open.spotify · 3 hours ago
Quick bites for business. - YouTube
youtube · 2 days ago
The First Creations of 10 Famous Creators and What You Can Learn From Them
medium · 3 days ago
Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: Building a startup during a downturn: Live Q&A with the founders of Pinterest, Shopify, and Twilio. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar. · 3 days ago
No Code Merch - No Code Merch
nocodemerch · 4 days ago
Remote Work Statistics for 2020: New Norms and Expectations
flexjobs · 5 days ago
MSP Digital Q&A - Comp Planning For All Levels Of Your Sales Team
eventbrite · 5 days ago
The Bay Area is drinking 42% more alcohol than usual while sheltering in place
sfchronicle · 7 days ago
Nice Jewish Guys Wall Calendar | CALENDARS.COM
calendars · 11 days ago
Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now · 19 days ago
A word of encouragement & ways Worklife can help
wfh.substack · 21 days ago
WorkOS | Your app, enterprise-ready.
workos · 21 days ago
How David Sacks built the first bottom-up playbook for enterprise
wfh.substack · 26 days ago
The world’s most innovative companies in design: 2020
fastcompany · 28 days ago
Why every startup must cross the Enterprise Chasm to increase defensibility and expand TAM
youtube · 29 days ago
Pipe, A B2B SaaS Financing Platform, Raises $6M From Craft Ventures To Help Growing Startups Avoid Dilution
forbes · 42 days ago
How creatives win friends, influence people and break the internet
wfh.substack · 43 days ago
Divinations Podcast #001 - Hiten Shah
divinations.substack · 46 days ago
Culdesac | Experience Someplace Better
culdesac · 140 days ago
The 19 'super angel' investors writing lots of checks that every founder should scramble to pitch
businessinsider · 52 days ago
IBM picks Slack over Microsoft Teams for its 350,000 employees
theverge · 56 days ago
2020 Edelman Trust Barometer
edelman · 59 days ago
Snowflake Set To Be Worth $12.4 Billion After New Funding, Making It One Of Tech’s Most Valuable Startups
forbes · 59 days ago
The golden source for open source; The 3 goals of an operator-angel round; Ginni Rometty; HeyMama & More
femstreet.substack · 65 days ago
Why the remote work trend really matters, in 19 tweets
miro · 67 days ago
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How to Run a Business in 2020
nytimes · 68 days ago
Figma - AirPods Vector | AirPods Pro & AirPods - Vector & Prototype Slider Inspired by the amazing work in Adobe XD from ...
figma · 71 days ago
Why founders killed the friends & family round
wfh.substack · 72 days ago
Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez Learn the Red-Carpet Couple Rules
vanityfair · 81 days ago
The Girl Scouts Have Sued the Boy Scouts. Now What?
nytimes · 88 days ago
Canva’s Growth Strategy: How they acquired 15,000,000 users
growthmanifesto · 91 days ago
Cisco - Acquisitions | Crunchbase
crunchbase · 92 days ago
Melissa VillaseΓ±or - Is Shakira Hot?
youtube · 93 days ago
VCs predict that remote work, celebrity startup investors, and an exodus from Silicon Valley are the big tech trends to watch in 2020
businessinsider · 95 days ago
Welcome to the Roaring Twenties
wfh.substack · 99 days ago
NY Enterprise Technology Meetup -- January 2020
eventbrite · 109 days ago | SEC Proposes to Update Accredited Investor Definition to Increase Access to Investments · 111 days ago
Kristina Shen - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 113 days ago
How Superhuman uses video game design to make work feel more like a game
wfh.substack · 113 days ago
ACH Payments Processing - Online Business Bill Payments Solution |
bill · 1029 days ago
Weekly essays on work+tech
wfh.substack · 118 days ago
The Angel J-Curve - Brianne Kimmel
briannekimmel · 120 days ago
The Immense Value of Giving Men More Control of Household Tasks
theatlantic · 126 days ago
DEV clothing and gifts · 501 days ago
PinAngels Event
eventbrite · 138 days ago
Deep-Learning Machine Listens to Bach, Then Writes Its Own Music in the Same Style
technologyreview · 144 days ago
No Code Conf
youtube · 146 days ago
#OpenLP Series: Which investments generate the greatest value in venture: Consumer or Enterprise? | Sapphire Ventures
sapphireventures · 150 days ago
CIOs have no clue how many cloud apps their employees use
healthcareitnews · 152 days ago
IVP Adds Cack Wilhelm to the Investment Team - IVP
ivp · 154 days ago
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