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The most important consumer metrics to track
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Meaningful Careers Pt 1
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Quant vs. Qual
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10 Principles to Improve Decision-Making - The Async Review · 244 days ago
How to develop product sense
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Run the airwaves with Amp, the live radio app from Amazon
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How to kickstart and scale a consumer business—Step 2: Identify your super-specific who
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Netflix Says It’s Business as Usual. Is That Good Enough?
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As Netflix Originals Increase, Overall Content Is Reduced
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One Knight in Product - Diving into the Deep End as a Woman in Product (with Darby Maloney, Product Manager @ Divvy & Occasional Swimming Pool User)
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‎Lenny's Podcast: Product | Growth | Career: Gibson Biddle on his DHM product strategy framework, GEM roadmap prioritization framework, 5 Netflix strategy mini case studies, building a personal board of directors, and much more on Apple Podcasts · 269 days ago
Dear Gib: I have an offer for a job with a lower-level title, but a significantly higher salary. How much should I care about the title?
askgib.substack · 271 days ago
A Bad Presentation Gone Good.
gibsonbiddle.medium · 271 days ago
‎Lenny's Podcast: Product | Growth | Career: Shreyas Doshi on pre-mortems, the LNO framework, the three levels of product work, why most execution problems are strategy problems, and ROI vs. opportunity cost thinking on Apple Podcasts · 283 days ago
What distinguishes the Top 1% of product managers from the Top 10%? [2022 Edition]
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Dear Gib: When is it time to move to a new company to advance your career? What do you lose by staying at the same company for a long time?
askgib.substack · 312 days ago
My first year as VP Product at Netflix
askgib.substack · 312 days ago
How do you connect and ask your "personal board of directors" to help you?
askgib.substack · 312 days ago
What are your top tips for a Product Leader resume/CV?
askgib.substack · 312 days ago
What do you do if you’re unhappy with your job?
askgib.substack · 312 days ago
3 Answers to 3 Questions
askgib.substack · 312 days ago
Netflix’s Bad Habits Have Caught Up With It
vulture · 318 days ago
"Ask Gib": How should Netflix's product strategy change, given its recent earnings chaos?
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Product Life · 334 days ago
Ask Gib: "What specifics in a daily routine separate a good Product Manager from a great Product Manager?"
askgib.substack · 336 days ago
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Feedback Earns Respect · 337 days ago
Gib: Given you have been out of Netflix for a while, could you humor us and create a new Netflix vision based on where they are now? (Their GLEE is over, right?)
askgib.substack · 372 days ago
Have you found Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys helpful in building products?
askgib.substack · 376 days ago
lennysnewsletter · 379 days ago
Digging in the Dirt
nodessertforyou · 383 days ago
Putting Ideas into Words
paulgraham · 403 days ago
‎The Science of Change: How Does Netflix Get Us To Binge Watch? on Apple Podcasts · 392 days ago
What leader(s) over your product career truly changed how you approach product management?
share.summari · 411 days ago
Opinion | Why I’ve Decided to Take My Podcast Off Spotify
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‎Unlearn: Personal Board of Directors with Melissa Perri and Gibson Biddle on Apple Podcasts · 413 days ago
If Maslow Ran a Board Meeting: A Startup Hierarchy of Needs
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#12 TLDR: A Summary of All The Product Strategy Frameworks
gibsonbiddle.medium · 414 days ago
#7 The Product Roadmap
gibsonbiddle.medium · 420 days ago
What's your focus during your first 90 days as Head of Product?
askgib.substack · 430 days ago
Personal Board of Directors 2022
youtube · 439 days ago
The Hidden World of Pricing: Uber, Trulia, Etsy, Superhuman & More
nfx · 785 days ago
The Product Strategy Stack — Reforge
reforge · 454 days ago
"Ask Gib" question: "What's your deepest insight about teamwork?"
askgib.substack · 454 days ago
Branding for Builders
gibsonbiddle.medium · 455 days ago
Do your product strategy frameworks work for startups?
askgib.substack · 457 days ago
Netflix’s VP of Product: Why Your Team Might be ‘Overly Agreeable’
firstmark.medium · 458 days ago
Can you provide insight into how you work with product discovery?
askgib.substack · 467 days ago
Adele asked Spotify not to shuffle the tracks on her carefully curated album. The streaming service listened.
washingtonpost · 484 days ago
A look under the hood of the most successful streaming service on the planet
theverge · 489 days ago
Netflix Top 10 - Global · 490 days ago
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