Ben Thompson
Tinder Bypasses Google Play Payments, App Store Fees and Differences, Apple Entering Modem Business?
stratechery · 10 hours ago
Microsoft’s Earnings, Teams Passes Slack, The Partner Advantage
stratechery · 1 day ago
Libra in Congress; Global Community, Revisited; Messianic Versus Money-Making
stratechery · 4 days ago
Netflix Earnings; Reasons for Concern, and Optimism; Apple Reportedly Pursuing Exclusive Podcasts
stratechery · 5 days ago
Facebook’s FTC Fine, Apple and Microsoft’s Mistake, IBM’s Unbundling
stratechery · 7 days ago
The coal mine that ate a forest (and still wants more) · 11 days ago
Shopify Follow-up, Defining Definitions, OpenDoor Partners with Redfin
stratechery · 11 days ago
Shopify and the Power of Platforms
stratechery · 12 days ago
HBO Max and Friends; British Airways, Marriott Hit with GDPR Fines; Zoom’s Vulnerability
stratechery · 13 days ago
Walmart’s E-Commerce Struggles, Textbook Disruption, The Benefits of Not Competing
stratechery · 14 days ago
Netflix Hangouts - Watch Netflix at work by faking a conference call | Product Hunt
producthunt · 15 days ago
Netflix Loses The Office, Netflix’s Budget Consciousness, Spotify Ends Direct Uploads
stratechery · 20 days ago
Apple, Design, and Operations; So It Goes; The Role of Jeff Williams
stratechery · 21 days ago
[FREE] Jony Ive Leaves Apple, Ive’s Legacy, The Post-Ive Apple
stratechery · 25 days ago
Jony Ive “Promoted”, The Implications of Not Managing, What About Apple?
stratechery · 26 days ago
Libra’s Questionable Benefits, Facebook’s Hidden Costs, Philosophical Objections
stratechery · 26 days ago
An Interview with Kevin Weil and Dante Disparte About Libra and Calibra
stratechery · 27 days ago
Facebook, Libra, and the Long Game
stratechery · 28 days ago
When Everything That Counts Can’t Be Counted
thereformedbroker · 37 days ago
The New Dropbox, The Cloud OS, Connecting Versus File-Sharing
stratechery · 40 days ago | Prices Drop As You Shop
jet · 860 days ago
Walmart and the Multichannel Trap
stratechery · 41 days ago
Tech and Antitrust Follow-up, Google Buys Looker, Salesforce Buys Tableau
stratechery · 42 days ago
Tech and Antitrust
stratechery · 43 days ago
Cloudera and Pivotal, Box and Zuora
stratechery · 47 days ago
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The First Post-iPhone Keynote, More on Antitrust and Tech, Developers Sue Apple
stratechery · 48 days ago
Apple’s Audacity
stratechery · 49 days ago
Apple Defends App Store, Apple’s App Store Motivations
stratechery · 54 days ago
AMD Launches 7nm Chips, Sony Partners with Microsoft, Apple and AWS
stratechery · 55 days ago
Airbnb Eliminates Guest Fees, Airbnb’s Initial Advantage, Airbnb’s Delay
stratechery · 56 days ago
Episode 171 — An Intra-west Debate | Exponent · 60 days ago
The Problem with “Aggregation Theory”, Demand at Scale, Supplier Power and Value
stratechery · 61 days ago
Huawei Loses ARM, More on Values (and Facebook), Qualcomm Loses to FTC
stratechery · 62 days ago
China, Leverage, and Values
stratechery · 63 days ago
Google and Huawei, Android and Huawei, The U.S. Impact
stratechery · 64 days ago
Taiwan legalises same-sex marriage · 67 days ago
Uber’s Rocky IPO, What Went Wrong, The Perils of Private
stratechery · 68 days ago
Disney Takes Full Control of Hulu, Disney’s Organization, The Streaming Struggle
stratechery · 69 days ago
The Supreme Court Rules Against Apple, In Favor of the Dissent, The Implications of Apple v Pepper
stratechery · 70 days ago
Chris Hughes Versus Facebook, Breaking Down Hughes Article, The Privacy Paradox
stratechery · 71 days ago
Episode 170 — A Perfect Meal | Exponent · 74 days ago
Google IO Follow-up, Linux on Windows, Microsoft’s Developer Strategy
stratechery · 75 days ago
Google Fights Back
stratechery · 76 days ago
stratechery · 77 days ago
Microsoft Build, Microsoft’s Strategic Clarity, An Interview with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella
stratechery · 77 days ago
Facebook’s Cryptocurrency, The Problem — and Benefit — of Credit Cards, The Facebook Payment Network
stratechery · 78 days ago
Apple’s Earnings, Google’s Earnings, Amazon Earnings
stratechery · 82 days ago
Microsoft and Slack Follow-up, F8, Facebook versus Snapchat
stratechery · 83 days ago
Microsoft, Slack, Zoom, and the SaaS Opportunity
stratechery · 84 days ago
Microsoft’s Earnings, Microsoft’s Growth Opportunities, Facebook’s Earnings
stratechery · 89 days ago
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