Balaji S. Srinivasan
golden · 23 hours ago
Considering App vs. Website? It’s 2019: Build a Website. · 183 days ago
This deep neural network fights deepfakes: Artificial intelligence to accurately detect altered photos is getting smarter
sciencedaily · 4 days ago
UI Design Resources, UI Kits, Wireframes, Icons and More - UI8
ui8 · 7 days ago
Ev Williams’ Formula For Creating Billion-Dollar Companies
fastcompany · 7 days ago
2013 Tesla Model S Beats Chevy, Toyota, and Cadillac for Ultimate Car of the Year Honors - MotorTrend
motortrend · 9 days ago
Microsoft’s $399 Azure Kinect AI camera is now shipping in the US and China – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 11 days ago
Zoning Rules!: The Economics of Land Use Regulation: William A. Fischel: 9781558442887: Books
amazon · 14 days ago
San Francisco delays Mission housing over potentially historic laundromat
sf.curbed · 522 days ago
Obituaries for the Recently Canceled
mcsweeneys · 68 days ago
The Truth About Investor Updates · 18 days ago
Youtube's ban on "hacking techniques" threatens to shut down all of infosec Youtube
boingboing · 19 days ago
Local-first software: You own your data, in spite of the cloud
inkandswitch · 18 days ago
Knot theory - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 18 days ago
Microsoft Excel will now let you snap a picture of a spreadsheet and import it
theverge · 144 days ago
Mathpix Snip
mathpix · 19 days ago
radicalxchange · 218 days ago
Prediction markets for content curation DAOs · 21 days ago
The Basics of Modern Money
youtube · 21 days ago
logo.squarespace · 25 days ago
Facebook made an AI that convincingly turns one style of music into another
thenextweb · 25 days ago
Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log · 27 days ago
Greater Bay Area | South China Morning Post
scmp · 28 days ago
1,500 Chinese workers build train station in nine hours
youtube · 28 days ago
BSB Broad Sustainable Building 远大可建 Dormitory construction 5 days
youtube · 28 days ago
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Chinese build 57-storey skyscraper in 19 days – timelapse
youtube · 28 days ago
Genetic analyses of diverse populations improves discovery for complex traits
nature · 33 days ago
Industry Towns - Where You Start A Company Matters
blog.eladgil · 35 days ago
The Libra Reserve
libra · 35 days ago
Time for Clockwise
news.greylock · 36 days ago
Genius | Song Lyrics & Knowledge
genius · 636 days ago
Tulsa Remote
tulsaremote · 247 days ago
Inside Bitcoin, The Programmable Currency For Our Digital Future – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 39 days ago
YouTube, Facebook Purges Are More Extensive Than You Think
rollingstone · 40 days ago
Alaska Permanent Fund - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 42 days ago
Joe Rogan Experience #1309 - Naval Ravikant
youtube · 48 days ago
Caged giants: Why China's Big Tech can’t escape the Communist Party
axios · 49 days ago
A Conversation with Emilie Choi, VP Business and Data, Coinbase - The Block
theblockcrypto · 52 days ago
7 Tesla MRI of the ex vivo human brain at 100 micron resolution
biorxiv · 52 days ago
The Princeton Companion to Mathematics, Timothy Gowers, June Barrow-Green, Imre Leader -
amazon · 54 days ago
New Live Poll Allows Pundits To Pander To Viewers In Real Time
entertainment.theonion · 55 days ago
Mathematicians revive abandoned approach to the Riemann Hypothesis
phys · 55 days ago
Cryptocurrencies are under attack!
defendcrypto · 56 days ago
Will China launch an "artificial moon" by 2025?
metaculus · 57 days ago
Subtitles - download movie and TV Series subtitles
opensubtitles · 59 days ago What You Do Is Who You Are: How to Create Your Business Culture eBook: Ben Horowitz, Henry Louis Gates: Gateway
amazon · 67 days ago
Silicon Valley-Backed Venture Cleared to Become 14th U.S. Stock Exchange
wsj · 74 days ago
Spaced Repetition -
gwern · 80 days ago
Stripe’s fifth engineering hub is Remote
stripe · 82 days ago
A Repository of Conversational Datasets
medium · 96 days ago
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