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twitter · 1 day ago
Bella and Gigi Hadid make books the hot new accessory of 2019
nypost · 2 days ago
The Perils of Having an Infamous Name Twin
marieclaire · 2 days ago
github · 4 days ago
What the Hell is Going On?
perell · 5 days ago
Martin Shkreli Steers His Company From Prison—With Contraband Cellphone
wsj · 15 days ago
Which Weird As Hell Tech Founder Are You?
buzzfeednews · 29 days ago
Ctrl-labs raises $28 million from GV and Alexa Fund for neural interfaces
venturebeat · 28 days ago
Seeking the Productive Life: Some Details of My Personal Infrastructure—Stephen Wolfram Blog
blog.stephenwolfram · 29 days ago
Cloud Programming Simplified: A Berkeley View on Serverless Computing - RISE Lab · 39 days ago
Patrick Stewart Says Star Trek Picard Series Is Set Up To Run Three Seasons
trekmovie · 43 days ago
Oyo Enters the U.S. Budget Hotel Market
skift · 45 days ago
How the Super Bowl halftime show gets set up in just six minutes
theverge · 46 days ago
Joe Rogan Experience #1236 - Jack Dorsey
youtube · 49 days ago
Book Review: Zero To One
slatestarcodex · 50 days ago
Epistemic statuses are lazy, and that is a good thing
devonzuegel · 53 days ago
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: The Rolling Stone Interview
rollingstone · 58 days ago
Twitter brings the reverse-chronological feed to Android
theverge · 66 days ago
Machine Learning Engineer - Growth Teams
careers.twitter · 71 days ago
Dilbert Comic Strip on 2001-10-25 | Dilbert by Scott Adams
dilbert · 72 days ago
The 30-Year Mortgage is an Intrinsically Toxic Product
medium · 76 days ago
The Book of Why: The New Science of Cause and Effect 1, Judea Pearl, Dana Mackenzie -
amazon · 90 days ago
The Elephant in the Brain: Hidden Motives in Everyday Life: Kevin Simler, Robin Hanson: 9780190495992: Books
amazon · 90 days ago
How LeBron James Became Stephen Curry
wsj · 92 days ago
Teenagers Performing With Their Idols
kottke · 96 days ago
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GE Powered the American Century—Then It Burned Out
wsj · 97 days ago
boz · 102 days ago
Facebook Gaming Introduced Charity Livestreaming in the U.S. for Giving Tuesday
adweek · 115 days ago
The American Dream Is Alive. In China.
nytimes · 124 days ago
Custom Photo Filters Are the New Instagram Gold Mine
theatlantic · 129 days ago
Why Doctors Hate Their Computers
newyorker · 137 days ago
Valued at $500M, investors say HeadSpin is ‘one of the fastest-scaling software companies’ ever
techcrunch · 143 days ago
China’s Tech Investment Mania Ebbs—For Now
wsj · 145 days ago
'American Vandal' Canceled at Netflix, Will Be Shopped Elsewhere
hollywoodreporter · 147 days ago
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theinformation · 160 days ago
Apple Insiders Say Nobody Internally Knows What’s Going On With Bloomberg’s China Hack Story
buzzfeednews · 168 days ago
Elias gets crushed by Raw live crowd for bringing up SuperSonics leaving Seattle
cagesideseats · 172 days ago
Unlocking global revenue through In-Stream Video Ads
blog.twitter · 172 days ago
Fortnite cross-play on PS4 ushers in a new era of the console wars
theverge · 174 days ago
"Space Jam 2" Is Officially Happening And People Are Here For It
buzzfeednews · 184 days ago
KD, McCollum trade barbs over 'soft' remark
espn · 187 days ago
github · 193 days ago
Two Years Ago, India Lacked Fast, Cheap Internet—One Billionaire Changed All That
wsj · 198 days ago
It's Story Time | By Joel Embiid
theplayerstribune · 203 days ago
Sources: NBA lifts color restrictions on sneakers
espn · 206 days ago
What’s the Second Job of a Startup CEO?
blog.ycombinator · 220 days ago
Patrick Stewart to Reprise 'Star Trek' Role in New CBS All Access Series
hollywoodreporter · 230 days ago
How LeBron James’ new public school really is the first of its kind
sbnation · 231 days ago
Setting the record straight on shadow banning
blog.twitter · 239 days ago
Ditching Cognitive Overhead to Build Better Products | David Lieb
youtube · 242 days ago
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