Parker Thompson
Starbucks Is Criticized for Its Holiday Cups. Yes, Again.
nytimes · 19 hours ago
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An 'Uber for buses' startup is launching an ICO to end tipping altogether — and it’s already raised $6 million
businessinsider · 1 day ago
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Episode 270: Tyler Cowen - Longform · 5 days ago
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30 Under 30: 2018
forbes · 7 days ago
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Uber’s Driver Dilemma: Fare Hikes and Cuts Don’t Change Pay
wsj · 8 days ago
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The fake news machine on YouTube
msnbc · 11 days ago
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You’re working in the wrong place. – Amar Singh – Medium
medium · 12 days ago
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Uber CEO: SoftBank deal will happen
axios · 13 days ago
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Franken calls for net neutrality for Google, Twitter and Facebook
thehill · 13 days ago
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Significant Impact on Equity-Based Compensation Under Proposed Tax Reform Bill | Lexology
lexology · 14 days ago
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Tweeter-in-chief ready to confront China's 'great firewall'
apnews · 14 days ago
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Facebook's fake news experiment backfires
bbc · 15 days ago
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Connecticut weighs a capital asset trust to backfill its underfunded pensions
bondbuyer · 15 days ago
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One Bitcoin Transaction Now Uses as Much Energy as Your House in a Week
motherboard.vice · 19 days ago
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FBI investigating Whitefish Energy's Puerto Rico contract
axios · 22 days ago
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WSJ editorial board calls for Mueller's resignation and accuses Clinton and DNC of collusion
businessinsider · 23 days ago
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An analyst downgraded Chipotle for paying its workers too much, and it tells you everything wrong with the economy right now
slate · 24 days ago
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The New York Times is Now Available as a Tor Onion Service
open.nytimes · 25 days ago
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Town in Iceland Paints 3D Zebra Crosswalk To Slow Down Speeding Cars
boredpanda · 26 days ago
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Case #3 Belt Buckle - by Gimlet Media
gimletmedia · 28 days ago
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Publishers might have to start paying Facebook if they want anyone to see their stories
recode · 29 days ago
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Why Facebook Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Buy tbh
stratechery · 29 days ago
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Biggest drop in Facebook organic reach we have ever seen
medium · 29 days ago
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A New, More Rigorous Study Confirms: The More You Use Facebook, the Worse You Feel
hbr · 220 days ago
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Food Inequality in Venezuela: Feeding Eight on Scraps
nytimes · 31 days ago
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Steyer's $10 million impeach Trump campaign
cnn · 32 days ago
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David Remnick on journalism in the Trump era and why he hires obsessives - The Ezra Klein Show · 32 days ago
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Lawmaker, wife of Tom Price, asks about 'quarantine' of people with HIV
statnews · 32 days ago
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This family bet it all on bitcoin
cnbc · 32 days ago
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Get Off This - Cracker
youtube · 33 days ago
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Second Line Vinyl to Bring Record Manufacturing to West Oakland | East Bay Express
eastbayexpress · 33 days ago
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There are a few reasons not to add your city to Amazon's shopping cart
nbcnews · 34 days ago
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S2E6 – Power by Kanye West · 35 days ago
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A former hedge funder thinks bitcoin will hit $10,000 in 6-10 months and be 'one of the great manias of all time'
businessinsider · 38 days ago
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The New York Times' New Social Media Rules Are a Surrender to Its Worst Critics
splinternews · 38 days ago
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Man Gets A Big T-Mobile Tattoo For A Free iPhone 8
jackontheweb.cbslocal · 40 days ago
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Hillary Clinton Says She Can't Know Exactly How Much She Got From Harvey Weinstein. We Can Help.
dailywire · 40 days ago
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Wyclef Jean Diallo
youtube · 41 days ago
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The Rock Test: A Hack for Men Who Don’t Want To Be Accused of Sexual Harassment
medium · 43 days ago
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A cartoon Mark Zuckerberg toured hurricane-struck Puerto Rico in virtual reality
theverge · 43 days ago
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It Was a Bad Week for Men
slate · 45 days ago
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Stephen Miller solidifies influence in White House
thehill · 45 days ago
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Semil Shah on All Things Early Stage + VC | On Deck Daily
ondeckdaily · 46 days ago
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20 Years Ago, Steve Jobs Demonstrated the Perfect Way to Respond to an Insult
inc · 118 days ago
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Here's How Breitbart And Milo Smuggled Nazi and White Nationalist Ideas Into The Mainstream
buzzfeed · 47 days ago
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Gun Debate Is Pointless Because Left Wants To End Second Amendment
thefederalist · 47 days ago
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Google Pixel Buds are wireless earbuds that translate conversations in real time
arstechnica · 48 days ago
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A tale of two Puerto Ricos: What Trump saw — and what he didn’t
washingtonpost · 48 days ago
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Buy the Cognitive Bias Codex print - only from jm3 & Design Hacks · 50 days ago
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Mars - Product Hunt
producthunt · 50 days ago
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