The Dirt | Netflix Official Site
netflix · 28 days ago
High Tolerance for Stress, Low Tolerance for Frustration: Your Questions, Kinda Answered
hunterwalk · 33 days ago
R.E.M. - Stand (Official Music Video)
youtube · 33 days ago
The Upside of Stress: Why Stress Is Good for You, and How to Get Good at It: Kelly McGonigal: 9781101982938: Amazon.com: Books
amazon · 35 days ago
[HD] Britney Spears, Beyonce & Pink - We Will Rock You (Pepsi)
youtube · 36 days ago
Oh Shit, Your VC Just Quit Her Fund! What a Good CEO Should Do Next.
hunterwalk · 37 days ago
Where Have All the Angels Gone? • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 40 days ago
Who Killed Tulum?
thecut · 42 days ago
16 Disgusting Home Items You’re Not Cleaning Enough
thewirecutter · 43 days ago
Mercedes-Benz’s EQV electric van has 200 horsepower and 249 miles of range
theverge · 44 days ago
Why I’ll Sometimes Fund a Startup And Tell Them to Stop Making Money
hunterwalk · 44 days ago
What Does “Self-Made” Mean (Or Matter) Anyway?
hunterwalk · 46 days ago
Danny Trejo Proves Celebrity Restaurants Can Work
table.skift · 46 days ago
Let’s Meet: How to Prevent Big Companies from Wasting Your Startup’s Time
hunterwalk · 49 days ago
Is The Quest For “Software Margins” To Blame For Twitter’s Trolls, Facebook’s Russians and YouTube’s Fake News?
hunterwalk · 54 days ago
Indie Software I Pay For
hunterwalk · 55 days ago
Startup Boards – Both Sides of the Table
bothsidesofthetable · 60 days ago
Official EVH Store - Exclusive EVH Merch & 5150 Guitar Gear
eddievanhalenstore · 57 days ago
Would You Put Your Job On Your Tombstone?
hunterwalk · 58 days ago
Amazon.com | Rainbow Unicorn Coffee Mug, Cute Mythical Tankard, Magical Drinking Glass, Stainless Steel Fantasy Cup, Medieval Celtic Knot Design: Coffee Cups & Mugs
amazon · 58 days ago
biggie smalls freestyle 17 years old!
youtube · 59 days ago
Indie.vc founder Bryce Roberts: Why venture capital doesn’t work for everyone — Recode Media with Peter Kafka — Overcast
recode · 60 days ago
The Mirage: A Novel: Matt Ruff: 9780061976230: Amazon.com: Books
amazon · 60 days ago
Wait, Did Amazon Just Build Their Version of Westworld? No, Of Course Not But…
hunterwalk · 61 days ago
Amazon.com: Hasbro Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Starter Set: Toys & Games
amazon · 61 days ago
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New World preview: Amazon's debut video game is a sandbox MMO with a lot of faith in its players
pcworld · 62 days ago
40% of Americans can't cover a $400 emergency expense
money.cnn · 62 days ago
How This Anxious Introvert Handles Large Events – Hunter Walk – Medium
medium · 76 days ago
Welcoming Kate Coughlin Stern to the Homebrew Team!​
homebrew.co · 66 days ago
Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl: A Memoir: Carrie Brownstein: 9780399184765: Amazon.com: Books
amazon · 68 days ago
Books I’ve Read 2019
hunterwalk · 70 days ago
The Wizard and the Prophet: Two Remarkable Scientists and Their Dueling Visions to Shape Tomorrow's World: Charles C. Mann: 9780307961693: Amazon.com: Books
amazon · 70 days ago
Built for now or built to last? – Roger Ehrenberg – Medium
medium · 73 days ago
Will Seed Funds Be Multigenerational?
hunterwalk · 74 days ago
How I’m Handling The First Phase Of 2020 Dem Presidential Candidates
hunterwalk · 76 days ago
Podcast Discovery Tools: Here Come The Transcripts
hunterwalk · 78 days ago
Democrats Must Reclaim the Center … by Moving Hard Left
politico · 86 days ago
Yoga and Veterans: A Different Kind of Warrior
nytimes · 90 days ago
Two Portfolio Tips for First Time Seed Funds
hunterwalk · 93 days ago
Caroline Barlerin ’91 Named 2019 Community Service Award Recipient
hotchkiss · 95 days ago
Startup Weekend - Learn, Network, Startup
startupweekend · 96 days ago
“Podcast Discovery” Is A Problem But It’s Not A Company
hunterwalk · 98 days ago
Being Promoted Into a Job That Makes You Miserable
hunterwalk · 99 days ago
More Start-Ups Have an Unfamiliar Message for Venture Capitalists: Get Lost
nytimes · 99 days ago
Want To Write More in 2019? Become My Writing Buddy!
hunterwalk · 103 days ago
Channels starting to get cut as cable TV struggles for life
axios · 108 days ago
Swimmy: Leo Lionni: 9780399555503: Amazon.com: Books
amazon · 109 days ago
Fertility Heath, It’s Not Just About Women
hunterwalk · 109 days ago
Every Once in a While, Shake Up Your Calendar
hunterwalk · 109 days ago
Do You Search For Your Name When You Join a New Slack Group?
hunterwalk · 115 days ago
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