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Stable Diffusion Multiplayer - a Hugging Face Space by huggingface-projects
huggingface.co · 481 days ago
In S.F.’s Hayes Valley, merchants are arming themselves with Tasers amid fear over break-ins
sfchronicle · 482 days ago
Harrdy Sandhu - Bijlee Bijlee ft Palak Tiwari | Jaani | BPraak | Arvindr Khaira | Desi Melodies
youtube · 483 days ago
Uganda says exploration results show it has 31 million tonnes of gold ore
reuters · 483 days ago
What Language Model to Train if You Have One Million GPU Hours?
arxiv · 483 days ago
nitrosocke/modern-disney-diffusion · Hugging Face
huggingface.co · 483 days ago
New England is an Energy Crisis Waiting to Happen
doomberg.substack · 783 days ago
Satya Nadella & Sam Altman Conversation (Satya Nadella at Microsoft Ignite 2022)
youtube · 483 days ago
The Four Quadrants of Conformism
paulgraham · 1308 days ago
And yet it moves - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 1292 days ago
Jan Blomqvist - The Space In Between (Ben Böhmer Remix)
youtube · 485 days ago
Why the Nordstrom parking lot that could have been housing remains a ‘poster child for the insanity’ in S.F.
sfchronicle · 485 days ago
Fireside Chat: Emad Mostaque, CEO of Stability.AI - Hosted by Elad Gil
youtube · 486 days ago
Math Scores Fell in Nearly Every State, and Reading Dipped on National Exam
nytimes · 486 days ago
Tl;dr with Elad Gil
threads · 489 days ago
AI: Startup Vs Incumbent Value
blog.eladgil · 490 days ago
Stability AI Announces $101 Million in Funding for Open-Source Artificial Intelligence
prnewswire · 493 days ago
How mud boosts your immune system
bbc · 495 days ago
Sweden’s Incoming Cabinet Says New Reactors Will Be Built
bloomberg · 496 days ago
Equifax said it fired employees for working as many as 3 jobs at once in an internal operation known as 'Project Home Alone'
businessinsider · 496 days ago
‘This is serious’: JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon warns U.S. likely to tip into recession in 6 to 9 months
cnbc · 498 days ago
Oh look, TripActions raised at a $9.2B valuation after reported $12B IPO filing
techcrunch · 498 days ago
It's official: The pandemic turned us all into jerks
businessinsider · 499 days ago
Global Tech Cities: 2022 Market Summaries
cushwake.cld.bz · 500 days ago
Orange M&M is now a Gen Z icon because of its extreme anxiety
mashable · 501 days ago
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PayPal Policy Updates
paypal · 502 days ago
Back to the office
blog.eladgil · 503 days ago
Imagen Video
imagen.research.google · 505 days ago
Building makemore Part 3: Activations & Gradients, BatchNorm
youtube · 505 days ago
Opinion | Gavin Newsom’s Gas Price Premium
wsj · 508 days ago
Lessons learned when scaling dbt models quickly.
medium · 508 days ago
Modern Principles: Microeconomics: 9781319098766: Economics Books @ Amazon.com
amazon · 508 days ago
CNBC Transcript: Duquesne Family Office Chairman & CEO Stanley Druckenmiller Speaks with CNBC’s Joe Kernen Live During the CNBC Delivering Alpha Conference Today
cnbc · 511 days ago
China growth to fall behind rest of Asia for first time since 1990
ft · 513 days ago
The team photos for the Santa Clara cross country team are art
sbnation · 514 days ago
Score Settling on COVID
arnoldkling.substack · 515 days ago
Jerome Powell’s Volcker Deficit | by Stephen S. Roach - Project Syndicate
project-syndicate · 516 days ago
CDC says some nursing homes and hospitals no longer need to require universal masking
cbsnews · 517 days ago
Scientists have calculated how many ants are on Earth. The number is so big it’s ‘unimaginable.’
washingtonpost · 521 days ago
With new cuts, Klarna joins the ranks of companies having to conduct more than one layoff
techcrunch · 517 days ago
Public opinion on nuclear energy and nuclear weapons: The attitudinal nexus in the United States
sciencedirect · 518 days ago
What happens when you feed an AI program some of the wildest, most florid descriptions of L.A.?
latimes · 519 days ago
r/StableDiffusion - Getty Images will cease to accept all submissions created using AI generative models
reddit · 519 days ago
Could STDs be our next epidemic? New CDC data says yes
fortune · 520 days ago
the circle of life
i.imgflip · 520 days ago
Can daily coffee use increase your lifespan? Here's what the latest research says
usatoday · 521 days ago
Caffeine extends life span, improves healthspan, and delays age-associated pathology in Caenorhabditis elegans
ncbi.nlm.nih.gov · 521 days ago
Reasons behind the decline in new tech unicorn companies | CB Insights
cbinsights · 522 days ago
AI ethics vs AI alignment - LessWrong
lesswrong · 523 days ago
The dirty secret of mathematics: We make it up as we go along
medium · 524 days ago
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