YC Top Companies List - 2018
blog.ycombinator · 1511 days ago
What I learned about resilience when my cofounder got sick
fastcompany · 1517 days ago
Nyse @nyse
pscp.tv · 1516 days ago
Shared inbox startup Front launches a complete redesign
techcrunch · 1518 days ago
Box CEO Aaron Levie: Why Big Companies Need Small Teams
fortune · 1519 days ago
Watch SpaceX attempt to land its Falcon 9 rocket on the California coast for the first time
theverge · 1521 days ago
D-Wave takes quantum computers mainstream with ‘Leap’
engadget · 1524 days ago
Quantum computing comes out of the closet
fastcompany · 1524 days ago
Talkdesk Raises $100 Million to Power the Contact Center of the Future
marketwatch · 1525 days ago
Talkdesk Raises $100 Million to Power the Contact Center of the Future - Talkdesk
talkdesk · 1525 days ago
Talkdesk Raises $100 Million, Largest Round Ever in Contact Center Industry - Talkdesk
talkdesk · 1525 days ago
Thoughts on benchmarking against other companies – Mathilde Collin – Medium
medium · 1530 days ago
Japan’s ispace strikes deal with SpaceX for launches to the moon in 2020 and 2021
geekwire · 1531 days ago
Coinbase’s New Asset Listing Process – The Coinbase Blog
blog.coinbase · 1533 days ago
Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit 2018 Livestream
fortune · 1533 days ago
Ready, Set, Raise is a new accelerator built for women by women
techcrunch · 1534 days ago
Front | The all-new Front is coming soon
frontapp · 1552 days ago
NASA's New Planet Hunter Just Found Its 1st Alien World — an Evaporating 'Super-Earth'
space · 1538 days ago
SpaceX's New BFR Spaceship Really Does Look Like Tintin's Moon Rocket
space · 1539 days ago
OODA Health Raises $40.5 Million to Transform U.S. Healthcare Payment System
businesswire · 1539 days ago
SpaceX’s first lunar tourist didn’t just buy a seat on the rocket. He bought the whole flight.
technologyreview · 1540 days ago
First Private Passenger on Lunar BFR Mission
youtube · 1541 days ago
Elon Musk reveals updated design for future SpaceX Mars rocket
theverge · 1541 days ago
SpaceX will fly Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa as the first ever private tourist to the moon
cnbc · 1541 days ago
SpaceX Will Reveal the First Moon-Bound Passenger Since 1972. Here's How to Watch
fortune · 1541 days ago
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Watch Elon Musk announce SpaceX’s first Moon passenger today at 6PM PT
theverge · 1541 days ago
California will build its own satellite to fight climate change
qz · 1544 days ago
Financial Women SF @FinanceWomenSF
pscp.tv · 1544 days ago
Hurricane Harvey recovery and relief maps – Points of interest
blog.mapbox · 1544 days ago
Talkdesk is a "Hot Vendor" in Intelligent Contact Center according to Aragon Research - Talkdesk
talkdesk · 1545 days ago
The Amazing Tech-Education Startup That's Encouraging Girls Into STEM
womenlovetech · 1546 days ago
Mapbox Locate
locate.mapbox · 1547 days ago
When to hire a head of engineering and what to look for
medium · 1552 days ago
Deloitte and Vineti Will Team on End-to-End Solution to Support Personalized Medicine
prnewswire · 1554 days ago
How AI can save our humanity
ted · 1576 days ago
Advice for Designing Your Business Model - Alexander Osterwalder
ecorner.stanford.edu · 1555 days ago
Ramin Sayar on LinkedIn: "Fun to see Sumo Logic recognized as one of Top 100 private companies for 2018 by JMP and Highlighted by Nasdaq."
linkedin · 1558 days ago
A Look Back on 10 Years of RapidEye Imagery – Planet Stories – Medium
medium · 1560 days ago
How Elon Musk's cold calls to rocket scientists helped kickstart SpaceX
cnbc · 1561 days ago
This New Research Lab Is Dedicated to Helping Your Workplace Perform Better
inc · 1562 days ago
NAMI, Memphis Meats offer regulatory suggestions for cell-based meat
agri-pulse · 1565 days ago
Mythic @ Hot Chips 2018 – Mythic – Medium
medium · 1566 days ago
D-Wave demonstrates first large-scale quantum simulation of topological state of matter
phys · 1567 days ago
Quantum Materials Simulation: Realizing Richard Feynman's Vision
youtube · 1567 days ago
Talkdesk CEO Among The SaaS Report Top 50 - Talkdesk
talkdesk · 1568 days ago
Giphy Adds Curated Stories to Desktop, Mobile Web
variety · 1569 days ago
Giphy's redesigned homepage puts GIF Stories in the spotlight
engadget · 1569 days ago
Giphy is launching its own take on stories with curated GIFs throughout the day
theverge · 1569 days ago
Amy DuRoss, Vineti – DFJVC – Medium
medium · 1569 days ago
The little risks you can take to increase your luck
ted · 1573 days ago
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