Garry Tan
pandora’s vox: on community in cyberspace
gist.github · 1 day ago
Post-COVID-19, Coinbase will be a remote-first company
blog.coinbase · 13 days ago
The Villager And The F-18
medium · 35 days ago
Amazon Scooped Up Data From Its Own Sellers to Launch Competing Products
wsj · 40 days ago
github · 41 days ago
youtube · 41 days ago
Timebox your way to startup product market fit
blog.garrytan · 42 days ago
Voyage gets the green light to bring robotaxi service to California’s public roads – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 42 days ago
Clubhouse voice chat leads a wave of spontaneous social apps – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 45 days ago
Student Library | Open Library
openlibrary · 47 days ago
Atomic Loans is Building Native DeFi for Bitcoin
medium · 49 days ago
This $199,000 tiny home can be installed in a San Jose, California backyard in one day — see inside
businessinsider · 53 days ago
Deep Thoughts Engineering Speaker Series: John Carmack
youtube · 53 days ago
Coronavirus: Drone Footage of San Francisco's Empty Streets
youtube · 55 days ago
Rate-of-learning: the most valuable startup compensation
kyletibbitts · 56 days ago
The 18 Mistakes That Kill Startups
paulgraham · 56 days ago
IHME | COVID-19 Projections
covid19.healthdata · 67 days ago
How Atomic Loans helped me pay off my mining bills · 58 days ago
MASTERCLASS: How to build a fast growing startup team entirely remotely (Part 1)
youtube · 62 days ago
SaaStr Summit
saastrsummit · 63 days ago
Garry Tan and Alexis Ohanian on how to survive these crazy days (and what to learn from them) – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 68 days ago
Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (eCFR) · 69 days ago
Opinion | Act Now to Prevent an American Epidemic
wsj · 126 days ago
r/CoronavirusCA - If you’re in need of a job, here’s a link to a google sheet of companies that are hiring remote workers at this time! (1575 positions available)
reddit · 72 days ago
Around - Next-gen video calls for a new era of work | Product Hunt
producthunt · 74 days ago
Get in touch with us on Twitter
Product Hunt · 74 days ago
Garry Tan (@garrytan) • Instagram photos and videos
instagram · 74 days ago
How to get the absolute best telework setup
youtube · 76 days ago
Marc Rebillet @marcrebillet · 78 days ago
zoombackgrounds · 78 days ago
"No handshakes, please": The tech industry is terrified of the coronavirus
vox · 109 days ago
Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now
medium · 84 days ago
FlattenTheCurve | COVID19 Update & Guidance to Limit Spread
flattenthecurve · 84 days ago
Business Dad
businessdad.initialized · 145 days ago
Why fully distributed is by far the best way to run a software team
medium · 93 days ago
How to Do a Reverse Image Search From Your Phone
pcmag · 95 days ago
Turboku - Make your Heroku web dynos 60% faster with flyio | Product Hunt
producthunt · 96 days ago
Happy Gary ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗଘ( ᐛ ) ଓ -
cutekaomoji · 98 days ago
'Cash is trash' in the 2020 market: Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio
youtube · 101 days ago
Drowning in email is the first sign you aren't scaling.
youtube · 103 days ago
Longboarding Meets FPV Drones - Norway (4K)
youtube · 108 days ago
Barr blasts Trump's tweets on Stone case: 'Impossible for me to do my job': ABC News Exclusive
abcnews.go · 109 days ago
Landing a home on a teacher's salary - Marketplace
marketplace · 111 days ago
The Philosophy of Bill Murray – Wisecrack Edition
youtube · 113 days ago
Coronavirus Study Finds Incubation Period of Up to 24 Days
caixinglobal · 113 days ago
App Used to Tabulate Votes Is Said to Have Been Inadequately Tested
nytimes · 118 days ago
What to do when someone steals your idea
youtube · 119 days ago
Garry Tan
youtube · 182 days ago
Home ownership is the West’s biggest economic-policy mistake
economist · 137 days ago
Jim Lehrer’s Rules of Journalism
kottke · 129 days ago
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