days ago
Two people, one job? Startup matches workers looking to share a role
info.trendwatching · 42 days ago
Headroom 2.0 - Hands free meetings with real time AI video conferencing | Product Hunt
producthunt · 43 days ago
How digital minilaterals can revive international cooperation · 47 days ago
Covid bereaved families 'sickened' over No 10 Christmas party · 49 days ago
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Adventure capitalism: Startup finance goes global | Nov 27th 2021 | The Economist
economist · 55 days ago
16 best philosophy and ideas books 2021 · 55 days ago
OpenAIโ€™s API Now Available with No Waitlist
openai · 64 days ago
EXCLUSIVE Germany may have been naive on China at first, Merkel says
reuters · 64 days ago
Cop26: Alok Sharma in tears as India and China dilute pledge to phase out coal · 68 days ago
Talking Heads - Life During Wartime
youtube · 69 days ago
#102 La brecha exponencial
sumapositiva · 69 days ago
Risk, aggression, Brexit and Article 16
dominiccummings.substack · 70 days ago
Does Facebook Make the World Better? Half of Polled Employees Say Yes
theinformation · 72 days ago
Going antiviralโ€”a new milestone in the fight against covid-19
economist · 73 days ago
What deserves to be cancelled in 2022?
economist · 73 days ago
The True Price of Chinaโ€™s Most Expensive Teas
sixthtone · 74 days ago
Small scale nuclear to get green light this week · 74 days ago
Time to Rein In Big Tech?
hbr · 77 days ago
Common antidepressant slashes risk of COVID death
nature · 81 days ago
'Father of tiramisu' Ado Campeol dies aged 93 · 82 days ago
Hannah Fry: Why I decided to resign from the Science Museumโ€™s board of trustees · 83 days ago
Facebook's metamorphosis - will it work?
bbc · 83 days ago
We Need Better Browsers: How I Ditched Chrome | Synth Blog · 84 days ago
Decarbonization by the Numbers (with Michele Della Vigna)
hbr · 86 days ago
Opinion: Labour has fallen into a trap by calling for a VAT cut in the Budget · 86 days ago
9G Centrifuge Training
youtube · 87 days ago
The Most Beautiful Equation in Math
youtube · 87 days ago
UK COVID-19 patients able to take GP prescribed medicine at home
pharmatimes · 87 days ago
โ€˜History Will Not Judge Us Kindlyโ€™
theatlantic · 88 days ago
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