Sriram Krishnan
How The Mandalorian teamed up with Fortnite creator Epic Games to create its digital sets
theverge · 4 days ago
Headline vs. Reality
medium · 4 days ago
The Biggest Prize in E-Sports: Talent
nytimes · 5 days ago
How this website works
danromero · 6 days ago
Flying solo: A new generation of VCs are rewriting the Sand Hill Road playbook and anointing themselves general partners of their own funds
businessinsider · 10 days ago
Gokul's SPADE Toolkit · 11 days ago
Types of Truth · 32 days ago
Here Is the Technical Report Suggesting Saudi Arabia’s Prince Hacked Jeff Bezos’s Phone
vice · 33 days ago
In Silicon Valley, some men say cosmetic procedures are essential to a career
washingtonpost · 43 days ago
Sriram Krishnan
sriramk · 74 days ago
The 100 most important gadgets of the decade
theverge · 76 days ago
Airbnb invests as Zeus corporate housing raises $55M at $205M – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 77 days ago
How Watchmen staged the perfect Doctor Manhattan reveal
polygon · 78 days ago
r/programming - John Carmack - Programming Neural Networks on OpenBSD
reddit · 84 days ago
Cyberwar: How Russian Hackers and Trolls Helped Elect a President: What We Don't, Can't, and Do Know - Kindle edition by Kathleen Hall Jamieson. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @
amazon · 118 days ago
役員やVPのポジションに就いて、最初の30日でやるべきこと | Coral Capital · 131 days ago
Negotiation Studies - Negotiating Advice from James Madison | Class Action Countermeasures
classactioncountermeasures · 132 days ago
The FBI Lost Our Son
wsj · 136 days ago
GitHub and US Government developers · 138 days ago
Writing Docs at Amazon
blog.usejournal · 333 days ago
Work Life Ventures raises $5M for debut enterprise SaaS seed fund – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 167 days ago
Kevin Durant’s New Headspace
wsj · 167 days ago
How the World Works
theatlantic · 169 days ago
Microsoft the Musical
youtube · 170 days ago
How 100 Thieves became the Supreme of e-sports
theverge · 172 days ago
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Image from Trump tweet identified as imagery by USA 224, a classified KH-11 ENHANCED CRYSTAL satellite
sattrackcam.blogspot · 175 days ago
Facebook to Test Selling Video Subscriptions
variety · 200 days ago
‘Fast & Furious’ Stars’ Complicated Demand—I Never Want to Lose a Fight
wsj · 206 days ago
Twitter. It's what's happening.
twitter · 1094 days ago
r/AskReddit - What are some recent scientific breakthroughs/discoveries that aren’t getting enough attention?
reddit · 242 days ago
Microsoft bans Slack and discourages AWS and Google Docs use internally
theverge · 247 days ago
Ben Feist | Project Apollo 17
benfeist · 254 days ago
Five Lessons from History
collaborativefund · 271 days ago
‘Fleabag’ Season 2 Is a Revelation
theringer · 266 days ago
Excel for iPhone now lets you take a picture of a spreadsheet and import it
theverge · 271 days ago
In Michael Wolff’s Newest, Everyone—Even Rupert—Thinks Trump Is Crazy
vanityfair · 271 days ago
White House Insider Account Has Feel of an Outside View, and Prompts a Mueller Denial
nytimes · 271 days ago
Tweeter in Chief
careers.twitter · 272 days ago
Zion Williamson will sign sneaker deal 'with whoever pays him the most' · 278 days ago
Helping you find reliable public health information on Twitter
blog.twitter · 285 days ago
Rihanna, Breaking New Ground, Joins With LVMH for Fashion Brand
nytimes · 290 days ago
Bill Hader Breaks Down Last Night's Incredible Episode of ‘Barry’
collider · 299 days ago
‘Barry’: Bill Hader on That Intensely Surreal and Violent Episode
nytimes · 299 days ago
Windows 7 users are still refusing to upgrade to Windows 10
techradar · 299 days ago
The Innovators -
dga · 314 days ago
2018 Letter to Shareholders
blog.aboutamazon · 319 days ago
Making Uncommon Knowledge Common
kwokchain · 321 days ago
What seven years at Airbnb taught me about building a company
medium · 328 days ago
Keeping Up With the Kardashian Cash Flow
nytimes · 330 days ago
Brexit day has come and gone - Marginal REVOLUTION
marginalrevolution · 331 days ago
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