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A Ticker A Day #14: AmerisourceBergen Corp. ($ABC)
daniellemorrill.substack · 15 hours ago
A Ticker A Day #12: Axon Enterprise Inc ($AAXN) - A Ticker A Day
daniellemorrill.substack · 2 days ago
A Ticker A Day #11: Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings ($AAWW) - A Ticker A Day
daniellemorrill.substack · 3 days ago
A Ticker A Day #10: American Assets Trust Inc. ($AAT) - A Ticker A Day
daniellemorrill.substack · 6 days ago
U.S. SEC commissioner backs direct listings to rein in Wall Street fees
uk.reuters · 7 days ago
Joby Aviation raises $590 million led by Toyota to launch an electric air taxi service – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 7 days ago
A Ticker A Day #9: Apple Inc. ($AAPL) - A Ticker A Day
daniellemorrill.substack · 7 days ago
Cloudinary passes $60M ARR without VC money – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 8 days ago
A Ticker A Day #7: AAON Inc. ($AAON) - A Ticker A Day
daniellemorrill.substack · 9 days ago
A Ticker A Day #6: Aarons Inc ($AAN) - A Ticker A Day
daniellemorrill.substack · 10 days ago
A Ticker A Day - Weekend Edition: Casper ($CSPR)
daniellemorrill.substack · 12 days ago
Meltano v1.14.3 is Now Available - Meltano
meltano · 13 days ago
A Ticker A Day #5: Altisource Asset Management ($AAMC)
daniellemorrill.substack · 13 days ago
A Ticker A Day #4: American Airlines Group Inc. ($AAL)
daniellemorrill.substack · 15 days ago
A Ticker A Day #3: AAC Holdings Inc ($AACH)
daniellemorrill.substack · 15 days ago
A Ticker A Day #2: Alcoa Corporation ($AA)
daniellemorrill.substack · 16 days ago
A Ticker A Day #1: Agilent Technologies ($A)
daniellemorrill.substack · 17 days ago
How I'm Thinking About the Content of the Daily Newsletter [Podcast Test]
daniellemorrill.substack · 18 days ago
$A is for Agilent
daniellemorrill.substack · 19 days ago
Introducing “A Ticker A Day”
daniellemorrill.substack · 19 days ago
What happened in crypto over the last decade
blog.coinbase · 21 days ago
Results of Sam Altman’s 2015 “Bubble Talk” Bet – Danielle Morrill
daniellemorrill · 21 days ago
Request for Startup: Decision Bin (Turn My Email Into a List of Decisions to Make)
medium · 41 days ago
Marijuana Dispensary in Colorado | Shop Online | Native Roots
nativerootscannabis · 43 days ago
Startup Growth and Venture Returns: What We Found When We Analyzed Thousands of VC Deals
angel.co · 43 days ago
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The Heartwarming Psychology of Pet Nicknames
medium · 44 days ago
The VC Female Founders Dashboard | PitchBook
pitchbook · 46 days ago
Readers: Denver Has One Snow Plow, and I've Never Seen It
westword · 47 days ago
Claim to Fame: Denver Invented Outdoor Christmas Lighting in the Early 1900s
ourcommunitynow · 47 days ago
Buried Reads for Thanksgiving 2019
buriedreads · 57 days ago
r/dataisbeautiful - [OC] Selected Causes of Death in Comparison with the No. 1 Cause
reddit · 58 days ago
Meltano is Going SaaS: You Bring the Data + We’ll Handle the Hosting and Setup – Meltano
meltano · 58 days ago
Meet DIA's Canine Airport Therapy Squad Member, Shogun the Berner
5280 · 67 days ago
You’re Probably Asking the Wrong People For Career Advice
hunterwalk · 71 days ago
Startup Marketing: 2nd Class Citizen, 2nd Rate Results – Danielle Morrill
daniellemorrill · 71 days ago
Find A Grave - Millions of Cemetery Records
findagrave · 72 days ago
open.spotify · 74 days ago
No, It’s Not “Like a Startup Within a Big Company”
hunterwalk · 77 days ago
Facebook rebrands as calls for government-led breakup continue
nbcnews · 80 days ago
Building Meltano in Public: October 2019 in Review – Meltano
meltano · 80 days ago
Find awesome remote jobs
remote · 91 days ago
Building In Public: A Window Into How We Work at Meltano – Meltano
meltano · 91 days ago
Do-It-Yourself Sabbaticals
nytimes · 93 days ago
GitLab wants 1,000 Meltano users by Christmas, targets version control, collaboration • DEVCLASS
devclass · 93 days ago
Zynga’s building is worth more than its business
fastcompany · 94 days ago
Can scientists reverse time with a quantum computer?
astronomy · 96 days ago
What is an analytics engineer?
blog.getdbt · 99 days ago
Arapahoe Basin opening today, jumping in front of Keystone to kick off ski season
theknow.denverpost · 104 days ago
Open Source Analytics: Meltano just released version 1.0. Here’s what it is and why you should care - Hashpath
hashpath · 107 days ago
Meltano Graduates to Version 1.0 – Meltano
meltano · 108 days ago
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