Ben Horowitz
Andreessen Horowitz cofounder Ben Horowitz gives us his reading list
fastcompany · 10 hours ago
The Hustler's Guide to Taking Care of Old Folks - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 6 days ago
Oktane20 Live Keynote - Morning Day 1
okta · 7 days ago
The Hustler's Guide to Nursing Jobs - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 8 days ago
Traits of Great Entrepreneurs, Kimchi Problems, and Optimizing Company Culture - Ben Horowitz on The Moment with Brian Koppelman • Podcast Notes
podcastnotes · 34 days ago
ELLE's Women in Tech: The 2020 Power List
elle · 47 days ago
‎Conversations with Tyler: Shaka Senghor on Incarceration, Identity, and the Gift of Literacy on Apple Podcasts · 41 days ago
Drake Announces Partnership With Caffeine to Bring Battle Rap to Streaming Platform
complex · 56 days ago
Behind Streaming Upstart Caffeine’s Plan To Take On Twitch: Draft Drake
forbes · 56 days ago
‎RISE podcast: 130: How to Stop Caring What Others Think with Ben Horowitz on Apple Podcasts · 77 days ago
Nobody Cares - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 79 days ago
Investing in WorkBoard
a16z · 82 days ago
dallasinstitute · 83 days ago
a16z Podcast: The Stories and Code of Culture Change - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 95 days ago
The Journey from 0 to 1, from Mosaic to Netscape - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 110 days ago
Shonda Rhimes on How to Create Stories (and Products) People Want - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 112 days ago
Kristina Shen - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 113 days ago
‎a16z Podcast: The Stories and Code of Culture Change on Apple Podcasts · 116 days ago
What and How I read in 2019
linkedin · 114 days ago
Why You Should Be Optimistic About the Future
youtube · 117 days ago
‎Masters in Business: Ben Horowitz Discusses Culture and Success on Apple Podcasts · 122 days ago
GV spinout Plexo Capital closes $42.5 million fund – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 124 days ago
The California DMV Is Making $50M a Year Selling Drivers’ Personal Information
vice · 134 days ago
Profiled: Genesis Mining CEO Marco Streng · 141 days ago
The cofounder of legendary VC firm Andreessen Horowitz on what almost killed Uber, what really led to WeWork's downfall, and what happened after he passed on Airbnb
businessinsider · 143 days ago
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This former Apple designer is taking on Amazon’s Twitch with $146 million and Fox’s backing
fastcompany · 145 days ago
Bernard J. Tyson - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 146 days ago
‎CBS This Morning: Tech investor Ben Horowitz on how to foster healthy corporate culture on Apple Podcasts · 153 days ago
Philip Joubert's review of What You Do Is Who You Are
goodreads · 153 days ago
How do you create company culture? VC Ben Horowitz says it starts from day one
fastcompany · 154 days ago
How a Prison Toothbrush Led to This Famed VC's Company Culture Epiphany
inc · 154 days ago
Ben Horowitz Speaks On Breaking Into Tech Early, Advice To Kanye West + His New Book
youtube · 154 days ago
‎Recode Decode: Andreessen Horowitz founder Ben Horowitz on what startups can learn from samurai on Apple Podcasts · 159 days ago
Venture Capitalist Ben Horowitz Believes You Must Look to History For the Secrets to Great Company Culture
inc · 159 days ago
#392: Ben Horowitz — What You Do Is Who You Are >> Lessons from Silicon Valley, Andy Grove, Genghis Khan, Slave Revolutions, and More - The Tim Ferriss Show · 159 days ago
Ben Horowitz | What You Do Is Who You Are - Jordan Harbinger
jordanharbinger · 160 days ago
Your Mission Statement Is Not Your Company Culture
marker.medium · 160 days ago
What This Legendary VC Says You Can Learn About Company Culture From the Samurai and Genghis Khan
inc · 161 days ago
20VC: a16z's Ben Horowitz on How To Create An Environment of Trust with Founders, How and Why Creating Shocking Rules Is So Impactful To Culture & What The Samurai, Shaka Senghor and Toussaint Teach Us About Company Culture Building - The Twenty Minute VC
thetwentyminutevc · 162 days ago
Tech investor Ben Horowitz on how healthy culture helps companies thrive
cbsnews · 162 days ago
What A Prison Gang Leader Taught Ben Horowitz About Running A Business
forbes · 162 days ago
Why VC Ben Horowitz chose such unconventional subjects for his new book on business cultures
fastcompany · 162 days ago
What You Do Is Who You Are – AVC
avc · 162 days ago
VC Ben Horowitz on WeWork, Uber, and one cultural value his employees can’t break – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 163 days ago
#392: Ben Horowitz — What You Do Is Who You Are Lessons from Silicon Valley, Andy Grove, Genghis Khan, Slave Revolutions, and More · 166 days ago
A New Data Analytics Company From A Boisterous Stanford Professor Comes Out Of Stealth With $52.5 Million In Fresh Funding
forbes · 174 days ago
Which Way Do You Run? - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 173 days ago
Sisu - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 174 days ago
A VC Fund Backed By Kevin Durant And Diddy Will Donate Its Profits To 11 Charities Improving Diversity In Tech
forbes · 179 days ago
What You Do Is Who You Are - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 180 days ago
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