Erika Hall
March 2020
xkcd · 170 days ago
U.S. court authorizes IRS to seek identities of taxpayers who have used cryptocurrency
reuters · 171 days ago
432 Park Avenue Condominiums
432parkavenue · 171 days ago
Ted Nugent on COVID-19 Fight: 'Didn't Think I Was Gonna Make It'
ultimateclassicrock · 172 days ago
Pandemic Design: What Tuberculosis Posters Can Teach Us About Community
designobserver · 172 days ago
Millions Are Saying No to the Vaccines. What Are They Thinking?
theatlantic · 173 days ago
7 fast facts about toilets
unicef · 173 days ago
William Kent: Conservationist and Anti-Immigrant Politician (U.S. National Park Service) · 174 days ago
Giant redwoods brought to British shores on a tide of Victorian fashion
theguardian · 175 days ago
The Million Dollar Homepage - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 176 days ago
Restaurants Disrupted: New Models in a Time of Change
eventbrite · 177 days ago
The Complex World of Art Copyright, Explained
artsy · 178 days ago
Biologists Discover New Species of Glowing Pumpkin Toadlet
smithsonianmag · 178 days ago
Introducing Blockchain Technology to the world of Tax
medium · 178 days ago
The Revolutionary Thing About Nomadland’s Win That Everyone’s Missing
slate · 179 days ago
Carbon emissions are more than countries are reporting -study
reuters · 180 days ago
Farming Robot Kills 100,000 Weeds per Hour With Lasers
freethink · 180 days ago
r/todayilearned - TIL Judith Love Cohen, who helped create the Abort-Guidance System which rescued the Apollo 13 astronauts, went to work on the day she was in labor. She took a printout of a problem she was working on to the hospital. She called her boss and said she finished the problem and gave birth to Jack Black
reddit · 182 days ago
Empathy and Pro-Social Behavior in Rats
science.sciencemag · 181 days ago
Tired Black women: How will you love and care for us?
blackgirlinmaine · 182 days ago
Godzilla vs. Kong: A functional morphologist uses science to pick a winner
theconversation · 182 days ago
r/MovieDetails - Raul Julia's final role was the villainous M. Bison in "Street Fighter" (1994), which he filmed while dying from stomach cancer. He took the role because his children loved the franchise and he wanted to star in a film they could enjoy.
reddit · 182 days ago
'I punched him so hard he cried': inside the Street Fighter movie
theguardian · 182 days ago
smart | Unsuck It
unsuck-it · 186 days ago
Ancient Cave Painters May Have Limited Their Oxygen for Creative Inspiration
hyperallergic · 190 days ago
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thefuzzyslug · 193 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Chuck Wendig & Natalie Metzger
eventbrite · 194 days ago
‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Raises the Question: Is Nonsense the New Normal? (Column)
variety · 195 days ago
Miscellaneous Items in High Demand - About this Collection - Prints & Photographs Online Catalog (Library of Congress) · 195 days ago
zenith | Origin and meaning of zenith by Online Etymology Dictionary
etymonline · 195 days ago
Mars Climate Orbiter - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 198 days ago
Vintage exciting world of metrics metal lunch box | Etsy
etsy · 198 days ago
Cotton Plantation Record and Account Book - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 198 days ago
Vaccination celebration glass covid vaccine corona | Etsy
etsy · 199 days ago
Get Stuck You Fuck Vinyl Bumper Sticker | Etsy
etsy · 199 days ago
Vaccination sticker | Etsy
etsy · 199 days ago
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) · 199 days ago
Understanding mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines · 199 days ago
How much longer can California buck spring COVID-19 surge? There are concerns
latimes · 200 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Annalee Newitz
eventbrite · 203 days ago
Surprise: Ivanka Trump’s Signature Women’s Initiative Was a Massive Failure
vanityfair · 204 days ago
What Beanie Babies taught a generation about the horrors of boom and bust
theguardian · 205 days ago
Colorful fabrics digitally printed by Spoonflower - Shit, reflected & ornate
spoonflower · 206 days ago
Amazon Keeps Getting Sued for Paying Drivers Less Than Minimum Wage
vice · 207 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Gregg Bernstein
eventbrite · 208 days ago
How to Be an Urban Birder · 210 days ago
#028 - David Graeber And The Pandemic's Effect On Bullshit Jobs
soundcloud · 213 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Beth Dunn
eventbrite · 214 days ago
Godzilla appears at press conference in Japan to announce partnership with national judo team
soranews24 · 215 days ago
The Unbearable Whiteness of Climate Anxiety
scientificamerican · 216 days ago
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