Hiten Shah
Constantly late with work? Blame the planning fallacy
bbc · 1 day ago
Meet the scientist who thinks we all exist in multiple universes
thenextweb · 2 days ago
Mental Prisons
ryanckulp · 2 days ago
Nothing matters β€’ Alex MacCaw
blog.alexmaccaw · 3 days ago
Tibetan Monks Can Change Their Metabolism
mindmatters.ai · 4 days ago
The Best Scrum Software of 2019
usefyi · 10 days ago
Is It Finally Time to Get Chrome OS?
usefyi · 10 days ago
How Apple Used Dramatic Outdoor Ads for the Surprise Reveal of AirPods Pro
adweek · 12 days ago
Freelancer Resources List - The biggest collection of free resources for freelancers | Product Hunt
producthunt · 12 days ago
How to Turn On Chrome Dark Mode
usefyi · 13 days ago
Evernote vs OneNote: The Best Note-taking App in 2019
usefyi · 13 days ago
Amazon.com: Master Amateurs: How Nonprofessionals are Poised to Dominate the Future of Work eBook: Kira Asatryan: Kindle Store
amazon · 15 days ago
Remote Work Statistics
usefyi · 17 days ago
Remote Work Statistics - Every remote work statistic you ever wanted to know | Product Hunt
producthunt · 18 days ago
RemoteHQ - Real-time collaboration for distributed teams | Product Hunt
producthunt · 19 days ago
YouTube partners with Merchbar to sell music artists’ swag underneath videos – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 26 days ago
Advanced Growth Marketing Newsletter - Insights sourced from 100's of YC companies | Product Hunt
producthunt · 26 days ago
β€ŽBelow the Line with James Beshara: #30 β€” Leah Busque Solivan β€” Founder, Leader, Creator, Backer on Apple Podcasts
podcasts.apple · 29 days ago
Flash Is Responsible for the Internet's Most Creative Era
vice · 29 days ago
The 4 Things That Hiring Managers Desperately Want You to Do
usefyi · 30 days ago
Can a Machine Learn to Write forΒ The New Yorker?
newyorker · 34 days ago
On TikTok, There Is No Time
wired · 35 days ago
Open Source: From Community to Commercialization
a16z · 39 days ago
β€ŽBelow the Line with James Beshara: #29 β€” Nir Eyal β€” Indistractable on Apple Podcasts
podcasts.apple · 36 days ago
Apple Steve Jobs The Crazy Ones - NEVER BEFORE AIRED 1997 - (Original Post)
youtube · 37 days ago
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Candide - A community for plant lovers | Product Hunt
producthunt · 37 days ago
Jim Collins: Keeping the Flywheel in Motion
fs.blog · 38 days ago
Impostor syndrome: the fear of being exposed as a fraud
nesslabs · 38 days ago
Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now
zoom.us · 40 days ago
Change of space, change of pace
naveen.blog · 41 days ago
Why you shouldn’t ignore your competitors
producthabits · 42 days ago
The 3 Aspects of a Great Conference Talk | Rob Walling: Building, Launching and Growing Startups
robwalling · 42 days ago
Why I’m Deleting Delivery Apps From My Phone
eater · 43 days ago
How War Made the Cigarette
newrepublic · 43 days ago
To Pay Attention, the Brain Uses Filters, Not a Spotlight | Quanta Magazine
quantamagazine · 43 days ago
Build This Micro Cabin for $10k in 3 Weeks
fieldmag · 44 days ago
The Intelligence of Plants
theparisreview · 44 days ago
What does small business really contribute to economic growth? – Benjamin C Waterhouse | Aeon Essays
aeon.co · 44 days ago
452: The Need for Speed vs. the Need for Focus at a Startup - The Startup Chat with Steli & Hiten
thestartupchat · 45 days ago
The Maker Mind Newsletter
nesslabs · 48 days ago
Freemium: It's About Acquisition, Not Revenue
profitwell · 48 days ago
How TikTok Holds Our Attention
newyorker · 48 days ago
Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now
zoom.us · 49 days ago
Interview with Tamar Shapiro, Instagram’s Head of Analytics
instagram-engineering · 49 days ago
Hugo - Meeting notes that connect to your calendar and work apps | Product Hunt
producthunt · 49 days ago
Below The Line With James Beshara β€” Live w/ Justin Kan + Book Launch
eventbrite · 49 days ago
448: Thoughts on Sleep for Founders - The Startup Chat with Steli & Hiten
thestartupchat · 49 days ago
3 Key Traits of Emotionally Mature Adults
nickwignall · 49 days ago
A Resource Guide for Black Female Founders
medium · 51 days ago
Building a Remote Career: Advice from Six People Who've Done It
doist · 51 days ago
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