Marvin “Polymath but really Just Generalist” Liao
US accounting regulator finds ‘unacceptable rate’ of shortcomings in mainland China audits
scmp · 205 days ago
Select Yourself: Truth from Darwinism & “Billions”
hardfork.substack · 205 days ago
Japan, South Korea to link radar systems to track N.Korea missiles -source · 205 days ago
U.S. Says It Dismantled Russia’s ‘Most Sophisticated’ Malware Network
nytimes · 205 days ago
The Athlete Family Office (And Its Increasing Popularity)
petcashpost · 205 days ago
The US is investigating Shein over alleged ties to forced labor in China
qz · 205 days ago
‘Rip and Replace’: The Tech Cold War Is Upending Wireless Carriers
nytimes · 205 days ago
Italy set to quit New Silk Road project as ties with China fray · 205 days ago
China Finally Has a Rival as the World’s Factory Floor
wsj · 205 days ago
George Santos Is Said to Face Federal Criminal Charges
nytimes · 205 days ago
Fundraising By VC Firms Themselves Is At a 10 Year Low. What That Means. | SaaStr
saastr · 205 days ago
'Everybody is worried': China raids offices of consultancy firm Capvision in widening industry crackdown | CNN Business
cnn · 206 days ago
China poses greatest risk to Europe's carmakers - Allianz Trade study
reuters · 206 days ago
How Saudi money returned to Silicon Valley
vox · 206 days ago
Britain prepares to send long-range missiles to Ukraine
washingtonpost · 206 days ago
Downtown San Francisco Office Tower to Sell at Massive Discount: Sources
sfstandard · 206 days ago
Justin Waller - From Trailer Park To CEO (E017)
youtube · 206 days ago
Amazon Turns To AI To Drive Advertising Revenues As Overall AI Use Grows
forbes · 207 days ago
It's riskier than ever to be a foreign business in China, as evidenced by a series of recent sanctions, detentions, and an updated anti-espionage law that has watchdogs on edge
businessinsider · 207 days ago
Why the U.S. should fight Cold War 2 · 207 days ago
Did China Help Vancouver’s Mayor Win Election?
nytimes · 208 days ago
China gave 190 chip firms US$1.75 billion in subsidies in 2022
scmp · 208 days ago
Marvin’s Best Weekly Reads May 7th, 2023
hardfork.substack · 208 days ago
Luke Belmar Exposes The Banking Fraud
youtube · 208 days ago
'We will keep killing Russians,' Ukraine’s military intelligence chief vows · 208 days ago
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China is 'great white shark' fed by West: ex-Trump adviser Pottinger
asia.nikkei · 209 days ago
The Price of Rebellion and Supporting a BIG Cause: There is Always a Major Price to Pay
hardfork.substack · 209 days ago
Russian Warships Pulled From Crimea Over Missile Fears – Ukrainian Intelligence
kyivpost · 209 days ago
Opinion | Poland Is the Indispensable NATO Ally
wsj · 210 days ago
Massive split in Russian military forces as Wagner vows to quit Bakhmut on May 10 · 210 days ago
China says it’s open for business. Recent raids tell a different story.
csmonitor · 210 days ago
University of Waterloo ends research partnerships with Huawei, amid security concerns over China
thestar · 210 days ago
Exclusive: U.S. officials assessing possible 'manipulation' on banking shares -source
reuters · 210 days ago
Berlin police probe leak of Zelenskyy trip itinerary · 210 days ago
Canada summons Chinese ambassador over alleged threats to MP Michael Chong · 210 days ago
National Guard team takes top spot in international sniper competition at Fort Benning
audacy · 211 days ago
Top US spy says Chinese invasion halting Taiwan chip production would be 'enormous' global economic blow
reuters · 211 days ago
China’s Big Troubles: Its Days As Global Go-To Manufacturer May Be Coming To An End
forbes · 211 days ago
China's AI industry barely slowed by US chip export rules
reuters · 211 days ago
Matt Gaetz says AOC is 'wrong a lot' but 'she's not corrupt' as the pair joined forces to block Congress from trading stocks
businessinsider · 211 days ago
The Need to Invest in Long-Range Fires - War on the Rocks
warontherocks · 211 days ago
Bogeyman: Central Bank Digital Currencies | Washington Spectator
washingtonspectator · 211 days ago
Chaos is a Ladder: Your Mindset to Thriving in Massive Change
hardfork.substack · 212 days ago
New York and California lost over $90 billion in income to low-tax states during Covid
cnbc · 212 days ago
West should view China's threat to Taiwan as 'threats against us all': Czech foreign minister
washingtonexaminer · 212 days ago
‘Robin Hood’ hacker steals rich Russian crypto funds, gives to poor Ukraine · 212 days ago
China ‘barring thousands of citizens and foreigners from leaving country’
theguardian · 212 days ago
Why aren't we taking every Chinese refugee we can? · 212 days ago
Ukraine withholding counteroffensive details from allies
politico · 212 days ago
China's exit bans multiply as political control tightens under Xi · 213 days ago
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