Melissa Tsang
nytimes · 1 day ago
How San Francisco broke America’s heart
washingtonpost · 2 days ago
Even Harvard Is Now Teaching Personal Finance
wsj · 6 days ago
SAT to Give Students ‘Adversity Score’ to Capture Social and Economic Background
wsj · 8 days ago
Tails, You Win
collaborativefund · 336 days ago
The tyranny of ideas
nadiaeghbal · 10 days ago
Opinion | Americans Need Generic Drugs. But Can They Trust Them?
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Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Work Diary: Fighting Misogyny, One Bumble Brand at a Time
nytimes · 13 days ago
Many Americans Will Need Long-Term Care. Most Won’t be Able to Afford It.
nytimes · 13 days ago
Degrees of Confidence
collaborativefund · 14 days ago
Why Do So Many VCs Say They're Introverted?
casnocha · 15 days ago
Why You Need a Network of Low-Stakes, Casual Friendships
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The Decline of Historical Thinking
newyorker · 17 days ago
Taking care of the elderly in Silicon Valley — a personal story
venturebeat · 17 days ago
Opinion | What ‘Good’ Dads Get Away With
nytimes · 19 days ago
“My Life”
newyorker · 20 days ago
Everyone’s Running — And That Could Be Dangerous For The Democrats
fivethirtyeight · 21 days ago
Amy Poehler's Coming-of-Rage Story: Comedy's Subversive Star Is Defining Her Own Feminism
hollywoodreporter · 29 days ago
The Problem With Most Financial Advice – Of Dollars And Data
ofdollarsanddata · 31 days ago
Women suffer needless pain because almost everything is designed for men
vox · 36 days ago
Read the Mueller Report: Full Document
nytimes · 36 days ago
The Truth About Dentistry
theatlantic · 36 days ago
Melinda Gates on Tech Innovation, Global Health and Her Own Privilege
nytimes · 38 days ago
I'm 31, I Live In NYC & My Husband & I Make $400,000
refinery29 · 40 days ago
A Week In San Francisco On A $330,000 Budget
refinery29 · 40 days ago
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Uber, Losing $1.8 Billion a Year, Reveals I.P.O. Filing
nytimes · 42 days ago
F45 is the most popular workout you’ve never heard of
vox · 51 days ago
For cramped New York, an expanding dining scene
latimes · 53 days ago
✅ Time for Happiness - Ashley Whillans HBR
evernote · 55 days ago
Click here to support SAFER Embarcadero for ALL organized by william fitzgerald
gofundme · 55 days ago
Different Kinds of Information
collaborativefund · 57 days ago
The Female Athlete Out-Earning Men
wsj · 59 days ago
The Truth About Wasabi
youtube · 64 days ago
Rent the Runway Joins Glossier in the Elite Club of Female-Founded Unicorns
fortune · 64 days ago
Ask A Native New Yorker: Should I Move To Los Angeles?
gothamist · 64 days ago
Uber Eats rolls out confusing new fees — here’s what they mean
theverge · 66 days ago
All the Crime, All the Time: How Citizen Works
nytimes · 68 days ago
How Parents Are Robbing Their Children of Adulthood
nytimes · 68 days ago
The Eater Guide to Taipei
eater · 72 days ago
Felicity Huffman And Lori Loughlin Are Among Dozens Charged In A Massive College Admissions Scam
buzzfeednews · 73 days ago
r/AskWomen - What are some of the most ridiculous examples of bad design without women in mind?
reddit · 74 days ago
Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Says He’ll Shift Focus to Users’ Privacy
nytimes · 77 days ago
Meet the Exclusive Service Bringing Lunch to NYC’s Chinese Workforce
ny.eater · 78 days ago
The Making of the Fox News White House
newyorker · 81 days ago
The Hard Lessons of Dianne Feinstein’s Encounter with the Young Green New Deal Activists
newyorker · 89 days ago
r/AskMen - What is something no one really tells you about getting older?
reddit · 91 days ago
Better Language Models and Their Implications
blog.openai · 99 days ago
#KaraJack: All the tweets from Kara Swisher’s live interview with Jack Dorsey — in order
recode · 100 days ago
The Ethical Dilemma Facing Silicon Valley’s Next Generation
theringer · 102 days ago
"I’m moving out of state": How some Uber and Airbnb employees are trying to avoid California income tax
recode · 106 days ago
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