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Why I Was "Successful" But Still Had FOMO and How to Deal with the Fear of Missing Out
youtube · 3 days ago
Emile Leray Survived The Desert By Building A Motorcycle From His Broken Car
historygarage · 18 days ago
Twitch Co-Founder Gets Discord Hacked, $150,000 Stolen From Users In NFT Scam
kotaku · 30 days ago
We got hacked today.
fractal.medium · 31 days ago
Twitch co-founder Justin Kan is launching an NFT marketplace
protocol · 39 days ago
Join the SYN CITY Discord Server!
discord · 58 days ago
The Exact Playbook on How I Leveled Up My Skills + SF Vlog
youtube · 66 days ago
Here’s how Rippling, fresh off its Series C round, aims to center companies around ’employee identity’ – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 71 days ago
Tips on How to Get into the BEST Startup Accelerator in the World - Y Combinator
youtube · 74 days ago
How I Overcame Anxiety and Guilt | Life Advice with Justin Kan
youtube · 81 days ago
Rippling Raises $250M in Series C Funding
rippling · 92 days ago
Tips That I Used To Raise $150,000,000+ For My Startups
youtube · 93 days ago
Is Facebook unethical? + China Banning Crypto, Theranos and Fraud - The OnlyFriends Show
youtube · 101 days ago
OIF, Twitch founder back sneaker marketplace Pushas
afr · 97 days ago
Searchable.ai - One search across all your local, cloud and app files | Product Hunt
producthunt · 108 days ago
Do You Really Need a $88,000,000 Mansion?
youtube · 112 days ago
DMV Approves Cruise and Waymo to Use Autonomous Vehicles for Commercial Service in Designated Parts of Bay Area - California DMV
dmv.ca.gov · 113 days ago
In 2019, Almost All of Facebook's Top Christian Pages Were Run By Foreign Troll Farms - RELEVANT
relevantmagazine · 114 days ago
Justin Dunks on Billionaire Tweets
youtube · 121 days ago
Does Wealth Attract Fake Friends? What Happened After We Sold Twitch to Amazon?
youtube · 124 days ago
I Spent 1 Year Building This App to Make Your Life Better
youtube · 127 days ago
Roasting "WINNING" Shark Tank Pitches
youtube · 128 days ago
Twitch Co-Founder Had Imposter Syndrome...Even After Selling Twitch
youtube · 134 days ago
Ramp raises $300M at a $3.9B valuation, makes its first acquisition – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 150 days ago
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bio.thequest.media · 162 days ago
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Cash Cools Everything Around Me. - Lowercarbon Capital
lowercarboncapital · 162 days ago
Austen Allred: Lambda School, Y-Combinator and a Free Education for All | The Quest Pod S2:26
youtube · 164 days ago
Chatwoot challenges Zendesk with open source customer engagement platform
venturebeat · 165 days ago
Twitch Co-Founder Breaks Down His Most Popular Tweets | Twitter University (@Justin Kan)
youtube · 170 days ago
Does the world need another carbon offsetting platform?
sifted.eu · 170 days ago
Garry Tan and Justin Kan (Twitch Co-Founder) Roast Startup Pitch Decks
youtube · 176 days ago
Justin Kan Says a Habit Tracker Helped His Sobriety
menshealth · 176 days ago
Justin Kan Talks Twitch, Meditation, Tips For Startups And More
youtube · 182 days ago
Molly Bloom: Molly's Game, Hollywood, Poker, Addiction and Redemption | The Quest Pod
youtube · 185 days ago
Justin Kan Talks Twitch, Startups and When to Pivot or Cut Bait on Your Idea
inc · 186 days ago
Dead Startup Toys
deadstartuptoys · 193 days ago
Gary Vaynerchuk - The GaryVee Story | YouTube, Social Media, CEO, Entrepreneur | The Quest S2:24
youtube · 199 days ago
Jaeson Ma: East, West, One Nation, Under God | 88rising, Hip-Hop and Linsanity | The Quest S2:02
youtube · 202 days ago
Giving Away My G Wagon and Our Relationship with Material Possessions Vlog
youtube · 203 days ago
Neuron – Meet Me
youtube · 204 days ago
Robin Chan: The GOAT | Angel Investor, Climate Change, Venture Capital, Uber, Twitter
open.spotify · 206 days ago
Roasting Startup Pitch Decks
youtube · 212 days ago
Kin Habits - Build healthy habits with friends | Product Hunt
producthunt · 212 days ago
Fintech startup Bueno Finance raises $3 million as seed funding
economictimes.indiatimes · 213 days ago
Balaji Srinivasan: Balaji’s World | Crypto, China, Decentralized Creator Economy | The Quest S2:20
youtube · 214 days ago
Prophet Walker Grew Up in One of South L.A.'s Violence-Stricken Neighborhoods. Now He's Leading the City's Cohabitation Craze and Fostering Community Through Entrepreneurship
entrepreneur · 226 days ago
I Messed Up and I'm Sorry | Storytime with Justin Kan
youtube · 240 days ago
This Is Why I Meditate Everyday | Certified Justin Kan Stories - Certified Justin Kan Stories | OpenSea
opensea.io · 242 days ago
MY SECRET TIPS for pitching your startup to investors | Certified Justin Kan Stories - Certified Justin Kan Stories | OpenSea
opensea.io · 242 days ago
Do I regret selling Twitch? | Certified Justin Kan Stories - Certified Justin Kan Stories | OpenSea
opensea.io · 242 days ago
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