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collaborativefund · 5 hours ago
Pairing Geothermal Plus Rooftop Solar for a Truly Renewable Home
blog.dandelionenergy · 1 day ago
Magic Spoon
collaborativefund · 3 days ago
JUST IN: Morehouse commencement speaker to pay off Class of 2019’s student loans
ajc · 5 days ago
Work in America Is Greedy. But It Doesn’t Have to Be.
nytimes · 5 days ago
What We’re Reading
collaborativefund · 7 days ago
This New High-Protein (and Keto-Friendly) Cereal Kept Me Full for Hours
nymag · 7 days ago
Realistic Personal Finance Hacks
collaborativefund · 7 days ago
Silicon Valley will soon get its own stock exchange
qz · 13 days ago
Exclusive: Impossible Foods raises $300 million with investors eager for bite of meatless burgers · 10 days ago
Team Collaborative: Meet Guy Vidra
collaborativefund · 14 days ago
Degrees of Confidence
collaborativefund · 14 days ago
What We’re Reading
collaborativefund · 14 days ago
The Hierarchy of Earning Profit
collaborativefund · 17 days ago
Charlie Munger, Unplugged
wsj · 20 days ago
What We’re Reading
collaborativefund · 21 days ago
Beyond Meat surges 135% in its IPO debut
cnbc · 22 days ago
Planting 1.2 Trillion Trees Could Cancel Out a Decade of CO2 Emissions, Scientists Find · 32 days ago
Jennifer Campbell, Co-Founder of Tagomi
offthechain.substack · 23 days ago
Why do Females and Males Have Different Handwriting Styles? | SiOWfa16: Science in Our World: Certainty and Controversy · 23 days ago
Burger King to Launch Impossible Whoppers Nationwide · 25 days ago
Driving? The Kids Are So Over It
wsj · 33 days ago
What We’re Reading
collaborativefund · 28 days ago
Car-Sharing Startup Getaround Drives Into Europe
wsj · 28 days ago
You Played Yourself
collaborativefund · 28 days ago
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fablepets · 29 days ago
JUST Egg Is On A Roll, Announces New Partnership With Bareburger And Silver Diner
forbes · 30 days ago
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collaborativefund · 35 days ago
When You’ll Believe Anything
collaborativefund · 36 days ago
‎Second Life: Ty Haney: Outdoor Voices Founder and CEO on Apple Podcasts · 38 days ago
What We’re Reading
collaborativefund · 42 days ago
The New York Times Is Partnering With Everlane on an Apparel Line to Promote Climate Change Journalism – Adweek
adweek · 43 days ago
Public letter to Jeff Bezos and the Amazon Board of Directors
medium · 43 days ago
2018 Letter to Shareholders
blog.aboutamazon · 43 days ago
You Have To Live It To Believe It
collaborativefund · 43 days ago
Repeating Themes
collaborativefund · 340 days ago
What We’re Reading
collaborativefund · 49 days ago
Fees vs. Fines
collaborativefund · 51 days ago
Hallucination vs. Vision, Selling Your Art in the Real World: Brian Koppelman Interviews Marc Andreessen
a16z · 70 days ago
What We’re Reading
collaborativefund · 56 days ago
Square Roots & Gordon Food Service Announce First Urban Farm Campus Location | CleanTechnica
cleantechnica · 56 days ago
Different Kinds of Information
collaborativefund · 57 days ago
We Don’t Build Enough Homes
collaborativefund · 61 days ago
Millennials Now Make Up Nearly Half of the Super-Wealthy: Spectrem | ThinkAdvisor
thinkadvisor · 63 days ago
What We’re Reading
collaborativefund · 63 days ago
Elmore Leonard's rules for writers
theguardian · 66 days ago
Death, Taxes, and a Few Other Things
collaborativefund · 64 days ago
Dear College Students (and Parents) - Howard Lindzon
howardlindzon · 66 days ago
What the Hell is Going On?
perell · 67 days ago
What We’re Reading
collaborativefund · 70 days ago
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