Rasmus Andersson
Chief Of Staff for Ruchi Sanghvi
medium · 2 days ago
Experimental Poster Designs: Zero Posters Vol.1
abduzeedo · 2 days ago
Wandering the quiet digital halls of Habbo Hotel
engadget · 4 days ago
Rasmus Andersson on Instagram: “Can’t believe it’s been six years already since I worked with these three gentlemen to build GraphQL.”
instagram · 13 days ago
Monospaced version · Issue #128 · rsms/inter
github · 30 days ago
Redesigning Design
medium · 39 days ago
947885 - Font glyphs rendered with blurry and "ink bleed" like appearance, compared to other web browsers and apps - chromium - Monorail
bugs.chromium · 53 days ago
947880 - Incorrect glyph positioning and faux-bold effect of text set in variable font - chromium - Monorail
bugs.chromium · 53 days ago
Appl Still Hasn’t Fixd Its MacBook Kyboad Problm
wsj · 58 days ago
Snøhetta designs Europe's first underwater restaurant in Norway
itsnicethat · 61 days ago
Kurppa Hosk rebrands Google’s music production platform Soundation
itsnicethat · 70 days ago
Munich '72. The Visual Output of Otl Aicher's Dept. XI
kickstarter · 71 days ago
Consumers and Innovators Win on a Level Playing Field — Spotify
newsroom.spotify · 72 days ago
The World Wide Web: The Invention That Connected The World - Google Arts & Culture
artsandculture.google · 73 days ago
Hypercard : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
archive · 73 days ago
A Product Manager’s Job
medium · 73 days ago
Julie Zhuo's answer to What are the differences between a product designer, a UX designer, and a product manager? - Quora
quora · 73 days ago
vipercard · 422 days ago
HyperCard - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 76 days ago
BU Engineers Develop New Acoustic Metamaterial and Noise Cancellation Device
bu.edu · 76 days ago
searchsystem.co · 84 days ago
How do you preserve art when it was made for people using Netscape Navigator on Windows 98?
recode · 84 days ago
r/space - I took nearly 50,000 images of the night sky to make an 81 Megapixel image of Tuesday's moon. Uncompressed image linked in the comments. [OC]
reddit · 92 days ago
Maybe Redesign Public Transportation Yourself?
subtraction · 99 days ago
Captain Marvel
marvel · 104 days ago
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The Curious Case of Convexity Confusion
googleprojectzero.blogspot · 107 days ago
How sex censorship killed the internet we love
engadget · 110 days ago
How to Hack an Expensive Camera and Not Get Killed by Your Wife
alexhude.github.io · 113 days ago
Why isn't the internet more fun and weird?
jarredsumner · 114 days ago
Spotify for iPhone preview
youtube · 116 days ago
Microsoft’s fonts catch out another fraudster—this time in Canada
arstechnica · 128 days ago
The Treasure Behind the Wall
nytimes · 122 days ago
The internet, but not as we know it: life online in China, Russia, Cuba and India
theguardian · 131 days ago
F-4 Phantom II Ejection Seat III
boeingstore · 131 days ago
github · 150 days ago
EarthBound - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 155 days ago
The Mysterious Object in the California Sky? Likely a Meteor
nbcbayarea · 155 days ago
F You Money, & Don’t Release Your First Font | OH no Type Company
ohnotype.co · 160 days ago
Electron and the Decline of Native Apps
daringfireball · 167 days ago
Solid shifter
codepen.io · 164 days ago
Cats On Synthesizers In Space (@catsonsynthesizersinspace) • Instagram photos and videos
instagram · 170 days ago
The Mystery Font That Took Over New York
nytimes · 183 days ago
Leave no dark corner - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
abc.net.au · 219 days ago
Nesting Components in Figma | CSS-Tricks
css-tricks · 175 days ago
Spectrum is joining GitHub! · Spectrum Support
spectrum.chat · 175 days ago
Clever Wooden Bookends Mimic Tokyo’s Narrow Back Alleys Lit Up at Night
mymodernmet · 175 days ago
Scroll through 125 years of typographic styles in Battersea Arts Centre's poster archive
itsnicethat · 175 days ago
Open Source is Not About You
gist.github · 178 days ago
Leander Lenzing – Digital Product Design
leanderlenzing · 180 days ago
github · 188 days ago
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