Marvin Liao
Reading One Book a Week Won't Make You Successful
entrepreneur · 21 days ago
Teach girls bravery, not perfection
ted · 663 days ago
Yelp Is Becoming a Bigger Restaurant Reservation Threat to OpenTable
bloomberg · 22 days ago
Don’t Get Stuck on the Hedonic Treadmill
pathtomanliness · 22 days ago founder Bryce Roberts: Why venture capital doesn't work for everyone - Recode Media with Peter Kafka · 22 days ago
Founders Fund, a Premier Venture Firm in Transition, Has Outsize Returns
wsj · 23 days ago
Can India and Pakistan ever achieve independence—from each other?
qz · 22 days ago
Michael Cohen's testimony to Congress is a work of art
qz · 22 days ago
This full-time lawyer also has 13 side hustles. Here’s what he’s learned
marketwatch · 22 days ago
Startup Sales — 5 Common Sales Mistakes by Founders
hackernoon · 22 days ago
Amazon keeps pushing into the pharmacy business, puts former Kindle exec in charge
cnbc · 23 days ago
Rusty on Xi Jinping Thought? China's most popular app will help you with that
scmp · 23 days ago
Asana Crosses $100M ARR After Eight Quarters Of Accelerating Growth
news.crunchbase · 23 days ago
Path to Manliness Email Signup — Path To Manliness
pathtomanliness · 23 days ago
How to Be a Good Board Member – Both Sides of the Table
bothsidesofthetable · 26 days ago
Hydration Packs By VIBEDRATION
vibedration · 23 days ago
Recessions have changed. Our tools for fixing them haven’t
qz · 23 days ago
The Age Of Tyrannical Surveillance: We're Being Branded, Bought, & Sold For Our Data
zerohedge · 23 days ago
Indian fighter jets carry out “pre-emptive” strike at a terrorist camp inside Pakistan
qz · 23 days ago
Getting to $10M+ is Inevitable.. $100M? Need Help.
wallstreetplayboys · 23 days ago
The Future of Work is Remote – – Medium
medium · 24 days ago
Humans are “boiling frogs,” slowly getting used to climate-change temperatures
qz · 24 days ago
How Airtable Became a Unicorn by Reinventing the Spreadsheet | FYI
usefyi · 24 days ago
Working long hours and weekends affects men and women differently
qz · 24 days ago
reddit · 25 days ago
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I was laid off twice in one year–here’s how I bounced back
fastcompany · 24 days ago
Sovereign University - #1 Resource For High Value Skill Building
gumroad · 24 days ago
Serena Williams reminds us that when a woman is called crazy, history is usually being made
qz · 24 days ago
Doctors plan to test a gene therapy that could prevent Alzheimer’s disease
technologyreview · 24 days ago
'People are burning out': Why agencies lose talent - Digiday
digiday · 24 days ago
The real reason America is scared of Huawei: internet-connected everything
technologyreview · 24 days ago
Russian hackers are eight times faster than North Korean groups
technologyreview · 24 days ago
'Hard to back out': Publishers grow frustrated by the lack of revenue from Apple News - Digiday
digiday · 24 days ago
What Makes a Great Independent Board Member? – Both Sides of the Table
bothsidesofthetable · 25 days ago
7 must-read books on work and productivity, from Dan Pink
ideas.ted · 25 days ago
Inside the Making of Meghan Markle, International Superstar
thedailybeast · 25 days ago
An Investment Approach That Works · 25 days ago
Startup Village · 25 days ago
Roma Depicts One of the Hidden Wounds of Mexican Society
slate · 25 days ago
Why following your dreams is a myth – The Startup – Medium
medium · 26 days ago
Life is a work of art: how to be more creative in any field
jotform · 26 days ago
How to Build a Brand – Medium
medium · 26 days ago
Why Your Brain Needs Idle Time – The Nuance – Medium
medium · 27 days ago
Can we ever evaluate technical debt?
techcrunch · 27 days ago
It Started With a Jolt: How New York Became a Tech Town
nytimes · 28 days ago
The arrest of Michael Calvey in Russia rattles foreign businesses
economist · 27 days ago
Uber’s Dara Khosrowshahi perfectly sums up how CEOs feel about taking money from SoftBank
recode · 27 days ago
How much money did Benchmark capital lose on Webvan? - Quora
quora · 27 days ago
Adrian Carton de Wiart - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 27 days ago
Inside Elizabeth Holmes’s Final Months at Theranos
vanityfair · 29 days ago
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