Steven Sinofsky
Secure, Enterprise-Grade AI for Your Content | Box AI
box · 327 days ago
IBM - United States
ibm · 329 days ago
Technology and jobs: A systematic literature review
arxiv · 330 days ago
‎OpenAI ChatGPT · 331 days ago
ChatGPT caught NYC schools off guard. Now, we’re determined to embrace its potential.
ny.chalkbeat · 331 days ago
Supreme Court Rules Against Andy Warhol in Copyright Case
nytimes · 331 days ago
Apple previews Live Speech, Personal Voice, and more new accessibility features
apple · 332 days ago
Google Plans to Delete Accounts That Haven't Been Used in Over Two Years
macrumors · 333 days ago
How MTV Broke News for a Generation
nytimes · 335 days ago
Partnering on generative AI for workplace applications. | Google Cloud Blog · 340 days ago
Katie Cotton, Who Helped Raise Apple’s Profile, Dies at 57
nytimes · 344 days ago
Dennis Barnes, a 16-year-old senior, picks Cornell University after getting over 185 college acceptances | CNN
cnn · 344 days ago
New York MTA resumes transit alerts on Twitter | CNN Business
cnn · 345 days ago
Opinion | Lina Khan: We Must Regulate A.I. Here’s How.
nytimes · 346 days ago
Our World In Data
ourworldindata · 2481 days ago
Furious Microsoft boss says confidence in UK 'severely shaken'
bbc · 352 days ago
GM CFO Says Its Software Will at Least Be 'Equally as Compelling' as CarPlay
jalopnik · 352 days ago
A guide to prompting AI (for what it is worth)
oneusefulthing · 353 days ago
Watch The Diplomat | Netflix Official Site
netflix · 353 days ago
Works: An Office in a Single Application · 354 days ago
US Supreme Court rejects computer scientist's lawsuit over AI-generated inventions
reuters · 355 days ago
030. My Performance Review (and Expense Report)
hardcoresoftware.learningbyshipping · 355 days ago
Copyright Showdown: AI’s Next Frontier – The Markup
themarkup · 355 days ago
Reddit Wants to Get Paid for Helping to Teach Big A.I. Systems
nytimes · 361 days ago
AI/ChatGPT and the Race Between Microsoft and Google Win Samsung's Mobile Search
hardcoresoftware.learningbyshipping · 362 days ago
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Kuo: iPhone 15 Pro Models Will No Longer Feature Solid-State Buttons
macrumors · 367 days ago
Seattle Discovers Its New $1 Billion Airport Terminal Can't Fit The Long-Haul Planes it Was Designed to Handle
paddleyourownkanoo · 368 days ago
Apple's Rumored 27-Inch Display With ProMotion No Longer Planned
macrumors · 369 days ago
Global PC shipments slide in first quarter, Apple takes biggest hit, IDC says
reuters · 369 days ago
The Dissident's Guide to Philanthropy
blog.joelonsdale · 370 days ago
Photos a casualty of Instagram feud with Twitter
computerworld · 372 days ago
Apple might be getting into VR at the worst possible time
theverge · 373 days ago
China to inspect ships in Taiwan Strait, Taiwan says won't cooperate
reuters · 373 days ago
A Microsoft HR boss wrote a legendary memo 30 years ago about lavish employee perks and cost-cutting that offers important lessons for today’s tech companies · 374 days ago
Bet-the-Company Ideas · 375 days ago
AI Safety: A Technical & Ethnographic Overview
jonstokes · 378 days ago
Ads are coming for the Bing AI chatbot, as they come for all Microsoft products
arstechnica · 379 days ago
‘Thousands of Dollars for Something I Didn’t Do’
nytimes · 379 days ago
Column: How Disney's lawyers brutally mauled DeSantis over control of Disney World
latimes · 380 days ago
Businesses Need Free Speech Too
pluribus.substack · 380 days ago
How to use AI to do practical stuff: A new guide
oneusefulthing.substack · 381 days ago
Why Women's Involvement is Key to a Sustainable Water Future | True Elements
trueelements · 381 days ago
SAGE updates COVID-19 vaccination guidance · 381 days ago
At Apple, Rare Dissent Over a New Product: Interactive Goggles
nytimes · 384 days ago
In a Swift Decision, Judge Eviscerates Internet Archive’s Scanning and Lending Program
publishersweekly · 385 days ago
Opinion | Diversity and Free Speech Can Coexist at Stanford
wsj · 386 days ago
ChatGPT Gets Its “Wolfram Superpowers”!
writings.stephenwolfram · 387 days ago
The Supreme Court ponders a surprisingly difficult case about poop jokes
vox · 388 days ago
Flack's crisis communications playbook
getflack · 388 days ago
PLATO: How an educational computer system from the ’60s shaped the future
arstechnica · 391 days ago
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