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Chesterton’s Fence: A Lesson in Second Order Thinking · 16 days ago
Travelers frustrated over new SLC Airport design, layout
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Life After White-Collar Crime
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The Real Heroes Are Dead
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Opinion | Here’s what the media got completely wrong on Afghanistan
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Apple loosens rules for developers in major concession amid antitrust pressure
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Hospitals and Insurers Didn’t Want You to See These Prices. Here’s Why.
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Insights from "Social Chemistry" and "Friends"
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OnlyFans: Platform to ban sex videos after BBC investigation
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Analysis | The Cybersecurity 202: The government’s facing a severe shortage of cyber workers when it needs them the most
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What it's like to move to SF without a tech job
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Danny Meyer: Hospitality and Humanity [The Knowledge Project Ep. #115] · 84 days ago
Clubhouse Is The Big Stinker That Nobody Wants To Talk About
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The Delta Variant Is the Symptom of a Bigger Threat: Vaccine Refusal
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Vaccinated America Has Had Enough
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She Heard His Voice and Found Her Soul Mate
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Jeff Bezos Picks 18-Year-Old Dutch Student for Blue Origin Rocket Launch
nytimes · 100 days ago
It’s Okay to Outgrow the Life You Thought You Wanted
rainesford.medium · 103 days ago
Dr. Peter Attia on The Importance of Strength Training During a Fast | The Tim Ferriss Show
youtube · 121 days ago
Harder Than It Looks, Not As Fun as It Seems
collaborativefund · 128 days ago
You logged in to the electroshock therapy site · 150 days ago
Get Ready for Financial Shocks From Climate Change, Biden Tells Officials
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Hundreds of Epidemiologists Expected Mask-Wearing in Public for at Least a Year
nytimes · 161 days ago
Big Desk Energy
bigdeskenergy · 167 days ago
How Parasocial Relationships Have Defined The Tech Industry
ez.substack · 172 days ago
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The Instagram ads Facebook won't show you
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🚨 What really happened at Basecamp · 179 days ago
The Technium: Better Than Free
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How Much is Your Time Worth?
awealthofcommonsense · 186 days ago
California braces for extreme 2021 wildfire season - it's very dry out there
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Priceless NFT Artwork Vandalized With Spray Paint Tool
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I Called Off My Wedding. The Internet Will Never Forget
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how timeless is timeless advice?
luttig.substack · 201 days ago
Social Inequality, As Seen From The Sky
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The Key Metric No One Talks About With Sleep
medium · 210 days ago
chrissy teigen on Twitter
web.archive · 213 days ago
Racist Violence Has Shattered The Myth That Asian People Can Be Invisible In America
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The Curious Case of Florida’s Pandemic Response
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Tonal Feels Like Working Out In The Future
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China's Xi Jinping Tells People's Liberation Army to Get Ready For Combat
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Late-Stage Pandemic Is Messing With Your Brain
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Back To The Office
blog.eladgil · 236 days ago
In Statehouses, Stolen-Election Myth Fuels a G.O.P. Drive to Rewrite Rules
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Ted Cruz’s Cancún Trip: Family Texts Detail His Political Blunder
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I Miss My Bar - Recreate Your Favorite Bar's Atmosphere
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For Better Health During the Pandemic, Is Two Hours Outdoors the New 10,000 Steps?
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A Tense Lunar New Year for the Bay Area After Attacks on Asian-Americans
nytimes · 253 days ago
The Californians Are Coming. So Is Their Housing Crisis.
nytimes · 253 days ago
MGM Lands Rights To Ben Mezrich’s Book Proposal ‘The Antisocial Network’; Would Chronicle Recent Wall Street-GameStop Chaos
deadline · 265 days ago
Taiwan is a civilization
noahpinion.substack · 266 days ago
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