Marvin “Polymath but really Just Generalist” Liao
Taiwan prepares for ‘people’s war’ against China
afr · 219 days ago
Slovenski Valuki na ukrajinsko fronto
24ur · 219 days ago
Get Your Sh-t Together: Reliability is King
hardfork.substack · 219 days ago
Lockdown’s cancer bomb may soon be worse than Covid itself · 219 days ago
These are Putin's spies in Sweden · 219 days ago
Exclusive: Getir carries out mass store closures · 219 days ago
Linas Beliūnas on LinkedIn: This is insane! For every $1 a member of Forbes 30 Under 30 raised from… | 596 comments
linkedin · 219 days ago
Tucker Carlson Was Blindsided by Fox News Firing
vanityfair · 219 days ago
Chile’s plan to nationalise lithium industry may impact China – report
zawya · 219 days ago
Russia and China are waging a propaganda war against the US — why are we silent? - NewsBreak
thehill · 219 days ago
A Weekend In Dubai With Mike Thurston
youtube · 219 days ago
Textron wins $279 mln verdict in US patent case against Chinese drone maker DJI
reuters · 219 days ago
How Tucker Carlson Helped Turn Americans Against the Military
defenseone · 219 days ago
China’s Confucius Institutes seek to keep their students in line · 220 days ago
US Air Force shifts refueling mission from Germany to Poland
stripes · 220 days ago
China doesn’t want peace in Ukraine, Czech president warns · 220 days ago
Fox News Ousts Tucker Carlson
wsj · 220 days ago
Broseidon - From Zero to Something More Than Zero?
bowtiedopossum.substack · 220 days ago
Iran ships 300,000 artillery shells and 1 million rounds of ammunition to Russia within six months – WSJ · 221 days ago
Ukraine postponed “anniversary” attacks on Russia after US request – The Washington Post · 221 days ago
Ukraine Slams Chinese Envoy's 'Absurd' Remarks on Post-Soviet Nations
kyivpost · 221 days ago
Defence must spend another $19b to confront China threat: review · 221 days ago
Russia to use Central Asian migrants to replenish ranks of Armed Forces, reports National Resistance Center · 221 days ago
China’s Ambassador to France Says Ex-Soviet States Lack Basis for Sovereignty
wsj · 221 days ago
Thinking Through the AI Hype · 221 days ago
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Ukrainian troop positions spark counteroffensive speculation
cnbc · 221 days ago
Baltics blast China diplomat for questioning sovereignty of ex-Soviet states · 221 days ago
Marvin’s Best Weekly Reads April 23rd, 2023
hardfork.substack · 222 days ago
Afghanistan has become a terrorism staging ground again, leak reveals
washingtonpost · 222 days ago
Taiwan Strait: top EU diplomat calls for European navy patrols
theguardian · 222 days ago
Lawmakers war-game conflict with China, hoping to deter one
apnews · 222 days ago
As Fears of Chinese Invasion Grow, Lawmakers Push for More Military Training for Taiwan
military · 222 days ago
South Korea hits back at China’s ‘rude’ retort in war of words over Taiwan
scmp · 222 days ago
‘It’s disgusting’: Bali locals are fed up with bad tourists
washingtonpost · 222 days ago
America Fails the Civilization Test
theatlantic · 222 days ago
Is Canada becoming a dumping ground for goods made with Uyghur forced labour? Here’s why some are raising the alarm
thestar · 222 days ago
How Ukraine plans to crush Putin's soldiers with a 'big bang-style' onslaught · 222 days ago
China’s Military Exercises Near Taiwan: Signaling and War Scares
thediplomat · 222 days ago
After Covid, get ready for the Great Acceleration · 223 days ago
Airman Shared Sensitive Intelligence More Widely and for Longer Than Previously Known
nytimes · 223 days ago
If It Doesn’t Make Dollars, It Doesn’t Make Sense
hardfork.substack · 223 days ago
Pentagon leaks? Ukrainians more focused on must-win battle.
csmonitor · 223 days ago
Yoon orders dispatch of naval unit to war-torn Sudan to protect Korean nationals | Yonhap News Agency · 223 days ago
US Resupply of Taiwan ‘Impossible’ Once Chinese Invasion Begins: War Game
thedefensepost · 223 days ago
Vladimir Kara-Murza: Family's heartbreak at Putin critic's jail term · 223 days ago
Is gray hair reversible? A new study digs into the root cause of aging scalps
npr · 223 days ago
To Thwart Invasion, Taiwan Points Powerful New Missiles At Chinese Bases
forbes · 223 days ago
Taiwan’s Overall Defense Concept, Explained
thediplomat · 223 days ago
Hope on the Horizon: Taiwan’s Radical New Defense Concept
warontherocks · 223 days ago
A weapons stockpile and asymmetric warfare: how Taiwan could thwart an invasion by China -- with America's help | CNN
cnn · 223 days ago
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