Kanyi Maqubela
Real Love Mask.mp3
drive.google · 4 hours ago
Dog Eared Books Valencia
dogearedbooks · 2 days ago
The Coronavirus Is the Worst Intelligence Failure in U.S. History
foreignpolicy · 5 days ago
The Phone Call That Saves Lives In The Age Of COVID-19
forbes · 4 days ago
National emergency declaration boosts telehealth
politico · 22 days ago
Dance the Virus Away, a playlist by Kanyi Maqubela on Spotify
open.spotify · 23 days ago
School Closures
covid19schoolclosures · 25 days ago
Heartbeat Health is leading the charge for virtual cardiovascular care.
medium · 25 days ago
Heartbeat Health raises $8.2M to improve cardiovascular care – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 26 days ago
Why fully distributed is by far the best way to run a software team
medium · 36 days ago
19: Internet friends
nayafia.substack · 50 days ago
Delta commits $1 billion to become first carbon neutral airline globally
news.delta · 53 days ago
On English: the word “pursuit”
kanyi.blog · 55 days ago
Scrambled eggs made out of beans: A surprisingly good idea
vox · 61 days ago
Humane - The best human experience, ever.
hu.ma.ne · 67 days ago
Announcing CloudTrucks!
medium · 68 days ago
Samasource Mourns the Loss of CEO and Founder, Leila Janah
samasource · 74 days ago
Trump’s controversial travel ban set to add four more African countries—including Nigeria
qz · 76 days ago
How Much Do Medicare Beneficiaries Spend Out of Pocket on Health Care?
kff · 77 days ago
Heart Disease Strikes Back Across the U.S., Even in Healthy Places
wsj · 80 days ago
Narcos: Idle Cartel is a collaboration between Tilting Point, Gaumont, and Big Wolf Games
venturebeat · 81 days ago
Supporting writers on Substack
on.substack · 90 days ago
Andre 3000 and Rick Rubin In Conversation — Broken Record with Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam and Justin Richmond — Overcast
brokenrecordpodcast · 97 days ago
O Holy Night
open.spotify · 104 days ago
Discover Weekly, a playlist by Spotify
open.spotify · 106 days ago
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The Pro-Rata Participation Right – AVC
avc · 110 days ago
Boost for Saudi Arabia as Aramco shares surge 10% on debut
reuters · 118 days ago
Lovers in Auschwitz, Reunited 72 Years Later. He Had One Question.
nytimes · 121 days ago
GV spinout Plexo Capital closes $42.5 million fund – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 124 days ago
Our Investment in Kindred Ventures
foundrygroup · 133 days ago
Whoop, the sports tech and analytics company that makes discreet wearables, raises $55M – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 147 days ago
Reaction Engines’ Mach 5 engine is just the tip of the new aerospace boom – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 156 days ago
Milk Stork | Breast Milk Shipping
milkstork · 164 days ago
zack villere - cool
youtube · 166 days ago
Backyard bungalows are becoming big business for homeowners and builders
cnbc · 167 days ago
War on plastic waste faces setback as cost of recycled material soars
theguardian · 170 days ago
Kanyi Maq on Instagram: “There’s a first time for everything. 🇺🇸”
instagram · 172 days ago
Which Way Do You Run? - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 173 days ago
It was inevitable: the scooters are now driving themselves
fastcompany · 175 days ago
Im getting old, a playlist by Kanyi Maqubela on Spotify
open.spotify · 180 days ago
Self-Sovereign Health
medium · 181 days ago
Cape Town startup SweepSouth raises R50m in new funding round - Ventureburn
ventureburn · 182 days ago
Blockstack Summit 2019
summit.blockstack · 182 days ago
How VC Can Help More Women Get Ahead
hbr · 189 days ago
Andrew Mason’s Descript snags $15M, acquires Lyrebird to let users type text to create audio in their own voices – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 202 days ago
Meet Handshake: Decentralizing DNS to Improve the Security of the Internet
namebase.io · 203 days ago
Vocare: Voce, Vox, Voice!
kanyi.blog · 203 days ago
2020 Madness
2020madness · 235 days ago
‘Joker’ Gets Eight-Minute Standing Ovation at Venice Premiere
variety · 220 days ago
Here’s why we need more diversity in AI
fastcompany · 222 days ago
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