Hiten Shah
How to Eat an Elephant, One Atomic Concept at a Time - kwokchain
kwokchain · 8 hours ago
A conversation with Austin about Racket and the audio apps category | Racket
racket · 1 day ago
hnshah | Racket
racket · 2 days ago
Wix and Their Dirty Tricks
ma.tt · 3 days ago
Opinion | What Are You Paying for When You Buy a GIF for $25,000?
nytimes · 17 days ago
How Tribe Capital selected and ranked Insider's Seed 100 and Seed 25 lists of the best seed VCs
businessinsider · 5 days ago
All at once and quite suddenly!
seths.blog · 7 days ago
Waitlist - Float
waitlist.float.so · 7 days ago
Shakespeare Coined a Shit-Ton of Words — Wait But Why
waitbutwhy · 14 days ago
What do you think about project-based roadmaps versus outcome-based (metric-based) roadmaps?
askgib.substack · 14 days ago
readme.md | readme.md
readme.md · 15 days ago
Building a Chrome extension that extends elements inspector — LIVE
youtube · 17 days ago
NFTs, explained. | Foundation
foundation.app · 18 days ago
This Week’s Cartoons: Passwords, Photos, and Pivots
wired · 20 days ago
Twitter confirms it’s testing an ‘undo tweet’ feature — but it could be limited to Professional Tweeters
theverge · 21 days ago
Should we allow criticism while brainstorming? | MIT Sloan
mitsloan.mit.edu · 21 days ago
Chrome can now instantly caption audio and video on the web
theverge · 24 days ago
Work Styles 360 by Teal - 360 Personality Test to Grow Your Career | Product Hunt
producthunt · 25 days ago
Microsoft Teams is down
theverge · 26 days ago
gheller.co · 26 days ago
What Would Be The 10-Star Experience & Beyond?
uxdesign.cc · 27 days ago
How Amazon’s S3 jumpstarted the cloud revolution
protocol · 27 days ago
Explain it like I’m 5: What is a Product Designer?
medium · 28 days ago
The High Price of Mistrust
fs.blog · 28 days ago
Write Simply
paulgraham · 31 days ago
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Former Facebook employees detail impact of Apple's upcoming anti-tracking privacy feature | AppleInsider
appleinsider · 30 days ago
E935: Segment Co-Founder & CEO Peter Reinhardt shares insights from pioneering customer data infrastructure (CDI) to unseat CRM, lessons from first failed product launch & critical pivots, the importance of customer pain as your startup's North Star, & building the unicorn that actually protects customer privacy | This Week In Startups
thisweekinstartups · 30 days ago
Apple Accuses Former Employee of Stealing Trade Secrets and Leaking Them to Media
macrumors · 30 days ago
Four years later, we are all BBC Dad
theverge · 30 days ago
HEY World makes what’s old new again with blogging.
om.co · 30 days ago
On Being an Adult
theifod · 34 days ago
Tom Cruise deepfake creator says public shouldn’t be worried about ‘one-click fakes’
theverge · 36 days ago
Tribe Capital Growth Corp - ATVC
tribecapitalgrowthcorp · 36 days ago
The educational and economic necessity of lifelong learning
nesslabs · 38 days ago
Netflix App Adds ‘Fast Laughs’ Tab With Comedy Clips Streaming in a TikTok-Like Feed
variety · 38 days ago
A letter to your future self
seths.blog · 39 days ago
Power to the Person
notboring.co · 40 days ago
How to Hire a Technical Co-Founder
pt.medium · 40 days ago
This Week’s Cartoons: Drone Deliveries and Alien Podcasts
wired · 41 days ago
This Week’s Cartoons: Podcasts, Comments, and Tech Support
wired · 41 days ago
Inside 'NBA Top Shot,' the Digital Highlights Marketplace Worth Millions
bleacherreport · 47 days ago
Teamflow - Feel like a team again
teamflowhq.com · 48 days ago
Brene Brown The Man In The Arena Speech (edited)
youtube · 49 days ago
CTO.ai 2.0 - A smarter workflow for Kubernetes & Cloud Native apps | Product Hunt
producthunt · 52 days ago
Timing Your Startup - Scale Finance
scalefinance · 56 days ago
Common Startup Timing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
codingvc · 56 days ago
How To Think About Timing: The Most Important Factor In Startup Success
medium · 56 days ago
Why Startup Timing is Everything
nfx · 56 days ago
Startup timing: From impossible to just really hard
youtube · 56 days ago
The 4 Scenarios of Startup Timing
medium · 486 days ago
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