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RECENTLY SHARED What You Do Is Who You Are: How to Create Your Business Culture eBook: Ben Horowitz, Henry Louis Gates: Gateway
amazon · 7 days ago
Silicon Valley-Backed Venture Cleared to Become 14th U.S. Stock Exchange
wsj · 14 days ago
Spaced Repetition -
gwern · 20 days ago
Stripe’s fifth engineering hub is Remote
stripe · 22 days ago
A Repository of Conversational Datasets
medium · 36 days ago
Earn crypto while learning about crypto
coinbase · 44 days ago
Accept Bitcoin Payments within Minutes | Coinbase Commerce
commerce.coinbase · 44 days ago
Re-creating Facebook on Instagram
theatlantic · 45 days ago
Falkirk Wheel - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 49 days ago
Someone gave me access to a $38,000 robot.
imgur · 52 days ago
Coinbase Custody launches staking support for Tezos, MakerDAO governance to follow
blog.coinbase · 56 days ago
Product Hunt Tab - A virtual co-working space in your browser's new tab | Product Hunt
producthunt · 57 days ago
Coinbase Earn (XLM) - Learn Stellar Earn $50 of XLM | Product Hunt
producthunt · 58 days ago
"Hollywood is now irrelevant," says IAC Chairman Barry Diller
recode · 93 days ago
Actiondesk - Build powerful automations with just your spreadsheet skills | Product Hunt
producthunt · 95 days ago
Amazon drops plans for New York HQ2
techcrunch · 99 days ago
Penn Engineer’s ‘Metallic Wood’ Has the Strength of Titanium and the Density of Water
medium · 102 days ago
Earn BAT while trying out the blockchain-friendly Brave browser
blog.coinbase · 106 days ago
Announcing Bitcoin (BTC) Support on Coinbase Wallet
blog.coinbase · 107 days ago
Venezuela’s New Interim President is Anti-Petro and Pro-Bitcoin -
bitcoinist · 117 days ago
Blockchain Infrastructure at Coinbase – The Coinbase Blog
blog.coinbase · 121 days ago
Letter in response to Jan. 17 article in The New York Times | David Reich Lab · 122 days ago
Product Hunt Golden Kitty Awards 2018
producthunt · 133 days ago
STARLIGHT NIGHT TEST X27 color Low Light night vision imaging camera sensor shootout
youtube · 138 days ago
Coinbase Wallet
wallet.coinbase · 281 days ago
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How to Actually Explain Zero Knowledge Protocols to your Average Child
medium · 144 days ago
ctrl-labs · 145 days ago
2018 O'Reilly AI Keynote, Thomas Reardon, CEO, CTRL-labs
youtube · 381 days ago
It's Time to Talk About Crypto Twitter - CoinDesk
coindesk · 146 days ago
Stanford researchers develop brain-controlled typing for people with paralysis
youtube · 146 days ago
IPv6 Christmas Display Uses 75 Internet’s Worth of Addresses
hackaday · 150 days ago
With First-Ever Landing on Moon's Farside, China Enters "Luna Incognita"
scientificamerican · 151 days ago
Wyoming County Moves to Put Land Records on Blockchain - CoinDesk
coindesk · 152 days ago
Coinbase Earn - Earn crypto while you learn crypto | Product Hunt
producthunt · 155 days ago
Learn 0x. Earn 0x.
coinbase · 155 days ago
Empowering Venezuelan families with GiveCrypto – The Coinbase Blog
blog.coinbase · 161 days ago
Binance Will Add USDC Quote Pairs into the USDⓈ Trading Market/Tab
support.binance · 161 days ago
Fortnite Is so Much More Than a Game – Great Escape – Medium
medium · 276 days ago
Build software better, together
github · 167 days ago
Why LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner leaves 90 minutes of his schedule empty every day
cnbc · 169 days ago
Despite CRISPR baby controversy, Harvard University will begin gene-editing sperm
technologyreview · 171 days ago
‘Omnigenic’ Model Suggests That All Genes Affect Every Complex Trait | Quanta Magazine
quantamagazine · 172 days ago
Apple’s AirPods: a Hit With 98% Customer Satisfaction
techpinions · 751 days ago
I Embraced the PopSocket and It Changed My Damn Life
wired · 172 days ago
Origins of Innovation: Bakewell & Breeding -
gwern · 174 days ago
Using only Uber or Lyft is cheaper than owning a car for 25% of Americans — here's how to know if you apply
businessinsider · 174 days ago
Attack Of The Micro Brands – Positive Slope – Medium
medium · 418 days ago
Zcash (ZEC) is launching on Coinbase Pro – The Coinbase Blog
blog.coinbase · 174 days ago
Coinbase Announces Support for Zcash - Zcash · 174 days ago
Stripe Press — Ideas for progress
press.stripe · 311 days ago
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