Researchers created a test to determine which masks are the least effective
cnn · 48 days ago
Apple wants this recipe app to stop using a pear in its logo
theverge · 48 days ago
Google slettede DR's app til børn: Nu bøjer techgiganten sig
dr.dk · 51 days ago
Apple confirms cloud gaming services like xCloud and Stadia violate App Store guidelines
theverge · 51 days ago
We’re hiring Rails programmers
m.signalvnoise · 52 days ago
U.S. Satisfaction at 13%, Lowest in Nine Years
news.gallup · 53 days ago
Diapers.com @ Amazon.com
amazon · 670 days ago
Amazon’s PR campaigns keep blowing up in the company’s face
theverge · 60 days ago
Face masks are breaking facial recognition algorithms, says new government study
theverge · 60 days ago
Amazon's Monopoly Tollbooth - Institute for Local Self-Reliance
ilsr · 61 days ago
Tech leaders will make Congress testimony as boring, technical as possible: Basecamp CTO
video.foxbusiness · 61 days ago
COVID-19: Google employees work remotely through 2021 - 9to5Google
9to5google · 61 days ago
Facebook Announces Plan To Break Up U.S. Government Before It Becomes Too Powerful
theonion · 96 days ago
QAnon: The conspiracy theory spreading fake news - BBC Newsnight
youtube · 64 days ago
AOC Becomes First Woman Encouraged to Turn 35
thehardtimes · 65 days ago
youtube · 65 days ago
Steve Wozniak sues YouTube over ongoing bitcoin scams
theverge · 66 days ago
Apple Searches for an Identity
bigtechnology.substack · 66 days ago
GitHub Archive Program: the journey of the world's open source code to the Arctic
github.blog · 70 days ago
Hell Yeah or No | Derek Sivers
sivers · 67 days ago
Introducing Django
simonwillison · 72 days ago
Teachers Are Feeling The Pressure To Be “The Glue That Holds Society Together”
buzzfeednews · 72 days ago
Hiring programmers with a take-home test
m.signalvnoise · 73 days ago
Linus Torvalds banishes masters, slaves and blacklists from the Linux kernel, starting now
theregister · 75 days ago
Tracking coronavirus: U.S. data
bnonews · 80 days ago
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Chicago Gun Violence Spikes and Increasingly Finds the Youngest Victims
nytimes · 83 days ago
The LEGO Movie 2 - Everything’s Not Awesome - The LEGO Movie 2 Cast (Official)
youtube · 86 days ago
Away says co-CEO Steph Korey will step down this year after her attacks on the media
theverge · 86 days ago
Scaling the hottest app in tech on AWS and Kubernetes
info.acloud.guru · 88 days ago
Running spot instances effectively with Amazon EKS
m.signalvnoise · 88 days ago
Take a tour of HEY
youtube · 104 days ago
Uber Makes Offer to Buy Postmates Delivery Service
nytimes · 89 days ago
Facebook's ad-pocalypse arrives
getrevue.co · 89 days ago
American Exceptionalism on the Virus
nytimes · 90 days ago
Flu virus with 'pandemic potential' found in China
bbc · 89 days ago
Gilead's coronavirus treatment remdesivir to cost $3,120 per U.S. patient with private insurance
cnbc · 89 days ago
The human cost of Trump’s guest worker ban
theverge · 90 days ago
David Heinemeier Hansson @dhh
pscp.tv · 93 days ago
Remote Career Summit 2020
hopin.to · 94 days ago
Apple, HEY, and the path forward.
hey · 97 days ago
HEY's Gemfile
gist.github · 94 days ago
Screen emails like you screen calls | HEY
hey · 96 days ago
HEY mobile & desktop apps
hey · 96 days ago
How HEY Works | HEY
hey · 97 days ago
Apple approves Hey email app, but the fight’s not over
theverge · 97 days ago
github · 99 days ago
Apple doubles down on controversial decision to reject email app Hey
theverge · 100 days ago
Apple rejects appeal from e-mail app Hey
axios · 100 days ago
Why Apple's App Store is under fire
cnbc · 100 days ago
Apple To Basecamp’s Hey: Expect To Pay Us If You Want To Sell Privacy
forbes · 101 days ago
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