Melissa Perri
There’s Another Gender Pay Gap: Stock Options
wsj · 8 hours ago
product ops 101: Sept Workshop 2021 — Produx Labs
produxlabs · 12 days ago
‎Product Thinking: Dear Melissa - Answering Questions About IT Department Transformation on Apple Podcasts · 12 days ago
Salesforce offers to relocate employees and their families after Texas abortion law goes into effect
cnbc · 16 days ago Audiobooks & Original Audio | Free book with 30 day Trial
audible · 1302 days ago
Prioritizing Accessibility with Dave Dame
open.spotify · 19 days ago
Episode 30: Understanding Continuous Discovery With Teresa Torres — Produx Labs
produxlabs · 20 days ago
Escaping the Build Trap - with Melissa Perri
meetup · 26 days ago
Episode 24: Getting Leadership Up to Speed With Marty Cagan — Produx Labs
produxlabs · 28 days ago
r/AmItheAsshole - AITA for owning 3 dogs, against my hoas 2 dog rule?
reddit · 35 days ago
Product Thinking
podopolo · 35 days ago
Software Product Manager Melissa Perri Got Stuck in the "Build Trap"
markgraban · 35 days ago
Episode 26: Tying Product to Go-To-Market Strategy With Ray McKenzie — Produx Labs
produxlabs · 39 days ago
Alabama has no more I.C.U. beds available, the state authorities said.
nytimes · 39 days ago
Navigating Mergers and Acquisitions with Justin Anovick
open.spotify · 44 days ago
A Drug Addiction Risk Algorithm and Its Grim Toll on Chronic Pain Sufferers
wired · 45 days ago
Britney Spears’ Father Jamie Spears Steps Down From Conservatorship
variety · 46 days ago
Rand Paul discloses 16 months late that his wife bought stock in company behind covid treatment
washingtonpost · 46 days ago
How Figma Became Design’s Hottest Startup, Valued At $10 Billion
forbes · 47 days ago
Episode 25: Dear Melissa - Answering Questions About Evaluating Strong Product People and Organizations — Produx Labs
produxlabs · 49 days ago
Tom Barrack charged with illegally lobbying then-President Trump on behalf of UAE
cnbc · 69 days ago
Britney Spears Gets Court Approval to Hire Her Chosen Attorney in Conservatorship Battle
hollywoodreporter · 74 days ago
Episode 21: Building Responsible Products with Kathy Pham — Produx Labs
produxlabs · 94 days ago
Episode 20: Dear Melissa - Answering Questions About Product Ethics — Produx Labs
produxlabs · 97 days ago
U.S. Government Goes After Air Canada For Cancelling Flights, Stealing Customers' Money - View from the Wing
viewfromthewing · 104 days ago
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Episode 18: Dear Melissa - Answering Questions About PM Time Management — Produx Labs
produxlabs · 105 days ago
Forsta appoints Melissa Perri to the Board
prnewswire · 109 days ago
Changing Behavior with Matt Wallaert
open.spotify · 110 days ago
A New Way To Tell if a Company Is Truly Product-Led | OpenView
openviewpartners · 111 days ago
Episode 16: Dear Melissa - Answering Questions About Growing as a Product Manager — Produx Labs
produxlabs · 112 days ago
Dear Melissa - Answering Questions About PM Time Management
open.spotify · 116 days ago
Personal Board of Directors with Melissa Perri, Gibson Biddle and Barry O'Reilly
youtube · 117 days ago
Episode 15: Getting to the Bottom of Agile with Jeff Patton — Produx Labs
produxlabs · 118 days ago
Episode 14: Dear Melissa - Answering Questions About Product Best Practices — Produx Labs
produxlabs · 137 days ago
Getting to the Bottom of Agile with Jeff Patton
open.spotify · 138 days ago
NYC eateries can’t find staff thanks to Biden unemployment benefits
nypost · 142 days ago
James Harrison (blood donor) - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 143 days ago
Changes at Basecamp: A Fan Translation
gist.github · 153 days ago
Court clears 39 post office operators convicted due to ‘corrupt data’
theguardian · 156 days ago
Episode 10: Dear Melissa - Answering Questions About Communicating Up — Produx Labs
produxlabs · 171 days ago
Plaid valuation tops $13 billion in first funding after a scrapped $5.3 billion merger with Visa
cnbc · 173 days ago
18: How Agile and Scrum ruined product management, and other things (ft. Melissa Perri) · 175 days ago
The 3 Main Reasons Why New Startups Fail with Tom Eisenmann
creatingabrand · 180 days ago
How to get things done (when nobody reports to you)
thesnippet.substack · 188 days ago
Kim Janey Becomes First Black Woman To Lead Boston
wbur · 188 days ago
Episode 6: Dear Melissa - Answering Questions About Product Transformation — Produx Labs
produxlabs · 194 days ago
Why is product strategy important? 🤔 - The Week In Product
joinclubhouse · 195 days ago
‎Product Thinking: Thinking Through Product Strategy with Barry O’Reilly on Apple Podcasts · 201 days ago
The Best Bagels Are in California (Sorry, New York)
nytimes · 203 days ago
How to validate your product strategy. - The Week In Product
joinclubhouse · 206 days ago
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