Hiten Shah
Use networks to prioritize product features
uxdesign.cc · 2 days ago
Connection Speed Test
speed.cloudflare · 2 days ago
You can now add nostalgic app icons to your iPhone
mashable · 3 days ago
Maria Shriver And Patrick Schwarzenegger On Highlighting The Helpers
forbes · 3 days ago
Memorial Day, In Memoriam, Memento Mori, Nature Morte
medium · 3 days ago
Why every tech downturn has a silver lining
om.co · 4 days ago
Trends #0016 — Growth Tools
trends.vc · 4 days ago
Prisoner’s Dilemma and the Rush Back to Normal
medium · 4 days ago
Webinar: Demystifying Product Analytics
amplitude · 4 days ago
Laws of Copywriting by Dave Gerhardt
lawsofcopywriting · 4 days ago
The Epic Games Primer: Parts I-VI Directory — MatthewBall.vc
matthewball.vc · 4 days ago
Diary of a Pandemic: "We’ve Been Under-Reacting for a Long Time"​
linkedin · 4 days ago
14,566 Grateful Dead concert recordings made available online free
faroutmagazine.co.uk · 5 days ago
The HubSpot Culture Code: Creating a Company We Love
blog.hubspot · 5 days ago
Lockdown With Kumar
breaker.audio · 5 days ago
TCT EXCLUSIVE interview: Arjun Sethi, Tribe Capital
newsletter.thecaptable · 6 days ago
Why these friendly dolphins are bringing in gifts from the sea
7news.com.au · 6 days ago
Tinder says it’ll allow people to get rid of their geography filters completely
theverge · 7 days ago
Gradually, Then Suddenly
ma.tt · 7 days ago
A senior engineer has left SpaceX to work for Relativity Space
arstechnica · 7 days ago
🟢 Roadmap Basic is now FREE!
dribbble · 7 days ago
CB Insights
app.cbinsights · 7 days ago
Facebook says it will permanently shift tens of thousands of jobs to remote work
theverge · 7 days ago
Leaked pics from Apple's AR app Gobi
constine.substack · 7 days ago
A little thing about release notes - Several People Are Typing
slackhq · 7 days ago
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Startups, Write Changelogs
medium · 7 days ago
blog.digits · 7 days ago
Is Shopify ready to be double-crossed by Facebook?
om.co · 8 days ago
The Rise of All-In-One SaaS
slideshare · 8 days ago
Product Positioning Masterclass | INDUSTRY Virtual Product Workshop
eventbrite · 8 days ago
Microsoft’s new Fluid Office document is Google Docs on steroids
theverge · 8 days ago
Progress Studies for Aspiring Young Scholars
progressstudies.school · 9 days ago
Trends #0015 — Open Startups
trends.vc · 10 days ago
Reached 25 paying subscribers
indiehackers · 10 days ago
‎Below the Line with James Beshara: #45 — Andrew Wilkinson — Life Designer on Apple Podcasts
podcasts.apple · 11 days ago
15 Common Cognitive Distortions
psychcentral · 11 days ago
Spatial Software
darkblueheaven · 45 days ago
I’m cooped up with my iPad Pro and a Magic Keyboard. Here’s what I’ve learned
fastcompany · 12 days ago
Arming The Rebels of The Future
blake.substack · 13 days ago
Introducing: Safe by Density - Density
density.io · 14 days ago
Earnest Capital Trailhead | Earnest Capital
earnestcapital · 14 days ago
Manhattan Faces a Reckoning if Working From Home Becomes the Norm
dnyuz · 15 days ago
Warren Berger: Improve Your Life by Improving Your Questions [Episode #26]
fs.blog · 15 days ago
Ian McAllister's answer to What are the best ways to prioritize a list of product features? - Quora
quora · 16 days ago
The Office (Slack)
theofficeslack · 17 days ago
I’ve asked to work remotely for years. It’s painful to watch companies finally comply
fastcompany · 18 days ago
LSE Events | Prof. Richard Rumelt | Good Strategy/Bad Strategy: the difference and why it matters
youtube · 18 days ago
Small Farms in N.Y. Are Experiencing a Surprising Boom. Here’s Why.
nytimes · 18 days ago
Microsoft adds protection against Reply-All email storms in Office 365 | ZDNet
zdnet · 18 days ago
Fast Forwarding the future of ecommerce
om.co · 18 days ago
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