Jake Knapp
The 7 things I learned when I used Design Sprint methods to help my kids plan for my wife’s…
sprintstories · 820 days ago
itoday Summit
summit.itoday.ch · 1143 days ago
I'm going all in with the Turn Texas Blue Fund! You should too:
secure.actblue · 1211 days ago
Mark Zuckerberg is on the wrong side of history
fastcompany · 1207 days ago
Help with a remote design sprint guide? Plus personal notes from Seattle
getrevue.co · 1284 days ago
The Pessimist's Design Sprint β€” Brandon Oxendine
brandonoxendine · 1324 days ago
New online course and three cool links
getrevue.co · 1345 days ago
Remote design sprint story PLUS workshops in Las Vegas and Boston
getrevue.co · 1402 days ago
Research Questions Are Not Interview Questions – Mule Design Studio – Medium
medium · 1723 days ago
Working for a Company vs. Working for Yourself – The Cooper Review – Medium
medium · 1810 days ago
World's best marketing (plus workshops next week in Vancouver and Seattle!)
getrevue.co · 1453 days ago
Workshops β€” Jake Knapp
jakeknapp · 1465 days ago
Three excellent, off-the-radar books
getrevue.co · 1473 days ago
5 articles to convince leaders that design and usability matter
medium · 1479 days ago
Design sprints: Answers to common questions
getrevue.co · 1494 days ago
Advice for new designers
medium · 1495 days ago
Advice for new designers
getrevue.co · 1520 days ago
Xbox design sprint, etc
getrevue.co · 1557 days ago
9 Reasons Why We Start Projects with Design Sprints
medium · 1583 days ago
How a designer builds a startup
getrevue.co · 1584 days ago
How a designer builds a startup
medium · 1584 days ago
The former lead designer of Gmail just fixed Gmail on his own
fastcompany · 1618 days ago
Check out this awesome Gmail redesign (and you can use it!)
getrevue.co · 1620 days ago
Three cool books and three cool links (+ workshop in Paris)
getrevue.co · 1631 days ago
Design Sprints for Kids: Unlocking the next generation’s creativity
sprintstories · 1663 days ago
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New prototyping tools, case studies, and more
getrevue.co · 1668 days ago
As a Designer, I Refuse to Call People β€˜Users’ – User Friendly – Medium
medium · 1688 days ago
How to build a simple UX lab anywhere – Michael Margolis – Medium
medium · 1688 days ago
Design Sprint Workshop with Jake Knapp
ru.is · 1693 days ago
Podcasts + startups + Spotify = Crazy newsletter!
getrevue.co · 1694 days ago
How I Ran Complete, Modified and Deconstructed Design Sprints
medium · 1711 days ago
The amazing "Note-n-map" sprint hack
getrevue.co · 1745 days ago
When Success Brings You Loneliness – Member Feature Stories – Medium
medium · 1761 days ago
Six Years With a Distraction-Free iPhone – Jake Knapp – Medium
medium · 1767 days ago
Books are cheap: Save $5 on $20 of books at Amazon (US)
getrevue.co · 1771 days ago
Don’t do a design sprint. UnlessΒ .Β .Β . – Clear(left) Thinking – Medium
medium · 1794 days ago
Get better data from user studies: 16 interviewing tips
library.gv · 1794 days ago
Design Sprint Masterclass, live Q&A, and a robot installing drywall
getrevue.co · 1803 days ago
Google Pixel 3 Review: Honest Impressions from a UX Designer
uxdesign.cc · 1813 days ago
A Bittersweet Farewell to Virgin America – Luke Knapp – Medium
medium · 1815 days ago
MAKE TIME BOOK SUMMARY - How to focus on what matters everyday
youtube · 1817 days ago
The Perfect Workspace Is All In Your Head – Time Dorks – Medium
medium · 1823 days ago
New book on sale! Plus Uber rebrand, enterprise sprint handbook, and more
getrevue.co · 1828 days ago
Make Time - Product Hunt
producthunt · 1830 days ago
Design Sprints with Jake Knapp
designsprintssept2018.splashthat · 1834 days ago
How to Make Time for In-Between Sized Projects – Member Feature Stories – Medium
medium · 1836 days ago
Make Time: How to Focus on What Matters Every Day by Sprint Author Jake Knapp
eventbrite · 1837 days ago
When Time Management Advice Is Worth Your Time β€” and When It Isn’t
hbr · 1838 days ago
The Make Time Bonus Pack: Buy the new book, get cool stuff
getrevue.co · 1838 days ago
XS or Xs or XS Max or Xs Max or XR or Xr – 500ish Words
500ish · 1841 days ago
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