Ben Thompson
Elon Musk Left a South Africa That Was Rife With Misinformation and White Privilege
nytimes · 272 days ago
Francis Ford Coppola’s $100 Million Bet
gq · 346 days ago
Me Too! · 352 days ago
Apple Confirms macOS 12.3 Deprecates Kernel Extensions Used by Dropbox and OneDrive
macrumors · 370 days ago
Inside Tim Cook’s Secret $275 Billion Deal with Chinese Authorities
theinformation · 421 days ago
Alternative rocket builder SpinLaunch completes first test flight
cnbc · 448 days ago
Spinlaunch Suborbital Test Launch 22 Oct 2021
youtube · 448 days ago
SL Launch
vimeo · 448 days ago
Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital by C. Perez - Books on Google Play · 477 days ago
Internet 3.0 and the Beginning of (Tech) History
stratechery · 750 days ago
Facebook Files, Continued; Misinformation and Vaccinations; Fact-Checking and the Unknown
stratechery · 491 days ago
China’s Power Shortage, The Tech Angle, China and Bitcoin
stratechery · 492 days ago
Apple Bug Bounties, Apple’s Developer Relations Problem, IAC Acquiring Meredith?
stratechery · 493 days ago
Russia, Google and Apple; The App Firewall; Laptop Assumptions
stratechery · 498 days ago
An Interview with Dan Wang About China’s Tech Crackdown
stratechery · 500 days ago
The Facebook Files, Instagram and Teens, Facebook versus App Stores
stratechery · 504 days ago
Apple’s iPhone Event, Apple and California, Additional Notes
stratechery · 505 days ago
Apple Makes the Rules, Reader and Productivity Apps, High-spending Gamers
stratechery · 506 days ago
Tech Epochs Follow-Up, Coinbase Versus the SEC, Coinbase’s Epoch
stratechery · 511 days ago
An Interview with Zeynep Tufekci about Lessons from the Pandemic and the Crisis of Authority
stratechery · 512 days ago
Apple’s App Store Concession, Why This is a Big Deal, Devil in the Details
stratechery · 518 days ago
Japan Fair Trade Commission closes App Store investigation
apple · 518 days ago
Regulators and Reality
stratechery · 519 days ago
China’s Video Game Restrictions, South Korea Passes App Store Payments Law
stratechery · 520 days ago
Apple’s Settlement, Explicit Imprimatur, Additional Notes
stratechery · 521 days ago
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The Science of Masking Kids at School Remains Uncertain
nymag · 530 days ago
Enterprise Metaverses, Horizon Workrooms, Workrooms’ Facebook Problem
stratechery · 532 days ago
Disney Earnings, ESPN and Disney’s Streaming Strategy, Flexibility and Residuals
stratechery · 533 days ago
ByteDance’s New Board Member, The TikTok Question, China’s Innovation Risk
stratechery · 534 days ago
Facebook Messenger Updates, WhatsApp vs. Apple, Facebook’s CSAM Approach
stratechery · 534 days ago
Fear of COVID-19 in Kids Is Getting Ahead of the Data
theatlantic · 537 days ago
Amazon and ATT, Amazon’s EU Fine, AppLovin and Zynga
stratechery · 539 days ago
Apple’s Point-of-View, NFTs and Status, NFTs and Standard Formats
stratechery · 540 days ago
Facebook’s Metaverse Opportunity, An Interview with Matthew Ball About the Multiverse
stratechery · 546 days ago
Square Buys Afterpay, Network Effects, Apple and the Cost of Time
stratechery · 546 days ago
Olympic Ratings, Google Earnings, YouTube and Brand Advertising
stratechery · 549 days ago
Apple Earnings, Microsoft and LinkedIn
stratechery · 553 days ago
Snap Earnings, Twitter Earnings, Additional Notes
stratechery · 555 days ago
The NSO Group, BlastDoor and Software Bugs, Apple’s Response
stratechery · 561 days ago
TSMC Earnings, Semiconductor Economics and Auto Microcontrollers, TSMC’s Advantage
stratechery · 562 days ago
Philosophy and Power; Advertising, Targeting, and Tracking; The Real Winners
stratechery · 567 days ago
ESPN+ Rights Deals, ESPN+ Increases Prices, Black Widow’s Streaming Numbers
stratechery · 567 days ago
Google Sued Over Play Store, The Differences Between Apple and Google, Changing the Rules
stratechery · 569 days ago
Instagram Exclusive Content, Value Chain Conflicts, Facebook Bulletin
stratechery · 574 days ago
Didi Removed From App Stores, China vs. Tech, CAID and Chinese Privacy
stratechery · 576 days ago
Shopify Lowers Developer Fees, Scaling Digital Suppliers, The Power of App Stores
stratechery · 582 days ago
Facebook Complaint Dismissed; Anti-Monopoly vs. Antitrust, Revisited; Where Facebook Lost
stratechery · 583 days ago
Lobbying Congress, Apple’s Report, What About Consumers?
stratechery · 589 days ago
Evaluating Sundar Pichai, EC Announces New Google Investigation, Amazon Blocks FLoC
stratechery · 590 days ago
Stripe Tax, Stripe Identity, Stripe’s Missed Opportunity
stratechery · 594 days ago
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