Balaji S. Srinivasan
How AI Will Turn Us All Into Filmmakers
wired · 3 days ago
The Internet of Beefs
ribbonfarm · 7 days ago
Give it five minutes
signalvnoise · 855 days ago
On suing the Times
medium · 10 days ago
Away’s Former C.E.O. Is Returning as Co-Chief
nytimes · 11 days ago
Quantum computing for the very curious · 257 days ago
Fans and Haters
paulgraham · 13 days ago
The Coming Decentralized Decade
morningconsult · 17 days ago
Bubble talk
blog.samaltman · 383 days ago
Bitcoin 2019 Annual Review
blog.lopp · 19 days ago
Fixed-point iteration - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 19 days ago
A Quick Introduction to Text Summarization in Machine Learning
towardsdatascience · 19 days ago
Bitcoin becomes the Flag of Technology
nakamoto · 20 days ago
What libertarianism has become and will become - State Capacity Libertarianism - Marginal REVOLUTION
marginalrevolution · 22 days ago
Google suspends MetaMask's Android client; rejects appeal - The Block
theblockcrypto · 28 days ago
2020 Startup Themes (Part 1) - Daniel Gross
dcgross · 30 days ago
Kevin Spacey Posts Cryptic Christmas Video Again as ‘House of Cards’ Character
variety · 30 days ago
Using data to determine if Die Hard is a Christmas movie | Stephen Follows
stephenfollows · 30 days ago
Federated Learning: Collaborative Machine Learning without Centralized Training Data
ai.googleblog · 33 days ago
Decade of Discovery · 34 days ago
How Bitcoin Can Protect Free Speech in the Digital Age - Quillette
quillette · 38 days ago
Line Awesome — Free Beautiful Icon Font
icons8 · 83 days ago
TITLE Rapid-Reflex Boxing Bar Tri Bag - TITLE Boxing - Best Freestanding Reflex Bag Workout
youtube · 45 days ago
Texas Archive War - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 47 days ago
Schwab Report: Self-Directed 401(k) Balances Hold Steady; Millennials Allocate More to ETFs and Cash Than Gen X, Boomers
businesswire · 48 days ago
Get in touch with us on Twitter The Great CEO Within: The Tactical Guide to Company Building eBook: Matt Mochary, Alex MacCaw, Misha Talavera: Kindle Store
amazon · 49 days ago
Are we distributed yet?
arewedistributedyet · 50 days ago
A letter from Larry and Sergey · 51 days ago
KFC Created a 'Virtual Influencer' Colonel Sanders, Mocking Marketing's Newest Odd Trend
adweek · 56 days ago
100,000 free AI-generated headshots put stock photo companies on notice
theverge · 56 days ago
Crypto News, Pricing, and Research · 56 days ago
Hubs by Mozilla
hubs.mozilla · 57 days ago
Blockchain Explorer | BTC | ETH | BCH
blockchain · 60 days ago
Is Elon Musk Prepping for State Failure? - Marginal REVOLUTION
marginalrevolution · 61 days ago
A Visual History of the #YangMediaBlackout · 61 days ago
Setting the record straight on our Binance reporting - The Block
theblockcrypto · 61 days ago
Sacha Baron Cohen's Anti-Facebook Rant at the ADL Summit Was Pure Moral Panic
reason · 62 days ago
Ray Dalio on LinkedIn: "The Wall Street Journal wrote an article that said “Bridgewater Bets Big on Market Drop.” It’s wrong. I want to make clear that we don’t have any such net bet that the stock market will fall. We explained to Juliet Chung, the author of the article, that to convey us having a bearish view of the stock market would be misleading, but it was done anyway. I believe that we are now living in a world in which sensationalistic headlines are what many writers want above all else, even if the facts don’t square with the headlines. You can believe me or you can believe The Wall Street Journal writer. I hope you have come to know that you can believe me. "
linkedin · 62 days ago
25,000 AI Photos - 25k diverse & customizable free stock photos generated by AI | Product Hunt
producthunt · 65 days ago
Balaji Srinivasan: Pseudonymous Economy | Blockstack Summit 2019
youtube · 62 days ago
Where is Europe's Silicon Valley?
fortune · 62 days ago
Lead Bullets
a16z · 134 days ago
Craigslist is raking in $1 billion a year, according to one researcher's estimates
cnbc · 64 days ago
PayPal to acquire shopping and rewards platform Honey for $4B – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 64 days ago
Will Bay Area exodus grow with fires and blackouts?
mercurynews · 65 days ago
Gates Derangement Syndrome - Quillette
quillette · 70 days ago
2019 Wriston Lecture: The End of the Computer Age
youtube · 70 days ago
Looper - You should go to China.
youtube · 70 days ago
Journalists Primed: How Professional Identity Affects Moral Decision Making
tandfonline · 70 days ago
Pineapple Fund - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 70 days ago
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