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Thanks Elchin! Here are some of my tips: – Ameet Ranadive – Medium
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Understaffed and overwhelmed, rescuers had to make life-and-death choices as wildfires raged
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Become a Demanding Reader – Ameet Ranadive – Medium
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California Fires Burn ‘Faster Than Firefighters Can Run’
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Robotics pioneer Rodney Brooks debunks AI hype seven ways
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10 Einstein Quotes to Fire Up Your Creativity
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Air Force Academy superintendent: "Grab your phones"
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Lifelong Learning
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Opinion | Eric Reid: Why Colin Kaepernick and I Decided to Take a Knee
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Jaguars, Ravens kneel for anthem in 1st game since Trump ramps up feud
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Stephen Curry, on a ‘Surreal Day,’ Confronts a Presidential Snub
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Psychology beats business training when it comes to entrepreneurship
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How Digital Platforms Work – Ameet Ranadive – Medium
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