Justin Kan
Sweep Transfers for Astra - Auto transfer surplus funds without stretching your balance | Product Hunt
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Product Hunt Radio
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The Founder’s Guide to Understanding Investors - atrium
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Abacus has attracted $2 million from YC, Justin Kan, and Coinbase to help startups and investors manage tokenized liquidity programs
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7-year-old migrant girl taken into Border Patrol custody dies of dehydration, exhaustion
washingtonpost · 40 days ago
CEO Interview Series: Michael Seibel on Leadership Attributes in Successful Startup Leaders | Torch
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Alto raises $50 million to grow its online pharmacy across the U.S.
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Khosla GP launches Bling Capital to help seed-stage startups build products
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EXCLUSIVE: Chinese scientists are creating CRISPR babies
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How to Get Your First Customers and Hire for Sales - Atrium
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How Superhuman Built an Engine to Find Product/Market Fit
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Founder Interviews: Justin Kan of Atrium – Hacker Noon
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Why You Should or Should Not Work at a Startup by Justin Kan
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Founder's Guide to the YCombinator Interview - atrium
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EDIBLES COOKBOOK – Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen
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Brave Software
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Why Startup Founders Should Be Cautious About Over-Raising - atrium
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How Founders Can Be Great Designers (with no experience) - atrium
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SoftBank Gives Startups Billions of Reasons to Hold Off IPOs
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Opinion | Incarcerated Pennsylvanians now have to pay $150 to read. We should all be outraged.
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3 Ways Founders Can Invest in Other Startup Founders [No Capital Req'd]
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Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It
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YC Has Changed
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Twitch co-founder raises $65 million for legal start-up Atrium
cnbc · 132 days ago
A Tale of Two Narratives: Money Crypto vs. Tech Crypto - Atrium
atrium.co · 137 days ago
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20VC: The Commonalities In The Makings Of Truly Great People, How Silicon Valley Will Become The Home For Crypto and Frontier Tech Once Again & Why Games Are Such A Good Tool To Understand Human Motivation with Daniel Gross, Founder & Pioneer, Head of AI
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Term Sheet Negotiation: How to Avoid Common Mistakes - Atrium
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Getaround raises $300 million Series D round led by SoftBank
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Airbnb Co-Founder Backs $22 Million Funding for Crypto Dealer SFOX - CoinDesk
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Torch - Leadership Coaching for high Performance Cultures
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What’s the Second Job of a Startup CEO?
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Astra for iOS - Product Hunt
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Sri Lankan Pop Star's Audius is the Blockchain Alternative to Spotify and SoundCloud
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Rapper Azealia Banks claims she was at Elon Musk's house over the weekend as he was 'scrounging for investors'
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How to Hire your First Engineer
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Why You Should (And Shouldn’t) Join a Startup - atrium
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Google will lose $50 million or more in 2018 from Fortnite bypassing the Play Store
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How To Find and Hire Your First Engineer: For Early-Stage Startups - atrium
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How to Pivot and (When to) Sell Your Startup: Lessons from 2 Exits - Atrium Blog
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Vitalik Buterin on Cryptoeconomics and Markets in Everything (Ep. 45)
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Why I Love B2B over B2C for Startups and Entrepreneurs - Atrium
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Disrupt SF 2018
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CEO Interview: How Justin Kan’s Mom Taught Him How to Lead - atrium
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Startup Valuations: Why They Don't Seem to Make Sense (+ How to get more)
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High Growth Handbook: Elad Gil: 9781732265103: Amazon.com: Books
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What We’ve Learned Helping Clients Raise Half a Billion Dollars
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Short sellers betting against Tesla lose more than $1 billion in single day as stock pops
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Sam Altman: How to Avoid Distractions & Start the Right Company
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Former journo Alexia Bonatsos takes the wraps off her new venture fund, Dream Machine
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