David Beisel
Going Beyond the “Founder Show”
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NextView Promotes Melody Koh As New York Tech Gains Another Female Investing Partner
forbes · 17 days ago
Making Your First Analytics Hire – Better Everyday
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ThisPersonDoesNotExist.com uses AI to generate endless fake faces
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Getting a Job in VC: Long Odds But A Rewarding Career
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A guide to one of the most important things you’ll do as CEO
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How to Build A Great Product Before Hiring Your First PM
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The Nudge Seattle
nudgetext · 67 days ago
Welcoming Dorothy Ren to the NextView Team - NextView Ventures
nextviewventures · 73 days ago
Seed Fundraising Is No Longer A Local Game
forbes · 77 days ago
When Your Fundraising Goes Wrong – Better Everyday
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The Reinvention of Everyday Things – Philip H. Beauregard – Medium
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The Founder/Investor Honeymoon – Better Everyday
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The Startup Copycat Fallacy – Better Everyday
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Chasing Markups – rob go – Medium
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Should Every Company Have a “Singles” or “Prime” Day?
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Mastering Growth Economics: What $100M Startups Do Differently
medium · 133 days ago
The McRib Effect – Of Dollars And Data
ofdollarsanddata · 134 days ago
How to Improve Contribution Margin
soundbytes2 · 136 days ago
Early-Stage Valuation Multiples Are Coming Way Down. What Does it Mean?
ianhathaway · 137 days ago
Nobody Announces their Seed Round Anymore and That’s a Mistake
bettereveryday.vc · 148 days ago
OG Unicorns — Where Are They Now? – Better Everyday
bettereveryday.vc · 155 days ago
If CAC is the New Rent, How should You Operate Differently?
bettereveryday.vc · 171 days ago
Alexa skills can now offer one-time-use purchases, like in-game hints or points
techcrunch · 178 days ago
“Doing Work” to Build Investment Conviction – Better Everyday
bettereveryday.vc · 178 days ago
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OK, So Maybe Not All MBA Entrepreneurs Are Doomed To Fail
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How Much Seed Capital Should You Actually Raise? – Better Everyday
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How to Do Research on VCs – Better Everyday
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Disruptive Interfaces & The Emerging Battle To Be The Default
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A Primer on Seed Stage Fundraising – Better Everyday
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Mind the gap – Lightspeed Venture Partners – Medium
medium · 212 days ago
The Nudge is a planner app packaged as an SMS subscription service
techcrunch · 254 days ago
Why We Invested in The Nudge - NextView Ventures
nextviewventures · 254 days ago
Takeaways From My First Day as a Startup Intern – Samarth Desai – Medium
medium · 266 days ago
After the Term Sheet Is Signed: Don’t Get Caught in Venture Limbo
bettereveryday.vc · 310 days ago
How to Sell Your Startup’s “Secret” Master Plan at the Seed Stage
bettereveryday.vc · 324 days ago
Emissary wants to make sales networking obsolete
techcrunch · 327 days ago
Marketing in the Age of Alexa
hbr · 331 days ago
How to Prove Your Market Is “Big Enough” to VCs – Better Everyday
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How VCs Get Measured – Better Everyday
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How to Retire Without Running Out of Money
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The Next Big Threat to Consumer Brands (Yes, Amazon’s Behind It)
wsj · 387 days ago
The Old Content Marketing Playbook Doesn’t Work Anymore
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Not Everyone Is “Killing It.” – Better Everyday
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Market Size Doesn’t Equal Market Demand – Better Everyday
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Why We Invested in Attentive - NextView Ventures
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Is It Easy to Raise Early-Stage Capital? – Better Everyday
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How to Think About Your First Product Hire – Better Everyday
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The Facebook Newsfeed Changes
liftletters · 423 days ago
4 Common Mistakes Founders Make When Giving Demos to Investors
bettereveryday.vc · 430 days ago
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