Dan Ciruli (posting on Masto now -- see bio)
AWS gives open source the middle finger
techcrunch · 1723 days ago
New Adventure Starts at solo.io
blog.christianposta · 1731 days ago
This Week in Programming: Open Source or Merely Ajar? - The New Stack
thenewstack.io · 1742 days ago
Stop the Stupid Tucker Carlson Boycott
politico · 1744 days ago
Saturn is slowly losing its planetary rings
qz · 1744 days ago
Google Integrates Istio Service Mesh into Kubernetes Service - The New Stack
thenewstack.io · 1765 days ago
Kubernetes users, get ready for the next chapter in microservices management | Google Cloud Blog
cloud.google · 1767 days ago
Istio progressive delivery: Flagger (Developing with Kubernetes Office hours)
meetup · 1780 days ago
Overview - taxi
docs.taxilang · 1781 days ago
fastly · 1802 days ago
Google Next 2018 – London – Introduction to Service Management with Istio Service Mesh
blog.uprightvinyl.co.uk · 1814 days ago
Half of all phone calls in 2019 will be from telescammers
boingboing · 1836 days ago
Microservice Observability with Istio - Trulia's Blog
trulia · 1836 days ago
eBay Moves Away From OpenStack, Embraces Kubernetes and Docker
sdxcentral · 1849 days ago
Understanding Istio Ingress – FireHydrant – Medium
medium · 1849 days ago
Beyond Kubernetes - 5 Promising Cloud-Native Technologies To Watch
forbes · 1851 days ago
Battle Testing Istio 1.0 – vescloud – Medium
medium · 1871 days ago
Infrastructure Monitoring with Mark Carter - Software Engineering Daily
softwareengineeringdaily · 1871 days ago
Introduction to Istio and onto 1.0
meetup · 1872 days ago
The Istio service mesh hits version 1.0
techcrunch · 1886 days ago
Istio reaches 1.0: ready for prod
cloudplatform.googleblog · 1886 days ago
github · 1889 days ago
Statistical Computing and Graphics Language, R, Is Now Supported by JFrog Artifactory, Helping DevOps Teams Increase Data Scientist Productivity
finance.yahoo · 1907 days ago
Netflix’s Content Budget for 2018 Balloons to $13 Billion — Report
indiewire · 1910 days ago
​Google doubles down on Linux and open source | ZDNet
zdnet · 1919 days ago
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Getting Started with Datadog
docs.datadoghq · 1921 days ago
DMK: "Everything Counts"
youtube · 1925 days ago
Cisco CEO on new Google Cloud partnership
cnbc · 1927 days ago
Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now
zoom.us · 1933 days ago
Vistio — Visualize your Istio Mesh Using Netflix’s Vizceral
medium · 1934 days ago
Time to “Hello, World”: VMs vs. containers vs. PaaS vs. FaaS
cloudplatform.googleblog · 1937 days ago
You can use the Pixelbook's power button as a two-factor authentication key
androidcentral · 1939 days ago
How heavy use of social media is linked to mental illness
economist · 1952 days ago
istio.io · 1954 days ago
Getting more value from your Stackdriver logs with structured data
cloudplatform.googleblog · 1961 days ago
Microservices in the Cloud with Kubernetes and Istio (Google I/O '18)
youtube · 1969 days ago
Cloud Native Comes With New Challenges – Aaron Schlesinger – Medium
medium · 1971 days ago
Call for Proposals (CFP) - Linux Foundation Events
events.linuxfoundation · 1989 days ago
Reflecting on our ten year App Engine journey
cloudplatform.googleblog · 1994 days ago
Believe it or not: it's even more important than YouTube
westcoastgrid.blogspot · 1994 days ago
Monty python and the holy grail:what is your favorite color?
youtube · 1995 days ago
Istio a la Carte - Istio London - March 18
youtube · 2004 days ago
CNCF to Host the SPIFFE Project - Cloud Native Computing Foundation
cncf.io · 2010 days ago
Now, you can automatically document your API with Cloud Endpoints
cloudplatform.googleblog · 2010 days ago
Introducing Cloud Text-to-Speech powered by DeepMind WaveNet technology
cloudplatform.googleblog · 2012 days ago
Definition of EMBIGGEN
merriam-webster · 2033 days ago
Apple confirms it uses Google's cloud for iCloud
cnbc · 2041 days ago
Russian bobsled pilot who wore ‘I don’t do doping’ T-shirt fails Olympic doping test
washingtonpost · 2044 days ago
Istio Community Day @ INDEX Dev Conference
meetup · 2047 days ago
Yes We (Still) Can: Politics in the Age of Obama, Twitter, and Trump - Kindle edition by Dan Pfeiffer. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.
amazon · 2052 days ago
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