Lee Hower
Theranos Secretly Bought Outside Lab Gear, Ran Fake Tests: Court Filings
wsj · 2 days ago
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How Much Do Your VCs Care About You? – Startup Traction (by NextView) – Medium
medium · 3 days ago
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Google says its custom machine learning chips are often 15-30x faster than GPUs and CPUs
techcrunch · 18 days ago
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Introducing Gotham Voices: An Email Newsletter for NY Tech - NextView Ventures
nextviewventures · 19 days ago
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Inside Uber’s self-driving car mess
recode · 24 days ago
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We Don't Know The Environmental Effects Of Junking Half A Million Volkswagen Diesels
jalopnik · 25 days ago
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Chinese internet giant Tencent buys 5% of Tesla
techcrunch · 26 days ago
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WHOOP CEO Will Ahmed on ESPN's Sports Center
youtube · 46 days ago
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WHOOP Approved for In-Game Use in Major League Baseball
thelocker.whoop · 48 days ago
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The Best Commerce Businesses Don’t Send Boxes of Stuff, They Send a Conveyor Belt – Startup Traction (by NextView)
medium · 60 days ago
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