Azeem Azhar
The flaw in the Benn Act
waitingfortax · 13 hours ago
Former Tory leadership contender Sam Gyimah defects to Liberal Democrats · 2 days ago
Facing the Great Reckoning Head-On
medium · 3 days ago
David Cameron says second Brexit referendum may be necessary because 'we are stuck' · 3 days ago
BIG by Matt Stoller
mattstoller.substack · 3 days ago
Comment: A referendum is coming โ€“ just ask Oliver Letwin · 4 days ago
Class structure and inequality during the industrial revolution: lessons from England's social tables, 1688โ€“1867
onlinelibrary.wiley · 5 days ago
Donโ€™t buy the bluff. Hereโ€™s the truth about no-deal Brexit | Anand Menon
theguardian · 5 days ago
UCL - London's Global University · 6 days ago
Brexit - What Next? Brexit Diagrams Series 3 - Jon Worth Euroblog · 6 days ago
'A very bad day for Google' as 50 states, territories join antitrust probe
politico · 7 days ago
Kindred are Looking for a New Generalย Partner
linkedin · 7 days ago
Stockpiles of tomatoes? UK retailers bristle at demands of no-deal...
reuters · 8 days ago
500,000 Britons hooked on opioids · 8 days ago
Will Brexit Affect Your Prescriptions? Medication Shortage List - e-Surgery
e-surgery · 8 days ago
Visualizing 200 Years of Systems of Government
visualcapitalist · 8 days ago
Exclusive: Amber Rudd resigns from cabinet and quits Tories · 8 days ago
r/science - Politically incorrect speech works in politics because it can help people appear more authentic, suggests a new study (n=4,956), which found that replacing even a single word with a politically incorrect one makes people view a speaker as more authentic and less likely to be swayed by others.
reddit · 9 days ago
UPDATE 2-Russia's Gazprom sells discounted 2.9% stake to one...
uk.reuters · 9 days ago
Boris Johnson told to โ€˜get Brexit plan Bโ€™ · 9 days ago
Prime ministerโ€™s potential escape routes from Brexit crisis · 9 days ago
Magic Leap sees a bright future in AR healthcare
fastcompany · 9 days ago
Revealed: Election pact between Johnson and Farage edges closer
opendemocracy · 9 days ago
Brexit-related food stockpiling is on the rise
economist · 10 days ago
OPINION: Automation With Globalisation Will Only Exacerbate An Already Bad Situation In Job Market
outlookindia · 10 days ago
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General election date aimed to restrict student vote, Boris Johnson aides admit · 10 days ago
Bitcoin Rap Battle Debate: Hamilton vs. Satoshi (BITCOIN GIVEAWAY) [feat. EpicLloyd, TimDeLaGhetto]
youtube · 11 days ago
Police use of facial recognition is legal, Cardiff high court rules
theguardian · 12 days ago
Tory Rory Stewart sacked by text while he accepted politician of the year award · 12 days ago
Michael Gove promises to prop up firms hit by no-deal tariffs · 12 days ago
'No deal' Brexit would cost at least $16 billion in UK sales to the...
reuters · 13 days ago
No-deal Brexit looms as leak reveals Dominic Cummings considers EU negotiations a 'sham' · 13 days ago
British government unveils 'Get ready for Brexit' ad campaign as food shortage fears accelerate
cnbc · 14 days ago
Fresh anti-prorogation protests planned in 30 cities and towns
theguardian · 15 days ago
The (not so) hidden cost of sharing code between iOS andย Android
blogs.dropbox · 18 days ago
How a secret plan to close parliament sparked uproar across Britain
theguardian · 15 days ago
India puts 1.9m people at risk of statelessness
bbc · 16 days ago
Perspective | Why Boris Johnson is so desperate to lock Parliament out
washingtonpost · 16 days ago
Billionaire Alan Howard Eyes $1 Billion Crypto Fund Management Venture
cointelegraph · 17 days ago
New evidence that optimists live longer · 17 days ago
French Police Remotely Removed RETADUP Malware from 850,000 Infected PCs
thehackernews · 18 days ago
Facial recognition: School ID checks lead to GDPR fine
bbc · 18 days ago
U.S. Cyberattack Hurt Iranโ€™s Ability to Target Oil Tankers, Officials Say
nytimes · 19 days ago
How to stay relevant in the shortest time possible (My reading list) | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}
businessesgrow · 21 days ago
How a Bitter Divorce Battle on Earth Led to Claims of a Crime in Space
nytimes · 23 days ago
Maintaining the integrity of our platforms · 24 days ago
AI Knowledge Map: how to classify AI technologies
medium · 24 days ago
World's largest EV never has to be recharged
greencarreports · 27 days ago
โ€ŽTALKING POLITICS: Jill Lepore on the American Nation on Apple Podcasts · 27 days ago
No-deal papers reveal council fears over food supply · 28 days ago
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