Ben Thompson
Episode 159 — Inverted Pyramids | Exponent · 3 days ago
Satya Nadella on Microsoft
stratechery · 4 days ago
More on Apple and China (and Podcasts!), Apple and Duck Duck Go, WordPress Newspack
stratechery · 5 days ago
MongoDB Follow-up, AWS’ Incentives, Batteries: The iPhone’s Missing Miss
stratechery · 6 days ago
AWS, MongoDB, and the Economic Realities of Open Source
stratechery · 7 days ago
Episode 158 — A Significant Shift | Exponent · 10 days ago
Apple’s Errors Follow-up, Apple’s Services Pivot, Samsung Warns on Revenue
stratechery · 13 days ago
Apple’s Errors
stratechery · 14 days ago
From the Archives: Apple’s China Problem
stratechery · 19 days ago
Apple’s China Problem
stratechery · 628 days ago
Facebook Stats, Facebook’s Data Sharing, Facebook Politics
stratechery · 32 days ago
The 2018 Stratechery Year in Review
stratechery · 33 days ago
Discord and Its Game Store, Fortnite and the Social Aspect of Gaming, Game Store Competition
stratechery · 34 days ago
Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap
youtube · 35 days ago
Tumblr’s App Store Ban, Tumblr’s NSFW Deadline, Verizon Writes Down Oath
stratechery · 35 days ago
Episode 157 — Clumping and Clustering | Exponent · 38 days ago
Distinguishing Regulation, Is the Internet Different?, Reasons for Skepticism
stratechery · 39 days ago
The State of Technology at the End of 2018
stratechery · 40 days ago
Opening New Tabs Next to the Current Tab in Safari
daringfireball · 41 days ago
Apple’s China Patent Case, Slack Versus Teams, Stratechery LLC’s Choice
stratechery · 41 days ago
Huawei CFO Arrested, Australia’s Awful Law
stratechery · 42 days ago
The Facebook Emails; The Platform Debate; Zuckerberg’s Platform Delusion, Redux
stratechery · 46 days ago
More on Scooters; Airbnb and Hotels; Netflix, AT&T, and Friends
stratechery · 47 days ago
Podcasts, Analytics, and Centralization
stratechery · 587 days ago
Aggregators and Jobs-to-be-Done
stratechery · 48 days ago
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Apple Music on Amazon Echo, The Implications, Apple-Amazon Quid Pro Quo’s
stratechery · 49 days ago
Episode 156 — Rent-Seeking | Exponent · 52 days ago
Stratechery Merchandise
stratechery · 53 days ago
AWS:reInvent and Outposts, AWS and Machine Learning; YouTube Retreats on Premium Video
stratechery · 53 days ago
Apple App Store Follow-up, AWS ARM Servers, Intel’s Choice
stratechery · 54 days ago
Antitrust, the App Store, and Apple
stratechery · 55 days ago
Amazon’s Reported RSN Bid, The Future of Sports Rights, Apple in the Supreme Court
stratechery · 56 days ago
Aggregation Theory
stratechery · 358 days ago
Happy Thanksgiving, Tencent Earnings, Fox Sports MLB Deal
stratechery · 62 days ago
Google Cloud Changes CEOs, Layers of Surprise (or Not), The VMWare Analogy
stratechery · 63 days ago
Stratechery Merch, The New York Times on Facebook, Facebook Morale
stratechery · 67 days ago
More on Amazon’s “HQ2”, Two New Paywalls, Subscription Fatigue?
stratechery · 68 days ago
Amazon “HQ2” Choice, Disney’s Earnings, Disney’s Hulu Plan
stratechery · 69 days ago
The Experience Economy
stratechery · 70 days ago
Prophets of the Conversations with Tyler - Marginal REVOLUTION
marginalrevolution · 72 days ago
Qualcomm Loses Preliminary Judgment; Qualcomm’s Earnings; More on Netflix and MVPDs
stratechery · 74 days ago
Apple’s Earnings; Apple, Tencent, and China; iPad Pro Reviews
stratechery · 76 days ago
Apple iPad Pro review 2018: the fastest iPad is still an iPad
theverge · 77 days ago
Apple’s Social Network
stratechery · 77 days ago
Facebook’s Earnings, Facebook’s Stories Story, Additional Notes on Facebook’s Earnings
stratechery · 82 days ago
IBM-Red Hat Follow-up, Microsoft’s Earnings, Amazon’s Earnings
stratechery · 83 days ago
IBM’s Old Playbook
stratechery · 84 days ago
Facebook and Virtual Reality Follow-up, Tim Cook’s Speech on Privacy, What About China?
stratechery · 88 days ago
The Problem with Facebook and Virtual Reality
stratechery · 89 days ago
Ben Thompson on Business and Tech (Ep. 52) – Conversations with Tyler – Medium
medium · 89 days ago
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