John Zeratsky
“Be calm. But be urgent.” Eight takeaways from AMA sessions with Brad Feld.
techstars · 127 days ago
Averaging In And Averaging Out - AVC
avc · 216 days ago
Feed Blocker for LinkedIn · 255 days ago
Putting Ideas into Words
paulgraham · 288 days ago
2015-2020 was a boring time to build startups
joefernandez.substack · 306 days ago
Can “Distraction-Free” Devices Change the Way We Write?
newyorker · 320 days ago
The Official 5-Day Design Sprint · 359 days ago
Former GV investors launch Character, a new $30 million VC fund with a product design-centric investing strategy
businessinsider · 361 days ago
Announcing Character, our new VC firm supporting startups with capital and sprints
jazer.medium · 361 days ago
Packers stock sale begins Tuesday
biztimes · 377 days ago
Compose Is A Distraction-Free Email App That Only Lets You Write Messages – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 472 days ago
‎Compose - Send email without distraction · 472 days ago - Domain Name For Sale |
dan · 472 days ago The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life eBook: Zander, Rosamund Stone, Zander, Benjamin: Kindle Store
amazon · 513 days ago
The Cooperation Economy 🤝 · 538 days ago
Why be an entrepreneur?
world.hey · 598 days ago
What We Love and What We Hate About Remote Design Sprints
sprintstories · 780 days ago
145: Designing a Brand New Business Model: CashDrop CEO Ruben Flores-Martinez - Jake and Jonathan
open.spotify · 780 days ago
Software Lead Weekly
softwareleadweekly · 785 days ago
Why are CEOs failing software engineers?
iism · 830 days ago
Types of Risk, Types of Innovation
linkedin · 827 days ago
The Low-Tech Approach to Email · 871 days ago
The Remote Design Sprint Cheat Sheet
medium · 880 days ago
The Ultimate Productivity Book - Make Time by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky
youtube · 887 days ago
‘Corporate America Has Failed Black America’
nytimes · 903 days ago
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Trump blocked Sarah Cooper on Twitter. Now she calls him her 'head writer'
latimes · 908 days ago
How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change
medium · 909 days ago
The Highlight Course · 946 days ago
Matt Brown @mattbrownza · 949 days ago
Taking care
ckarchive · 953 days ago
The Remote Design Sprint Guide — The Design Sprint
thesprintbook · 954 days ago
You are what you pay attention to
ckarchive · 966 days ago
Who's Zoomin' Who?
open.spotify · 981 days ago
Ex-Google Ventures designer John Zeratsky on structuring your day around a highlight, his daily reflection ritual, and the pro-human smartphone. - Amantha Imber
amanthaimber · 969 days ago
Use a Calendar Template to Make Every Day a Good Day · 975 days ago
Help with a remote design sprint guide? Plus personal notes from Seattle · 978 days ago
How to Think Without Googling
forge.medium · 1004 days ago
The Most Effective Way to Manage Your Inbox Is Also the Easiest
forge.medium · 1009 days ago
Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Ignore the News · 1042 days ago
Change Your Days by Designing Your Own Learning Experience · 1044 days ago
Adding Friction is Key to Breaking a Habit of Distraction · 1044 days ago
Your Smartphone Can Make You a Better Human · 1046 days ago
Seven Health Habits You Can Use to Build Energy and Get More Done Every Day · 1053 days ago
How I Used a Vacation Timer to Write a Book · 1063 days ago
Making Time at Work · 1072 days ago
One Big Thing: A Simple Way to Do More by Planning Less · 1094 days ago
#226: How to Make Time for Things That Matter, with John Zeratsky
affordanything · 1101 days ago
A photographer edits out our smartphones to show our strange and lonely new world
qz · 1853 days ago
Wasting Time · 1107 days ago
Feeling Busy and Distracted? It’s Not Your Fault · 1111 days ago
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