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RFC: Plan for custom element attributes/properties in React 18 Β· Issue #11347 Β· facebook/react
github · 43 days ago
open.spotify · 45 days ago
This Cake Is Called the Turducken of Desserts
atlasobscura · 57 days ago
RuPaul on TikTok
tiktok · 66 days ago
Peloton CommuCycle Could Make Your Drive to Work a Fitness Routine
autoevolution · 66 days ago
'Squid Game' lead Lee Jung-jae gracefully answers question from American reporter unaware of his stardom
nextshark · 69 days ago
Earth Has a Second Moonβ€”For Another 300 Years, At Least
time · 70 days ago
Design Tokens on Asana's Design Systems Team - Jina Anne, Ainsley Wagoner, Ivy Wang (Schema 2021)
youtube · 71 days ago
Lady Gaga and Bimini Bon Boulash Are Among the Best Dressed Stars on House of Gucci's Red Carpet
popsugar.co.uk · 72 days ago
Sorry, Color-Coded Bookshelves Look Good
jezebel · 73 days ago
This Cosplayer Imitates CG Character Animation With Uncanny Accuracy
cartoonbrew · 76 days ago
Drag Race UK fans declare this guest judge the greatest in herstory
pinknews.co.uk · 76 days ago
Does America Have a Secret Kangaroo Population?
atlasobscura · 79 days ago
사라진 ν•œκ΅­μ‚°, κΉ€μΉ˜ μ§„μ—΄λŒ€κ°€ λΉ„μ—ˆλ‹€
news.koreadaily · 80 days ago
Coraline ost (acapella)
youtube · 83 days ago
Clarity for #Clarity2021
youtube · 84 days ago
Define "spooky" Β· Issue #362 Β· selfdefined/web-app
github · 84 days ago
Design tokens – Material Design 3
m3.material.io · 86 days ago
Clarity 2021 Opening Party β€” Gatheround β€” A better way to bring your people together
gatheround · 87 days ago
Europeans Once Drank Distilled Human Skulls as Medicine
atlasobscura · 88 days ago
I’ve got two words for you… #theamberruffinshow #bitchplease #superman #dccomics #comingout #bisexual #bi #queer #lgbtq #peacock @peacocktv #latenighthshow #streaming #todayilearned
tiktok · 92 days ago
How Asana is helping big companies achieve goals, not just manage projects
fastcompany · 93 days ago
Creating Your Own Bragdoc With Eleventy
css-tricks · 93 days ago
#clarity2021 #unboxing #swag #designsystems #designconference #techconference #creativity #technology #inclusion #collaboration #empathy #design #tech
tiktok · 93 days ago
macOS Monterey
apple · 95 days ago
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I Smashed My Anger Into Oblivion at San Francisco’s New Rage Room
thebolditalic · 95 days ago
#chancesarelowbutneverzero #catsoftiktok #cats #cat #pets #pet #kitty #gingercat #gingerkitty
tiktok · 101 days ago
Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (Live From The BRIT Awards, London)
youtube · 105 days ago
The Archaeology of Those Weird Metal Things That Open Your Soda Can
atlasobscura · 110 days ago
An Incredibly Well-Preserved Piece of 9th-Century Viking Poop
atlasobscura · 110 days ago
Figma - Schema Name Badge - Jina Anne
figma · 112 days ago
Lil Nas X - Jolene (Dolly Parton Cover) in the Live Lounge
youtube · 122 days ago
Clarity (@clarity_conf) TikTok | Watch Clarity's Newest TikTok Videos
tiktok · 126 days ago
Lil Nas X - THATS WHAT I WANT (Official Video)
youtube · 126 days ago
mechanic.design · 127 days ago
Dexter: New Blood (2021) Official Trailer | SHOWTIME
youtube · 133 days ago
NECA Batman ’89 Grapnel Gun up for preorder
batman-news · 133 days ago
Box Office: β€˜Shang-Chi’ to Smash Labor Day Record with $75M-$85M
hollywoodreporter · 139 days ago
A breathing tube through the butt could be an alternative to mechanical ventilators
massivesci · 142 days ago
A school district opted out of a free meals program, saying students could β€˜become spoiled’
washingtonpost · 147 days ago
Negroni Summer by Jina Anne
cottonbureau · 148 days ago
The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Could Be Your Next Lyft
thrillist · 149 days ago
New Tilting Stops $100 Million Fix of San Francisco's Millennium Tower
nbcbayarea · 150 days ago
Why Is ’80s Design Huge Right Now?
apartmenttherapy · 150 days ago
Hanselminutes is Fresh Air for Developers and has over 800 episodes of fresh tech from fresh faces
hanselman · 152 days ago
BeyoncΓ© Has Been Beekeeping During the Pandemic
apartmenttherapy · 155 days ago
California Air Quality Map: See air quality near you
sfchronicle · 155 days ago
The final Eternals trailer picks up where Avengers: Endgame left off
polygon · 155 days ago
Reserve your username on Macro
reserve.macro.app · 158 days ago
Harrah's becomes first casino to require vaccines; Could Vegas be next? - The Points Guy
thepointsguy · 160 days ago
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