Vijay Pande
Muneeb Sultan - Workshop on Free Energy, Kinetics, & MSM in Drug Design 2018
youtube · 2023 days ago
A biotech VC goes to work: Vetting AI and weighing in on early IPOs
statnews · 2025 days ago
insitro: Rethinking drug discovery using machine learning
medium · 2040 days ago
Talking Biotech: Using plants as 'biofactories' for vaccines, biofuels and more | Genetic Literacy Project
geneticliteracyproject · 2045 days ago
Online Citizen Science and the Widening of Academia | SpringerLink
link.springer · 2045 days ago
a16z Podcast: On Recent Consolidation in the Healthcare Industry
a16z · 2047 days ago
Tom Brady's sports media startup raises $3 million
axios · 2047 days ago
a16z Podcast: When (and How) Biology Becomes Engineering
a16z · 2054 days ago
What Will be Global Warming’s Effect on Hurricanes in the Future?
medium · 2056 days ago
Eroom's Law
youtube · 2063 days ago
What to Make of Consolidation in Healthcare
youtube · 2066 days ago
a16z Video: What to Make of Consolidation in Healthcare?
a16z · 2066 days ago
Walmart in Early-Stage Acquisition Talks With Humana
wsj · 2073 days ago
This plant-based coating makes fruits and veggies last up to four times longer
inhabitat · 2078 days ago
Transferable Neural Networks for Enhanced Sampling of Protein Dynamics
pubs.acs · 2083 days ago
50 residue peptide in a hybrid solvent model with adjustable boundaries
youtube · 2114 days ago
Biology software promises easier way to program living cells
nature · 2116 days ago
New class encourages creativity in science | Stanford News · 2123 days ago
Xconomy: A16Z Bio Fund’s Pande Sees A.I. as Way to Ride Bio Innovation
xconomy · 2124 days ago
The Investor Using Venture Capital and Machine Learning to Cure Cancer
bloomberg · 2125 days ago
a16z Podcast: Revisiting the Gene
a16z · 2150 days ago
Markov State Models: From an Art to a Science
pubs.acs · 2145 days ago
6 Things We Learned about Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery from 330 Scientists
blog.benchsci · 2152 days ago
Andreessen Horowitz has a new, $450 million bio fund
techcrunch · 2178 days ago
Dynamical model of the CLC-2 ion channel exhibits a two-step gating mechanism
biorxiv · 2188 days ago
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Towards simple kinetic models of functional dynamics for a kinase subfamily
biorxiv · 2189 days ago
twoXAR Announces Business Advisory Board – twoXAR – Medium
medium · 2195 days ago
github · 2196 days ago
Millisecond dynamics of BTK reveal kinome-wide conformational plasticity within the apo kinase domain
nature · 2205 days ago
Five Technologies That Will Rock Your World
nytimes · 2209 days ago
Non-Human Genomics: Interview with Zal Bilimoria
atompacific · 2215 days ago
Putting AI in Medicine, in Practice
soundcloud · 2218 days ago
An Innovative Way to Keep Fruit Fresh
nationalgeographic · 2219 days ago
Venture Capitalists Are Betting on Robots Being Embedded In Your Body
fortune · 2228 days ago
Term Sheet -- Wednesday, October 25
fortune · 2228 days ago
tICA-Metadynamics: Accelerating Metadynamics by Using Kinetically Selected Collective Variables
pubs.acs · 2242 days ago
a16z Podcast: Mindsets for Engineering Biology – Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 2247 days ago
Transfer Learning from Markov Models Leads to Efficient Sampling of Related Systems
pubs.acs · 2258 days ago
The Blockchain Is the Internet of Money
wsj · 2261 days ago
Conformational dynamics of CLN025 folding – Pande Lab at Stanford University – Medium
medium · 2268 days ago
The first token-based social network · 2269 days ago
First quantum computers need smart software
nature · 2270 days ago
github · 2274 days ago
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