Eric Ries
It's time for a 21st century stock exchange
forward.substack · 10 days ago
Silicon Valley will soon get its own stock exchange
qz · 13 days ago
Lean Startup 2018 Recap Video
youtube · 23 days ago
What is Dark? – Darklang – Medium
medium · 84 days ago
Nerdcore Progenitor MC Frontalot Breaks Up With The Internet
daily.bandcamp · 83 days ago
Book Review: The Revolt of the Public, by Martin Gurri
noahpinionblog.blogspot · 91 days ago
Compensation is important, don’t wing it. – LTSE Tools
tools.ltse · 100 days ago
I Have Seen the Future of a Republican Party That Is No Longer Insane
nymag · 158 days ago
The Fight Over Inoculation During the 1721 Boston Smallpox Epidemic - Science in the News · 167 days ago
Senator Wiener Introduces Zoning Reform Bill to Allows More Housing Near Public Transportation and…
medium · 171 days ago
Not Optional - Europe must attract more talent to startups · 174 days ago
Eric Ries on LinkedIn
linkedin · 196 days ago
annmei · 205 days ago
2018 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards call for entries is now open
inthebooks.800ceoread · 296 days ago
We Don't Wear Capes
kickstarter · 329 days ago
A Non-Profit Lean Startup: The Story of Adopt-a-Pet
startuplessonslearned · 343 days ago
Einstein's 'Spooky Action' Has Just Been Demonstrated on a Massive Scale For The First Time
sciencealert · 371 days ago
The Energy for Transformation
startuplessonslearned · 374 days ago
Artificial Intelligence — The Revolution Hasn’t Happened Yet
medium · 400 days ago
Steve Kerr, the Golden State Warriors, and the Art of Sharing Power
wsj · 384 days ago
We’re Growing The First Round Review Team – First Round – Medium
medium · 387 days ago
An Interview with Steve Ligouri, Serial Innovator
startuplessonslearned · 387 days ago
Agile at Scale
hbr · 393 days ago
Hiringplan - Product Hunt
producthunt · 393 days ago
Andreessen, Costolo Want Wall Street to Adopt a Longer View
bloomberg · 395 days ago
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That $4,000 raise Donald Trump and Paul Ryan promised you was a trickle-down lie
usatoday · 409 days ago
New Power: An Interview with Henry Timms
startuplessonslearned · 413 days ago
How Nasdaq C.E.O. Adena Friedman Beat the Odds on Wall Street
nytimes · 425 days ago
One Order of Operations for Starting a Startup
blog.ycombinator · 430 days ago
How Poisoned Tylenol Became a Crisis-Management Teaching Model
time · 430 days ago
Former Tronc Chairman and Investor Michael Ferro Accused of Inappropriate Advances by Two Women
fortune · 430 days ago
Found/Tonight - Single by Ben Platt & Lin-Manuel Miranda · 431 days ago
After Conor Lamb: Democrats who could steal red districts
salon · 431 days ago
Opinion | I stand with Andrew McCabe
washingtonpost · 432 days ago
Lean Impact : Innovating for Social Good
startuplessonslearned · 433 days ago
An IPO Isn't Just a Way to Raise Money -- It Shows a Company Is Mature and Deserving of Trust
entrepreneur · 437 days ago
“Good” business…made easy? – Carine Carmy – Medium
medium · 442 days ago
Radical Inclusion: What the Post-9/11 World Should Have Taught Us About Leadership: Martin Dempsey, Ori Brafman: 9781939714107: Books
amazon · 444 days ago
Books of the Week
cnn · 444 days ago
The Male Glance | VQR Online
vqronline · 444 days ago
Einstein’s First Proof
newyorker · 445 days ago
The Hamilton Polka - Single by "Weird Al" Yankovic · 447 days ago
The New Rules of Talent Management
hbr · 451 days ago
How 'The Lean Startup' Turned Eric Ries Into a Corporate Guru
fortune · 456 days ago
Why I’m Bullish on Gen Z
collaborativefund · 456 days ago
Click here to support March for Our Lives organized by Cameron Kasky
gofundme · 459 days ago
LeadersIn | Eric Ries Full interview with LeadersIn
leadersin · 462 days ago
Update: I'm joining Andreessen Horowitz! · 463 days ago
How to Make Your Culture More Entrepreneurial
youtube · 463 days ago
Startup Fathers Need to Start Taking Parental Leave
blog.ltse · 463 days ago
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