Venky Ganesan
Joining Abnormal Security as a New Grad Software Engineer
medium · 6 days ago
How to Help Texans During the Winter Storm Crisis
elle · 11 days ago
Angry Ponting clashes with Aleem Dar (MCG) :: The largest library of cricket videos
cricketcrowd · 12 days ago
Virat Kohli should be banned for Ahmedabad Tests: David Lloyd
indianexpress · 12 days ago
New Google whitepaper examines a CISOs best approach to a cloud security transformation | Google Cloud Blog · 12 days ago
Our Investment in Strata: Managing Identity and Access Across All Clouds — Menlo Ventures
menlovc · 13 days ago
Opinion | Have Teachers Unions Finally Overplayed Their Hand?
wsj · 19 days ago
Chak De India Title Song | Shah Rukh Khan | Sukhvinder Singh | Salim-Sulaiman | Jaideep Sahni
youtube · 42 days ago
CA Covid Vaccine Tracker
covid19vaccineca · 46 days ago
India's accidental attack unheralded but irrepressible · 45 days ago
Q&A: Menlo Ventures’ Venky Ganesan Discusses Poshmark Investment
news.crunchbase · 46 days ago
Glassdoor: Best tech companies to work for in 2021 – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 48 days ago
Making Sense of the Boom: Menlo’s Cyber Security Checklist — Menlo Ventures
menlovc · 51 days ago
The case against meritocracy - CNN Video
cnn · 51 days ago
One Author's Controversial View: 'In Defense Of Looting'
npr · 51 days ago
Congratulations to StackRox on joining Red Hat: Validation that demand for DevSecOps is on the rise — Menlo Ventures
menlovc · 53 days ago
As several marketplace unicorns prepare IPOs, a VC digs into the data – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 82 days ago
Aisera's Conversational AI Solution for Microsoft Teams Will Help Change the Future of Work
prnewswire · 103 days ago
What Proposition 22 Now Makes Possible
theinformation · 111 days ago
The U.S. Divorce Rate Has Hit a 50-Year Low
ifstudies · 111 days ago
2020 Election Results Reflection
youtube · 114 days ago
What Liberals Don’t Understand About Pro-Trump Latinos
theatlantic · 118 days ago
The Kubernetes Security Shift - Security Boulevard
stackrox · 118 days ago
How I Got to Yes on Prop 22 · 119 days ago
Relive the Trump's stunning win in under 2 minutes
youtube · 121 days ago
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In a Bid to Diversify, Firms Expand Business-School Recruiting
wsj · 121 days ago
Obama and McCain Trade Jokes at Charity Dinner
youtube · 127 days ago
RIP Quibi
medium · 131 days ago
HOME - OBSERVE.AI · 931 days ago
Our Investment in Sonrai Security — Menlo Ventures
menlovc · 138 days ago
Opinion | Everything I Know About Elite America I Learned From ‘Fresh Prince’ and ‘West Wing’
nytimes · 142 days ago Has Less Bias (But More Work Needs to Be Done) - Rev
rev · 143 days ago
Donald Trump & Joe Biden 1st Presidential Debate Transcript 2020 - Rev
rev · 153 days ago
Man cited for repeatedly flying drones over private property
argusobserver · 168 days ago
15 Minutes Smarter | Thrive Through Transformation
info.bitsight · 168 days ago
They Know How to Prevent Megafires. Why Won’t Anybody Listen?
propublica · 184 days ago
Editorial: Don't stifle the gig economy, vote yes on California Prop. 22
sfchronicle · 169 days ago
Our $26.5M Round — Growth Built on Sea Change of Kubernetes and DevSecOps | StackRox: Kubernetes and container security solution
stackrox · 173 days ago
Op-ed: Cybersecurity is the 'blind spot' that can derail some of Wall Street's biggest M&A deals
cnbc · 182 days ago
7 high school students on going back to class during the pandemic
i-d.vice · 186 days ago
In the era of remote work, we still need offices
fastcompany · 196 days ago
Kamala Harris & Mindy Kaling Cook Masala Dosa
youtube · 200 days ago
Dedrone announces new CEO, Aaditya Devarakonda - DroneDJ
dronedj · 202 days ago
Technical Insights in Startups – Engineering Capital
engineeringcapital · 236 days ago
Sign Up | LinkedIn
linkedin · 295 days ago
Reflections on Being a Female Founder
tracy.posthaven · 253 days ago
Dedrone and BlackBerry Partner for Instant Notification of Airspace Security Breaches
dronelife · 271 days ago
Pliant and the 5 P’s of Therapeutics Investing at Menlo
medium · 271 days ago
BlackBerry partners with Dedrone on counter-drone technology | ZDNet
zdnet · 272 days ago
Poetry In Voice 2016 winner Marie Foolchand recites at Griffin Poetry Prize awards ceremony
youtube · 273 days ago
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