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BIG by Matt Stoller
mattstoller.substack · 3 days ago
Work Life Ventures raises $5M for debut enterprise SaaS seed fund – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 6 days ago Seatcraft Anthem Home Theater Seating Leather Multimedia Power Recline Sofa with Fold-Down Table, Adjustable Powered Headrests, Storage, AC/USB and Wireless Charging and Cup Holders, Black: Kitchen & Dining
amazon · 15 days ago
Know the difference between data-informed and versus data-driven · 22 days ago
Welcoming Jay-Z and Will Smith to the Hipcamp Community
hipcamp · 34 days ago
Singularity 6
a16z · 34 days ago
Blunder down under: self-driving Aussie cars still being thwarted by kangaroos · 35 days ago
substack · 45 days ago
Netflix and software
ben-evans · 46 days ago
Amazon's Revolutionary Retail Strategy? Recycling Old Ideas
wired · 52 days ago
Camping Business Hipcamp Raises $25M In Series B Funding
forbes · 53 days ago
a16z · 54 days ago
China’s State-Driven Growth Model Is Running Out of Gas
wsj · 60 days ago
Substack Raises Series A, An Interview With Substack Co-Founders Christopher Best and Hamish McKenzie
stratechery · 60 days ago
American kids would much rather be YouTubers than astronauts
arstechnica · 61 days ago
Newsletter platform Substack raises $15.3M round led by a16z – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 62 days ago
Substack - Paid newsletters made simple
substack · 172 days ago
a16z · 62 days ago
The reports of Snapchat’s death have been greatly exaggerated…
medium · 62 days ago
Why did we wait so long for the bicycle?
rootsofprogress · 62 days ago
Alan Turing, Computing Pioneer, Will Be Honored on Britain’s £50 Note
nytimes · 63 days ago
Ramin Djawadi
open.spotify · 63 days ago
“10x engineers”: Stereotypes and research
jasoncrawford · 63 days ago
Scientists Are Giving Dead Brains New Life. What Could Go Wrong?
nytimes · 75 days ago
Momentum Isn't Magic--Vindicating the Hot Hand with the Mathematics of Streaks
scientificamerican · 65 days ago
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Anish Acharya
a16z · 67 days ago
Endling - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 72 days ago
superhuman · 822 days ago
Fourth of July Quiz: Can You Answer the Hardest Citizenship Test Questions?
nytimes · 74 days ago The Attention Merchants: The Epic Scramble to Get Inside Our Heads eBook: Tim Wu: Kindle Store
amazon · 76 days ago Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World eBook: David J. Epstein: Kindle Store
amazon · 76 days ago
On Presentations · 76 days ago
a16z Podcast: Entrepreneurs, Then and Now
a16z · 79 days ago
Would You Pay $30 a Month to Check Your Email?
nytimes · 81 days ago
28 ways to grow supply in a marketplace -- by Lenny Rachitsky, ex-Airbnb · 83 days ago
Early nerd memories ;) · 85 days ago
GRIS on Steam
store.steampowered · 85 days ago
GRIS - Launch Trailer
youtube · 85 days ago
Glitch Alpha Trailer
youtube · 87 days ago
Industry Towns - Where You Start A Company Matters
blog.eladgil · 90 days ago
Navigator: The Teamwork Assistant
medium · 90 days ago
a16z · 90 days ago