Gibson Biddle
Gibson Biddle's AMA · 746 days ago
Gibson Biddle's "Ask Gib" Newsletter
askgib.substack · 746 days ago
Product Strategy with Gibson Biddle, February 9-10 2021 · 750 days ago
Dear Gib: How do you tie the company strategy with your product strategy?
askgib.substack · 764 days ago
Dear Gib: How do you handle CEO "pet projects?" Especially when they are clearly bad ideas?
askgib.substack · 764 days ago
Hacking Your Product Leader Career
gibsonbiddle.medium · 770 days ago
Rapid-fire Q & A
askgib.substack · 772 days ago
Dear Gib: How do you handle CEO "pet projects?" Especially when they are clearly bad ideas?
gibson85a.substack · 781 days ago
Slido · 781 days ago
How to Balance Customer Delight & Profits
medium · 786 days ago
Jumping the shark - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 786 days ago
How to Delight Customers in Hard to Copy, Margin-enhancing Ways
gibsonbiddle.substack · 789 days ago
Why won’t Netflix party?
gibsonbiddle.medium · 795 days ago
Why won't Netflix party?
gibsonbiddle.substack · 795 days ago
Core Values of Culture - Tony Hsieh (Zappos)
youtube · 798 days ago
How To Get From Big Idea To A Validated Business Case: An Overview Of The Testing Process
youtube · 800 days ago
#11: A Case Study: Netflix 2020
medium · 801 days ago
#12: A Startup Case Study: Chegg
medium · 801 days ago
Inventing the future (is hard)
meetup · 809 days ago
Product Leadership Talks by Gibson Biddle
gibsonbiddle · 813 days ago
I Will Vote
iwillvote · 1551 days ago
Netflix’s 2020 Product Strategy - Former Netflix VP Product, Gibson Biddle
youtube · 827 days ago
The Love - Black Eyed Peas and Jennifer Hudson
youtube · 837 days ago
Hacking Your Product Leader Career
meetup · 835 days ago
I've lived as a man & a woman -- here's what I learned | Paula Stone Williams | TEDxMileHigh
youtube · 856 days ago
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Icebreaker - Online Events That Actually Build Community · 1025 days ago
10,000 Hours with Reid Hoffman: What I Learned
casnocha · 877 days ago
Insist on Focus - Keith Rabois
youtube · 885 days ago
Netflix is letting people watch things faster or slower with new playback speed controls
theverge · 918 days ago
Netflix Is Letting Some People Speed Up Playback. That's A Big Deal For Blind Fans
npr · 886 days ago
According to Peter Thiel, Competition is For Losers
alleywatch · 888 days ago
#9 The GEM Model
medium · 900 days ago Zero to One: Notes on Start Ups, or How to Build the Future eBook: Masters, Blake, Thiel, Peter: Kindle Store
amazon · 901 days ago
Inside Trump’s Failure: The Rush to Abandon Leadership Role on the Virus
nytimes · 931 days ago
A Bold Move to Remove Formal Policies Shapes Netflix Culture
wsj · 936 days ago
The Difference Between B2B and B2C Product Managers | Blog · 992 days ago
The Likability Dilemma for Women Leaders
ted · 999 days ago
Product Strategy | INDUSTRY Virtual Product Workshop
eventbrite · 1001 days ago
Why you should care about the Nate Silver vs. Nassim Taleb Twitter war
towardsdatascience · 1510 days ago
Wiretap - Netflix made social | Product Hunt
producthunt · 1019 days ago
product-over-lemonade.productleague · 1020 days ago
You know more than you think
medium · 1026 days ago
How to Run a Quarterly Product Strategy Meeting: A Board Meeting for Product
medium · 2053 days ago
#12 Step-by-step Exercises to Define Your Product Strategy
medium · 1030 days ago
Product leadership talks by Gibson Biddle
gibsonbiddle · 1031 days ago
Branding for Builders
medium · 1032 days ago
Escaping the vicious cycle of Plan & Execute - Itamar Gilad Product Management
itamargilad · 1033 days ago
David Bland on Testing Business Ideas at Lean Product Meetup
youtube · 1034 days ago
“Good” versus “Bad” Process •
slideshare · 1034 days ago
Product Strategy | INDUSTRY Virtual Product Workshop
eventbrite · 1040 days ago
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