sarah guo 🌱 conviction
Baseten | MLOps platform for startups · 6 days ago
‎Gas · 49 days ago
California is giving out $1,050 inflation relief checks
fortune · 56 days ago
Ex-Greylock GP Sarah Guo Announces Conviction Partners, Her New AI Fund
forbes · 57 days ago
The Conviction Fellowship · 57 days ago
The man who married a hologram in Japan can no longer communicate with his virtual wife
entrepreneur · 97 days ago
Baseten | Turn ML models into full-stack apps · 98 days ago
Magic Eden raises $130M, hitting unicorn status at $1.6B valuation – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 162 days ago
Opinion | What America Needs Is a Liberalism That Builds
nytimes · 186 days ago
Everything you need to know to become an analytics engineer, the hottest new job in tech that can pay upwards of $200,000
businessinsider · 189 days ago
Why Isn’t New Technology Making Us More Productive?
nytimes · 189 days ago
What Explains U.S. Mass Shootings? International Comparisons Suggest an Answer
nytimes · 1850 days ago
Sarah × DALL·E | a realistic bronze statue of a dejected trader in the style of Rodin, floating in a sea of disintegrating money
labs.openai · 204 days ago
Sarah × DALL·E | a female robot renegade wearing a squid mask and a crown, on the run in a dystopian metropolis from the thought police
labs.openai · 204 days ago
Baseten nabs $20M to make it easier to build machine learning-based applications – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 218 days ago
Coinbase NFT Partner 0x Labs Raises $70 Million From Greylock Partners, Jump Crypto, and Jared Leto
forbes · 218 days ago
0x Labs raises $70M Series B led by Greylock to continue expanding Web3’s core exchange infrastructure
blog.0x · 218 days ago
Introducing 0x Instant
blog.0xproject · 228 days ago
Biohackers Encoded Malware in a Strand of DNA
wired · 1939 days ago
The Scoop: Inside the Longest Atlassian Outage of All Time
newsletter.pragmaticengineer · 229 days ago
Stackblitz raises $7.9M to bring a better IDE to your browser – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 238 days ago
Why I'm Leading Warp's Series A
linkedin · 239 days ago
BaseTen Jobs
jobs.ashbyhq · 244 days ago
JavaScript library updated to wipe files from Russia systems
theregister · 252 days ago
Moderna’s Covid-19 Vaccine Works Safely in Young Children, Company Says
wsj · 252 days ago
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Ukraine's Zelenskyy Signs Virtual Assets Bill Into Law, Legalizing Crypto · 259 days ago
Loom | Send a video. Not a thousand words.
loom · 1192 days ago
Mystery | The Easy Button for Connection at Work
soundcloud · 293 days ago
Tobias Lütke, CEO of Shopify, to join Coinbase Board of Directors
blog.coinbase · 303 days ago
The Cult of Masked Schoolchildren
tabletmag · 306 days ago
‎Locket Widget · 322 days ago
Why is inflation so high? A look at rising consumer prices and when it may ease | AP News
apnews · 322 days ago
Eric Yuan | How Zoom Made Video the Pandemic Star
soundcloud · 323 days ago
New year, new CEO
signal · 324 days ago
r/ethereum - Comment by u/vbuterin on ”"My first impressions of web3"”
reddit · 326 days ago
Sell NFTs on Shopify | Join the NFT Beta Program
shopify · 349 days ago
crypto coven · 361 days ago
Michelle Wu is elected mayor of Boston.
nytimes · 393 days ago
Workers Miss Social Interactions in Zoom Era, Greylock Partner Says
wsj · 406 days ago
Introducing new FigJam prices and a more open platform
figma · 407 days ago
Top Tech Trends: Highlighting Entrepreneurship and Innovation
commonwealthclub · 427 days ago
S.F. is finally building tiny cabins for homeless people. One reason: it may be cheaper than tents
sfchronicle · 435 days ago
Greylock Raises $500 Million in Battle for Seed Deals
theinformation · 435 days ago
Megan Quinn | 2021 40 Under 40
fortune · 448 days ago
Project Management for Software Teams - Shortcut
shortcut · 448 days ago
Playground | Docusaurus · 449 days ago
What 6 CEOs are doing to support working parents
fastcompany · 462 days ago
Burn the Runway
burntherunway · 462 days ago
Yale appoints Matthew Mendelsohn as chief investment officer · 464 days ago
Channels | UNCOMMON · 468 days ago
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