Ben Thompson
Bluesky, The Twitter Protocol Tragedy, Alternatives
stratechery · 7 hours ago
TV Advertising Falls; The Sports Linchpin, Revisited; NBA Ratings
stratechery · 1 day ago
Regulating Demand, Ad Targeting and Unintended Consequences, Expedia CEO Out
stratechery · 2 days ago
A Framework for Regulating Competition on the Internet
stratechery · 3 days ago
AWS re:Invent; Transformations, Transitions, and Databases; Amazon Outposts
stratechery · 7 days ago
Larry Page and Sergey Brin Step Down, Why Now?, Google Going Forward
stratechery · 8 days ago
Portability and Interoperability
stratechery · 9 days ago
Facebook Buys Beat Saber, Capital and Copyright, The Oculus Conundrum
stratechery · 10 days ago
Airbnb Losses, Airbnb and The Google Squeeze, Airbnb’s Marketing Spend
stratechery · 16 days ago
PayPal Acquires Honey, What Honey Is, PayPal’s Play
stratechery · 17 days ago
Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger – How to Build a Great Product — Invest Like the Best — Overcast
traffic.libsyn · 18 days ago
Episode 178 — More Ergonomic | Exponent · 20 days ago
Trump Visits Mac Pro Factory, Apple’s Tariffs, Apple Versus Github
stratechery · 21 days ago
Recode Recap: John Stankey of WarnerMedia, Kevin Mayer of Disney
stratechery · 22 days ago
Integration and Monopoly Follow-Up, Apple Paternalism, TikTok and CFIUS
stratechery · 23 days ago
Integration and Monopoly
stratechery · 24 days ago
Facebook Pay, Google Checking, Tech Company Differences
stratechery · 28 days ago
The Google Squeeze Follow-up, Disney+ Launch, Instagram Influencer Follow-Up
stratechery · 29 days ago
Politico’s Founder Is Launching a Tech Site—Into a Very Crowded Market
vanityfair · 29 days ago
The Google Squeeze
stratechery · 30 days ago
Instagram to Hide Likes, Instagram and Influence Marketing, Practical Impacts
stratechery · 31 days ago
Episode 177 — Principle Stacks | Exponent · 34 days ago
Microsoft Ignite, Azure Arc, Additional Insight Announcements
stratechery · 35 days ago
Tech and Liberty Follow-up, Facebook’s Earnings, Additional Notes on Facebook’s Earnings
stratechery · 36 days ago
Tech and Liberty
stratechery · 37 days ago
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Google Buys Fitbit, Why Fitbit is a Good Idea, Why It Isn’t
stratechery · 38 days ago
Apple’s Earnings, iPhone Pricing, Additional Notes on Apple’s Earnings
stratechery · 42 days ago
HBO Max, AT&T’s Challenges, The Streaming Battleground
stratechery · 43 days ago
Amazon Earnings, AWS Concerns, Google’s Earnings
stratechery · 44 days ago
Microsoft Wins JEDI Contract, Microsoft Versus Amazon, Microsoft’s Earnings
stratechery · 45 days ago
Episode 176 — The Second Estate Era | Exponent · 48 days ago
SoftBank Rescues WeWork, Owning WeWork, Zuckerberg in Congress
stratechery · 49 days ago
Ghost 3.0, An Interview with Ghost CEO John O’Nolan
stratechery · 50 days ago
Zuckerberg’s Speech, Facebook Versus China, The Structure of Free Expression
stratechery · 51 days ago
The Internet and the Third Estate
stratechery · 52 days ago
House of Strauss: The NBA-CHINA DECODE with Stratechery Founder/Author Ben Thompson - The Athletic
theathletic · 55 days ago
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facebook · 56 days ago
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facebook · 56 days ago
Ambient Computing and Antitrust, Google’s New Revenue Streams, Netflix’s Earnings
stratechery · 56 days ago
Google and Ambient Computing
stratechery · 57 days ago
Libra Launches, Loses Members; A Note on Facebook v Warren; The Office of Emerging Technologies
stratechery · 58 days ago
Apple Pulls Hong Kong App, Tim Cook’s Memo, Honesty and Control
stratechery · 59 days ago
r/HongKong - List of companies under China's censorship orders (so far). Credit to u/lebe
reddit · 59 days ago
Can Steve Kerr and the NBA do better on China?
theathletic · 60 days ago
China Cultural Clash Follow-Up, Disney and Blizzard, Choosing Customers
stratechery · 64 days ago
The China Cultural Clash
stratechery · 65 days ago
Episode 174 — Distracted at Facebook | Exponent · 68 days ago
Microsoft’s Surface Event, Victors and History, Microsoft’s Hardware Prospects
stratechery · 70 days ago
Facebook’s All-Hands Leak, Facebook Versus Warren, Zuckerberg’s Culture
stratechery · 71 days ago
How to watch Microsoft’s 2019 Surface event
theverge · 71 days ago
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