Michael Sippey
Mike Birbiglia: The New One | Netflix Official Site
netflix · 1 day ago
Sign O' The Times (Super Deluxe)
open.spotify · 1 day ago
Free Love
open.spotify · 2 days ago
It's Jenny Holzer's World
harpersbazaar · 6 days ago
Face Masks
casupo.co · 6 days ago
My Statement on the Passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
obama.medium · 8 days ago
I donated to Get Mitch or Die Trying.
secure.actblue · 8 days ago
With RBG’s Passing, We’ve Lost Our Small Giant
gen.medium · 8 days ago
USB-C Was Supposed to Simplify Our Lives. Instead, It’s a Total Mess.
onezero.medium · 13 days ago
Works of Fine Art (feat. The Simpsons)
kottke · 16 days ago
On Witness and Respair: A Personal Tragedy Followed by Pandemic
vanityfair · 25 days ago
Svenska IKEA kataloger | IKEA Museum
ikeamuseum · 43 days ago
schjeldahl’s peeled eyes
medium · 33 days ago
The Lesson Americans Never Learn
theatlantic · 36 days ago
A New Medium on Mobile
blog.medium · 37 days ago
Introducing the “Kottke Ride Home” Podcast
kottke · 38 days ago
Biden Victory Fund
secure.joebiden · 38 days ago
Katharine Hepburn as Joan Of Arc in Technicolor Screen Test (1934) | MoMA FILM VAULT SUMMER CAMP
youtube · 43 days ago
Fortnite devs inadvertently prove cross-console play is possible [Updated]
arstechnica · 43 days ago
Donald Trump Would Rather Burn the Whole Country Down Than Lose
gen.medium · 43 days ago
The 5 Least Subtle Dog-Whistles About Kamala Harris, Ranked
level.medium · 44 days ago
Fact-Checking President Trump’s “Historic Coronavirus Response” Brief
coronavirus.medium · 45 days ago
TikTok and Microsoft’s Clock
500ish · 55 days ago
mimestream · 58 days ago
Barack Obama
obama.medium · 58 days ago
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gut punch
theobvious · 58 days ago
The CS you won’t learn in school
medium · 60 days ago
Pop Culture Mondays/7.27.20
medium · 62 days ago
Charlie Kaufman Is Sorry, He’s a Bit Distracted
nytimes · 70 days ago
My Statement on the Passing of Rep. John Lewis
medium · 71 days ago
How KRS-One’s ‘Sound of Da Police’ Went From Anti-Cop Anthem to Theme Song and Back Again
level.medium · 72 days ago
Bright Comet NEOWISE Captured Shooting Above Mount Hood by Photographer Lester Tsai
thisiscolossal · 73 days ago
Beyond the Milky Way, a Galactic Wall
nytimes · 77 days ago
School as We Knew It is Over. What Comes Next?
medium · 82 days ago
Theories of Time
medium · 82 days ago
Conflict Culture is making social Unsocial
om.co · 83 days ago
Dark | Netflix Official Site
netflix · 93 days ago
UTOPIA AVENUE | Kirkus Reviews
kirkusreviews · 91 days ago
Hulu Orders Adaption of ‘Conversations with Friends’ from Team Behind ‘Normal People’
indiewire · 91 days ago
Thoughts on WWDC 2020 Day One
sixcolors · 96 days ago
Our Lives Happen in Restaurants
nytimes · 101 days ago
First American Woman to Walk in Space Reaches Deepest Spot in the Ocean
nytimes · 110 days ago
Episcopal bishop on President Trump: ‘Everything he has said and done is to inflame violence’
washingtonpost · 117 days ago
Our Most Solemn Obligation: Win in November | Crooked Media
crooked · 117 days ago
Maintaining Professionalism In The Age of Black Death Is….A Lot
medium · 118 days ago
For cops who kill, special Supreme Court protection
reuters · 118 days ago
Split a donation with these community bail funds
secure.actblue · 119 days ago
Police Erupt in Violence Nationwide
slate · 119 days ago
America Returns to Its Violent Normal
gen.medium · 120 days ago
George Floyd’s Murder: Hitting the Streets of Oakland and Wanting a World Worth Fighting For — APTP
antipoliceterrorproject · 120 days ago
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