Alex Schleifer
The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED]
theeternalcastle · 1 day ago
shmuplations · 66 days ago
This McKinsey study of 300 companies reveals what every business needs to know about design for 2019
fastcompany · 80 days ago
Progressive Web Apps on iOS are here 🚀 – Maximiliano Firtman – Medium
medium · 98 days ago
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared is making new episodes
cnet · 126 days ago
Why we say "OK"
vox · 128 days ago
Polymega™ Official Launch Trailer
youtube · 132 days ago
Nike's sales surge after releasing controversial Colin Kaepernick 'Just Do It' campaign
foxnews · 132 days ago
10 Minutes of Untitled Goose Game Gameplay - PAX West 2018
youtube · 139 days ago
r/videos - This Ancestry app attempts to make you use your fingerprint in order to purchase a $100 in app purchase.
reddit · 141 days ago
Viral Video Showing Sun’s “Vortex” Motion Is Wildly Inaccurate
slate · 148 days ago
Picular · 149 days ago
Norway’s $47BN Coastal Highway | The B1M
youtube · 149 days ago
Vacation Rentals on Airbnb
airbnb · 162 days ago
Airbnb Magazine – Medium
medium · 174 days ago
Activating Creative Allies · 177 days ago
Windup character facial capture using Unity and IPhone X
youtube · 186 days ago
Adobe will reportedly bring the full Photoshop to the iPad
theverge · 190 days ago
Fortnite's missing Durr Burger mascot found in the middle of the desert
pcgamer · 192 days ago
AT&T wants to overhaul HBO, says it isn’t profitable enough
arstechnica · 194 days ago
The AudioKit Synth One is a pro-level iPad synth that’s completely free
theverge · 202 days ago
r/assholedesign - I made volume slider where you can't select numbers divisible by 2 and 5
reddit · 206 days ago
The Most Innovative Parking Structures From Around the World
archdaily · 209 days ago
Hear the Otherworldly Sounds of Skating on Thin Ice | National Geographic
youtube · 237 days ago
The Making of TANK
youtube · 238 days ago
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TANK (short film by Stu Maschwitz)
youtube · 238 days ago
Introducing Airbnb Cereal · 249 days ago
Meet Airbnb Cereal · 249 days ago
Family Realizes Pet Dog Is a Bear After Animal Starts to Walk Around on Hind Legs
people · 249 days ago
Cool Glitch Effect On Movie Studio Logo Must Mean Shit About To Go Down
entertainment.theonion · 270 days ago
soundcloud · 281 days ago
The rationalization of publishing – Ev Williams – Medium
medium · 291 days ago
Apple Proposes First Accessibility Emoji, Including Guide Dogs and Prosthetics
gizmodo · 302 days ago
David Lynch Teaches Typing by RhinoStew · 325 days ago
Celeste (Original Soundtrack)
open.spotify · 328 days ago
From New Airbnb Plus, Properties With More Amenities
nytimes · 331 days ago
Read This Before Joining as Employee 1 to 20 at a Startup
firstround · 354 days ago
How a TV Works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
youtube · 366 days ago
The Orville is better than Star Trek: Discovery
boingboing · 398 days ago
Jenny Arden: Look for Dark Horses and Misfits
99u · 401 days ago
Airbnb Makes Group Travel Easy with Global Launch of Split Payments - Airbnb Newsroom
press.atairbnb · 417 days ago
Steve Selzer: Designing for Friction
99u · 523 days ago
iMac Pro
apple · 527 days ago
Dream Daddy review
polygon · 527 days ago
Wandering shaman 'mistaken' for Bigfoot in North Carolina - BBC News · 527 days ago
Shafiu Hussain on Lottiefiles
lottiefiles · 527 days ago
Lottie · 668 days ago
Film Crit Hulk SMASH: Let’s Talk About “Pickle Rick”
birthmoviesdeath · 528 days ago
Icons In Motion
blog.thenounproject · 529 days ago
So, about this Googler’s manifesto. – Yonatan Zunger – Medium
medium · 532 days ago
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