Cap Watkins
Interview: Jessica Harllee – Etsy
interfacelovers · 4 days ago
Cap Watkins on Instagram: “A little birthday morning climb.”
instagram · 10 days ago
Cap Watkins on Instagram: “This is 35. 🎂”
instagram · 10 days ago
Mark Zuckerberg Says Facebook Will Build A “Privacy-Focused” Communications Platform
buzzfeednews · 16 days ago
We've Been to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and Life Will Never Be the Same
io9.gizmodo · 22 days ago
Style all links globally that do not have a class · 22 days ago
Which Weird As Hell Tech Founder Are You?
buzzfeednews · 29 days ago
The Pillars of Management – Cap Watkins – Medium
medium · 46 days ago Evoluent VM4R VerticalMouse 4 Right Hand Ergonomic Mouse with Wired USB Connection (Regular Size): Computers & Accessories
amazon · 50 days ago
Please, Don’t Ask Your Barista About Howard Schultz
thecut · 50 days ago
Helen Tran (@tranhelen) • Instagram photos and videos
instagram · 71 days ago
Pricing · Plans for every developer
github · 74 days ago
Cap Watkins on Instagram: “11 years ago today, I picked this dude up from the pound in San Francisco and drove him to my studio in Fruitvale. He’s been my best bud…”
instagram · 88 days ago
Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac OS X · 90 days ago
5 Morning Rituals to Boost Your Productivity
inc · 641 days ago
8: The cost of making art · 103 days ago
Know Your Team
knowyourteam · 108 days ago
Patagonia’s CEO is donating company’s entire $10M Trump tax cut to fight climate change.
upworthy · 114 days ago
I hate manager READMEs – Camille Fournier – Medium
medium · 121 days ago
Your Office Doesn’t Have Nap Time Because You Are Not a Child
nytimes · 134 days ago
Apple iPad Pro review 2018: the fastest iPad is still an iPad
theverge · 137 days ago
Rockstar has been “working 100-hour weeks” on Red Dead Redemption 2 · 158 days ago
The Downside – Cap Watkins – Medium
medium · 192 days ago
How Hevesh5 Builds Amazing Domino Chain Reactions | WIRED
youtube · 193 days ago
Opinion | I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration
nytimes · 198 days ago
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Leaders, stop being so nice all the time. – Signal v. Noise
m.signalvnoise · 214 days ago
Elora's Store | Society6
society6 · 220 days ago
BuzzFeed News
buzzfeednews · 247 days ago
simple · 270 days ago
Leaving BuzzFeed – Cap Watkins – Medium
medium · 290 days ago
The Texas Lt. Governor Blamed "Too Many Entrances" At Schools After The Deadly High School Shooting
buzzfeed · 308 days ago
The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age: Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha, Chris Yeh: 9781625275776: Books
amazon · 527 days ago
Drug Use Has Exploded Into Open View In San Francisco. City Officials Are Calling It A Crisis
buzzfeed · 317 days ago
Made by Few – Oct. 25-27 – Little Rock, Arkansas
madebyfew · 332 days ago
Autosuggest Ranking – Related Works – Medium
medium · 338 days ago
This Is Your Life
oxfordamerican · 348 days ago
Here are the internal Facebook posts of employees discussing today’s leaked memo
theverge · 357 days ago
Facebook Executive In 2016: “Maybe Someone Dies In A Terrorist Attack Coordinated On Our Tools”
buzzfeed · 358 days ago
Up Next · 366 days ago
Two Questions • Cap Watkins
blog.capwatkins · 372 days ago
Ruthless Prioritization – The Black Box of Product Management
blackboxofpm · 373 days ago
Check Out These 7 Charts In BuzzFeed Tech's 2018 Diversity Update
buzzfeed · 375 days ago
A Review Process • Cap Watkins
blog.capwatkins · 379 days ago
How to keep media keys fixed to iTunes with macOS High Sierra
9to5mac · 386 days ago
Every Member of Congress Who Took Money From the NRA and Tweeted 'Thoughts and Prayers' to Parkland
splinternews · 399 days ago
LX 2018 – Leading Experience
lxconference · 402 days ago
Inside Facebook's Two Years of Hell
wired · 403 days ago
Solo: A Star Wars Story "Big Game" TV Spot (:45)
youtube · 411 days ago
BuzzFeed's README Template
gist.github · 420 days ago
Be BuzzFeed’s Product Design Intern This Summer! – BuzzFeed Design – Medium
medium · 421 days ago
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