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Lawyers hate timekeeping — Ping raises $13M to fix it with AI – TechCrunch
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Leaders in Tech Fellows
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Next Billion-Dollar Startups: Truepill’s Dose Of Digital Disruption To The $400 Billion Pharmacy Industry
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Coinbase is a product led company
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Take Control of Your Data With Helm's Personal Server
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Papa Raises $10M to Expand “Grandkids on Demand” Platform to Address Social Isolation in Seniors
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To beat Amazon Go, Standard Cognition buys cashierless DeepMagic – TechCrunch
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iPhone 11 Pro Cinematic 4k: Tokyo
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The Power User Curve: The best way to understand your most engaged users · 469 days ago
‘A very human example of how we use technology to help’: Worcester Red Sox unveil plans for Polar Park’s autonomous market
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Applying to Y Combinator? 3 tips from a former YC partner (Giveaway—I'll review your app!)
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What Being Named a Forbes 2019 Cloud 100 Rising Star Means to Me :LogDNA
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On behalf of Hims’ patients, thank you for copying Ro
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Vinyl set to outsell CDs for first time since 1986
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A drone with a can-doom attitude
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If Sapiens were a blog post
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Coinbase Custody acquires Xapo’s institutional business, becoming the world’s largest crypto custodian
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The New Yorker
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Dharma Markets Report
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Zeus Living – An honest review
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Meet Morgan Beller, the 26-year-old woman behind Facebook's plan to make its own currency
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Initialized Capital on Instagram: “"I love learning about people and their problems, and finding solutions to solve their problems. I got into tech in particular for two…”
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On Presentations · 139 days ago
Libra, 2 weeks in | Facebook
facebook · 138 days ago is looking fresh.
girlboss · 138 days ago
Brandon Rodman on LinkedIn: "Years ago, on two separate occasions, investors told us we should shut down Weave. In 2013, one investor didn’t think we were going to make it. The numbers told that story, he said. He suggested that we weren’t willing to accept reality. In 2016, another set of investors suggested that we think about selling the company, because they didn’t think we would make it. Both times, I reacted similarly. First, I got mad. It felt like being told my baby was ugly. It felt like they didn't believe in me and our team. It felt personal. Then, after getting past the emotional response, I wondered whether there was truth in these assertions? This was followed by looking at the risks of moving forward versus what we wanted to do. The risks were pretty significant: we could run out of cash then get sued. That scenario felt pretty scary. Both times, it felt like Weave was something that needed to exist in the world. No alternative use of my time and energy felt more compelling. So we kept going. Everyone wants entrepreneurial ventures to be a big success. But the path to success often includes spending a lot of time being called an ugly duckling. Just because someone smart or caring says you should quit doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Only you can decide. #peoplenotemployees"
linkedin · 151 days ago
How to Be Great? Just be Good, Repeatably · 159 days ago
Jeff Bezos Explains Why Amazon Makes No Profit? (2014)
youtube · 162 days ago | SEC Charges Issuer With Conducting $100 Million Unregistered ICO · 167 days ago
Opinion | The Economics of Rihanna’s Superstardom
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Chrome to limit full ad blocking extensions to enterprise users - 9to5Google
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Peter Thiel tells Google Chairman: "You have NO IDEA what you're doing"
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