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Episode 169 — Family-Friendly Disney | Exponent · 1 day ago
Apple-Qualcomm Follow-up, The PS5, Jeff Bezos’ Letter to Shareholders
stratechery · 2 days ago
Apple Settles With Qualcomm, Intel Exits Modems, Apple’s Miscalculation
stratechery · 3 days ago
Disney and the Value of the Consumer Relationship, Disney’s Consolidation of Hulu, Comcast and AT&T
stratechery · 4 days ago
Disney and the Future of TV
stratechery · 5 days ago
Episode 168 — A Community of Loonies | Exponent · 8 days ago
The Uber Dilemma
stratechery · 614 days ago
Alexa’s Human Listeners, New Questions, Disney’s Presentation
stratechery · 9 days ago
Google Cloud Next, Athnos, Google Cloud and Open Source
stratechery · 10 days ago
A Regulatory Framework for the Internet
stratechery · 11 days ago
The Snap Partner Summit, Snap’s Announcements, Vision Versus Execution
stratechery · 12 days ago
Episode 167 — YouTube and the End of Friction | Exponent · 15 days ago
YouTube and Toxic Videos, YouTube’s Problematic Incentives, Sins of Omission and Commission
stratechery · 17 days ago
Mark Zuckerberg’s Proposal, The Copyright Directive and Sunk Costs, You Say You Want Some Regulation
stratechery · 18 days ago
Google Fined by the EU, Contracts and the Android Decision, Custom Search and the Shopping Decision
stratechery · 23 days ago
Apple Event Follow-up, Apple’s Hardware Announcements, Google Stadia
stratechery · 24 days ago
Apple’s Services Event
stratechery · 25 days ago
Pinterest S-1, Zoom S-1, The Enterprise-Consumer Flip-Flop
stratechery · 26 days ago
Episode 166 — Fence-building vs. Axe-wielding | Exponent · 36 days ago
Spotify Files Antitrust Complaint Against Apple, Spotify and Warren, More Amazon Marketplace Changes
stratechery · 37 days ago
Where Warren’s Wrong Follow-up, Amazon’s Price Parity Provision, The Amazon Marketplace Question
stratechery · 38 days ago
Where Warren’s Wrong
stratechery · 39 days ago
Airbnb Acquires HotelTonight, Supply Versus Demand, The HotelTonight Proposition
stratechery · 40 days ago
Episode 165 — Mark Zuckerberg’s Projected Self | Exponent · 43 days ago
Airbnb Raising Money, Airbnb and Hotels?, Airbnb Sues San Francisco
stratechery · 44 days ago
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Facebook’s Privacy Cake
stratechery · 44 days ago
Zillow Changes CEOs, An Interview with Zillow CEO Rich Barton
stratechery · 45 days ago
Lyft’s S-1, Demand > Supply, Lyft Concerns
stratechery · 46 days ago
Changes at HBO, AT&T’s Strategic Rationale, HBO’s Differentiation
stratechery · 47 days ago
Episode 164 — Valuing Value Chains | Exponent · 50 days ago
Box’s Earnings, Box’s Microsoft Problem, Dropbox’s Earnings
stratechery · 51 days ago
The AWS Question, Facebook and Unity, HoloLens 2
stratechery · 52 days ago
The Value Chain Constraint
stratechery · 53 days ago
Walmart’s Earnings, Walmart’s Grocery Business, Amazon’s Grocery Stumbles
stratechery · 54 days ago
Lego domino row building machine
youtube · 55 days ago
Nest’s Secret Microphone, YouTube and the Pollyanish Assumption — Again, Pinterest and Anti-Vaxxers
stratechery · 58 days ago
An Update on the Battle for the Home, Apple’s Strategy Credit — and Tax, The Data Strategy Credit
stratechery · 59 days ago
Amazon Abandons New York, The Upside of Amazon’s Decision, Waymo and Disruption
stratechery · 60 days ago
Exponent 163 — Publishers vs Apple News | Exponent · 64 days ago
The Cost of Apple News
stratechery · 66 days ago
Amazon Acquires Eero, Owning the Home, Amazon’s Earnings
stratechery · 67 days ago
Spotify and Podcasts Follow-up, Apple and Podcasts, Luminary and Himalaya
stratechery · 68 days ago
Exponent 162 — Why Exponent Isn’t on Spotify | Exponent · 71 days ago
Spotify’s Podcast Aggregation Play
stratechery · 72 days ago
Google “Other Bets” Follow-up, Angela Ahrendts Out at Apple, Microsoft’s Earnings
stratechery · 73 days ago
Google Earnings, Other Bets Compensation, 30% and Smartphone Competition
stratechery · 74 days ago
Episode 161 — Vigilante Justice | Exponent · 78 days ago
Facebook Versus Apple: Background, Facebook Versus Apple: Fallout, Facebook’s Earnings
stratechery · 79 days ago
Apple Earnings, Apple the Services Company (for Real!)
stratechery · 80 days ago
BuzzFeed Followup, The Future is Niche, Atlassian and Bing
stratechery · 81 days ago
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