Michael Sippey
As Cameras Track Detroit’s Residents, a Debate Ensues Over Racial Bias
nytimes · 7 days ago
How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy: Jenny Odell: 9781612197494: Amazon.com: Books
amazon · 11 days ago
Taylor Swift
taylorswift.tumblr · 15 days ago
Here Is of the Most Honest Sentences in Food Writing I Have Ever Read
heated.medium · 17 days ago
Catfished by Jacob Wohl
gen.medium · 17 days ago
The FDA Is About to Crack Down on Shady CBD Products
elemental.medium · 17 days ago
Development Cadence - megan quinn - Medium
medium · 21 days ago
Lyme Disease Cases Are Exploding. And It’s Only Going to Get Worse.
elemental.medium · 22 days ago
Jared Kushner Was My Boss
gen.medium · 25 days ago
Facial Recognition Has a Blind Spot
zora.medium · 25 days ago
Gen X Is Having a (Very Gen X) Moment
gen.medium · 31 days ago
All I Want
open.spotify · 32 days ago
Spotify mimics the radio with a news and music playlist for drivers
theverge · 33 days ago
SwiftUI and Catalyst: Apple executes its invisible transition strategy
macworld · 34 days ago
gen.medium · 34 days ago
Amanda Knox: “Your Content, My Life”
gen.medium · 34 days ago
MD125, by Radiohead
radiohead.bandcamp · 34 days ago
zora.medium · 36 days ago
Neither wind nor Roger Federer could beat the King of Clay
espn · 39 days ago
Apple is building a major defense against spam calls into iOS 13
theverge · 42 days ago
Every HBO Show, Ranked
vulture · 44 days ago
Elton John: 'They wanted to tone down the sex and drugs. But I haven’t led a PG-13 life'
theguardian · 48 days ago
‘Wow, What Is That?’ Navy Pilots Report Unexplained Flying Objects
nytimes · 50 days ago
Make Me Think: Friction as a Function in User Experience
modus.medium · 59 days ago
Why I (Still) Love Tech: In Defense of a Difficult Industry
wired · 63 days ago
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A Closer Look at Euron Greyjoy’s Big, Big Gun
slate · 68 days ago
Rick and Morty Had the Most Savage Game of Thrones Burn Last Night
vulture · 75 days ago
Steve Kerr is troll flopping, the Rockets are lobbying and...
theathletic · 78 days ago
The Dawn of the Reliance Economy
onezero.medium · 78 days ago
Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey to Hold Closed-Door Meeting With President Trump
motherboard.vice · 84 days ago
IN MICE, explained
medium · 89 days ago
open.spotify · 89 days ago
How Berkeley Became America’s First Sanctuary City
thebolditalic · 90 days ago
Lionel Messi’s Goals Go Viral Like No Other Player’s
medium · 90 days ago
Beyond Prime: Inside the Race to Deliver Packages to the Moon
onezero.medium · 90 days ago
Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire
cnbc · 92 days ago
What Will Happen in Season Eight of Game of Thrones, a List
medium · 93 days ago
Trump Urged Homeland Security Official to Close Border Despite an Earlier Promise of a Delay
nytimes · 94 days ago
What if the End of Game of Thrones Is Terrible?
onezero.medium · 95 days ago
github · 95 days ago
Your Health and Wellness Are Elemental
elemental.medium · 97 days ago
The Machine Behind Twitter’s Strangest Promoted Tweets
onezero.medium · 103 days ago
Twitter: A Love Story
medium · 108 days ago
Emily Wilson on Translations and Language (Ep. 63)
medium · 110 days ago
Hateful Fox News Rhetoric Can Do Real-World Harm
medium · 111 days ago
An Artist’s Archeology of the Mind
newyorker · 114 days ago
Meet the ‘Hillbilly Lawyer’ Fighting to Take Down Big Pharma
onezero.medium · 117 days ago
The death penalty
medium · 118 days ago
Google Just Showed Us the Future of Gaming
onezero.medium · 118 days ago
Why We Fake College Applications and Facebook Profiles
nymag · 119 days ago
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