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Apple Pulls Hong Kong App, Tim Cook’s Memo, Honesty and Control
stratechery · 2 hours ago
r/HongKong - List of companies under China's censorship orders (so far). Credit to u/lebe
reddit · 11 hours ago
Can Steve Kerr and the NBA do better on China?
theathletic · 21 hours ago
China Cultural Clash Follow-Up, Disney and Blizzard, Choosing Customers
stratechery · 5 days ago
The China Cultural Clash
stratechery · 5 days ago
Episode 174 — Distracted at Facebook | Exponent · 8 days ago
Microsoft’s Surface Event, Victors and History, Microsoft’s Hardware Prospects
stratechery · 11 days ago
Facebook’s All-Hands Leak, Facebook Versus Warren, Zuckerberg’s Culture
stratechery · 11 days ago
How to watch Microsoft’s 2019 Surface event
theverge · 11 days ago
Beachheads and Obstacles
stratechery · 12 days ago
Child Sexual Abuse Material Online, The Problem With Community, Towards More Friction
stratechery · 13 days ago TP-Link N300 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router - WiFi Bridge/Range Extender/Access Point/Client Modes, Mobile in Pocket(TL-WR802N): Garden & Outdoor
amazon · 16 days ago
Neither and New Follow-Up, Adam Neumann Forced Out, Peloton IPOs
stratechery · 18 days ago
Neither, and New: Lessons from Uber and Vision Fund
stratechery · 18 days ago
Facebook Acquires CTRL-Labs, Acquisitions and Value, The Portal and Facebook’s Reputation
stratechery · 20 days ago
Episode 173 — The Exponent IPO | Exponent · 23 days ago
Peacock and Flex, Seinfeld to Netflix, Big Bang Theory and HBO
stratechery · 25 days ago
WeWork Delays IPO, DataDog Prices IPO, SoftBank and Going Big
stratechery · 26 days ago
Day Two to One Day
stratechery · 27 days ago
AB 5, Uber, and the Gig Economy; The ABC Test; What Comes Next
stratechery · 28 days ago
The Apple Watch Tells Time, Additional Observations on Apple’s Event, Revisiting App Store Search
stratechery · 32 days ago
Pagers, Pay Phones, and Dialup: How We Communicated on 9/11
wired · 32 days ago
The iPhone and Apple’s Services Strategy
stratechery · 33 days ago
Stripe Corporate Card: The corporate card for fast-growing businesses
stripe · 33 days ago
App Store Search, WeWork to Shelve IPO?, The Vision Fund Wobbles
stratechery · 34 days ago
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Apple Versus Project Zero, Apple’s Poor Response, The China Paradox
stratechery · 35 days ago
Slack’s Earnings, Slack’s Sales Cycle, The FTC Fines YouTube
stratechery · 38 days ago
The Best Laser Printer for 2019
thewirecutter · 39 days ago
Tech Companies and Hardware, The Cost of Low Margins
stratechery · 40 days ago
What Is a Tech Company?
stratechery · 40 days ago
Apple Updates Siri Policy, The Missed Middle Way, Alexa and Automobiles
stratechery · 46 days ago
Former chief security officer of Facebook Alex Stamos — The Vergecast — Overcast
theverge · 46 days ago
Privacy Fundamentalism Follow-up, Peloton’s S-1, Peloton and Disruption
stratechery · 47 days ago
Privacy Fundamentalism
stratechery · 47 days ago
Trump Orders Companies to Look for China Alternative, Apple’s Chokepoint, The Potential Tariff Impact
stratechery · 49 days ago
Apple Card Launches, Without a Website; Revisiting Stratechery: If Steve Ballmer Ran Apple
stratechery · 53 days ago
Why WeWork Isn’t AWS and the CEO Problem, Cloudflare’s S-1, Contrasting S-1s
stratechery · 54 days ago
The WeWork IPO
stratechery · 54 days ago
Verizon Sells Tumblr to Automattic, What Went Wrong?, Tumblr’s Future
stratechery · 55 days ago
Disney’s Bundle, Huawei’s HarmonyOS, Uber’s Earnings
stratechery · 66 days ago
Why Cloudflare Matters, The Absence of Gatekeepers, Promotion Versus Moderation
stratechery · 67 days ago
A Framework for Moderation
stratechery · 68 days ago
8chan and El Paso, Cloudflare Drops 8chan, An Interview with Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince
stratechery · 70 days ago
The Athletic Reaches 500,000 Subscribers, Brute-Forcing the Bundle, Local Bundles
stratechery · 73 days ago
Revisiting Google’s Cloud Numbers, Apple’s Earnings, Additional Notes on Apple’s Earnings
stratechery · 74 days ago
Uber Layoffs, T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Approved, Additional Notes on the Merger
stratechery · 76 days ago
Google’s Earnings, Amazon’s Earnings
stratechery · 76 days ago
Facebook’s FTC Settlement, Assigning Blame, Facebook’s Earnings
stratechery · 81 days ago
Snap Earnings, Notes and Concerns, DoorDash and Tipping
stratechery · 82 days ago
Tinder Bypasses Google Play Payments, App Store Fees and Differences, Apple Entering Modem Business?
stratechery · 83 days ago
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