Melissa Tsang
Working at Equinox: ‘It’s Very Hunger Games’
nytimes · 5 days ago
Overconfidence: An Autobiography
jasonzweig · 10 days ago
A 5-year-old boy's entire kindergarten class showed up for his adoption hearing
cnn · 6 days ago
How to Read: Lots of Inputs and a Strong Filter
collaborativefund · 9 days ago
The Best Investment You Can Make – Of Dollars And Data
ofdollarsanddata · 11 days ago
Why millennials never want to leave their apartment anymore
qz · 25 days ago
Managing Your Friendships, With Software
theatlantic · 31 days ago
Why Don’t We Know How to Protect Our Time?
forge.medium · 34 days ago
Jon Lovett and Ronan Farrow full interview
youtube · 40 days ago
This May Be the World's Most Ambitious Public Library
citylab · 40 days ago
github · 46 days ago
Y Combinator, Not Lambda School, Is Unbundling Education
medium · 54 days ago
How Parents Can Stay Close to Grown-Up Children
nytimes · 89 days ago
Ramit Sethi: "I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Second Edition" | Talks at Google
youtube · 95 days ago
Joyce Carol Oates Teaches the Art of the Short Story | Official Trailer | MasterClass
youtube · 109 days ago
Why Everyone Should Write
collaborativefund · 849 days ago
How Uber Got Lost
nytimes · 110 days ago
The Key to a Long Life Has Little to Do With ‘Good Genes’
wired · 116 days ago
Need U
open.spotify · 117 days ago
Athleisure, barre and kale: the tyranny of the ideal woman
theguardian · 129 days ago
Being basic as a virtue
nadiaeghbal · 132 days ago
Atlanta’s black tech founders are changing entrepreneurship in America. Can they avoid Silicon Valley’s mistakes?
fastcompany · 129 days ago
TL;DR: The Best Finance Books in One Sentence - A Wealth of Common Sense
awealthofcommonsense · 124 days ago
Craving Freedom, Japan’s Women Opt Out of Marriage
nytimes · 124 days ago
All the best engineering advice I stole from non-technical people
medium · 124 days ago
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Born to Walk Barefoot
nytimes · 146 days ago
Chuck Klosterman Likes Writers Who Aren’t Self-Absorbed Sociopaths
nytimes · 146 days ago
The future of fitness is together but alone
theverge · 147 days ago
A Midsummer Overview Of The Democratic Field
fivethirtyeight · 154 days ago
We hired the author of 'Black Hawk Down' and an illustrator from 'Archer' to adapt the Mueller report so you'll actually read it
insider · 154 days ago
The perks of patronage
nadiaeghbal · 156 days ago
Podcast event sales have increased by over 2000% in the last 6 years
axios · 156 days ago
A Class Riot Among the One Percent at Brooklyn’s Oldest Nursery School
thecut · 156 days ago
Kyle Kingsbury: Sleep Tracking, Hot and Cold Immersion, and the Power of Walking - The Genius Life - Podcast Notes
podcastnotes · 157 days ago
Megan Rapinoe's greatest heartbreak, and hope
espn · 166 days ago
Peggy Gou Is Kicking Her Electronic Music Career to the Next Level
nytimes · 161 days ago
Can Reading Make You Happier?
newyorker · 164 days ago
Ways My Life Changed After I Started Exercising
newyorker · 167 days ago
How to speak Silicon Valley: decoding tech bros from microdosing to privacy
theguardian · 168 days ago
The Sports Gene by David Epstein - The Rabbit Hole
blas · 174 days ago
Seth and Rihanna Go Day Drinking
youtube · 174 days ago
City of Secrets: Estimated 10,000 people in DC are spies | WTOP
wtop · 176 days ago
18 Questions. 21 Candidates. Here’s What They Said.
nytimes · 176 days ago
Facebook Plans Global Financial System Based on Cryptocurrency
nytimes · 177 days ago
Time for Clockwise
news.greylock · 178 days ago
32 Thoughts From a 32-Year-Old
medium · 178 days ago
My Father’s Stack of Books
newyorker · 178 days ago
Some Good News For Retirement Savers For Once - A Wealth of Common Sense
awealthofcommonsense · 180 days ago
What financial information do you wish was more commonly known? -
bogleheads · 180 days ago
Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down · 181 days ago
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