Sam Altman
‎OpenAI ChatGPT · 206 days ago
WSJ News Exclusive | Microsoft Bets That Fusion Power Is Closer Than Many Think
wsj · 215 days ago
The Age of AI has begun
gatesnotes · 264 days ago
Reid Hoffman on LinkedIn: AI, like most transformative technologies, grows gradually, then arrives…
linkedin · 282 days ago
Rare Alien CryptoPunk NFT Sells for $23.7 Million
cryptobriefing · 284 days ago
Planning for AGI and beyond
openai · 289 days ago
Reinventing search with a new AI-powered Microsoft Bing and Edge, your copilot for the web - The Official Microsoft Blog · 306 days ago
A New Way to Achieve Nuclear Fusion: Helion
youtube · 358 days ago
chat.openai · 375 days ago
Believe it -- Merriam-Webster's word of the year is 'gaslighting' | CNN
cnn · 377 days ago
What it feels like to visit a fusion company lab on a day when wildfire smoke cloaks the horizon
cnbc · 400 days ago
Trust in news collapses to historic low
axios · 494 days ago
23 million Californians to get up to $1,050 in "inflation relief" checks
cbsnews · 530 days ago
How to Fix Twitter—And All of Social Media
theatlantic · 558 days ago
Boris × DALL·E | A loaf of bread in the shape of a bunny, electrified with lightning throughout it, sitting atop a wooden kitchen counter
labs.openai · 613 days ago
How an AI Became My Code-Writing Genie
wired · 635 days ago
Meditations On Moloch
slatestarcodex · 1030 days ago
The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914: Clark, Christopher: 9780061146664: Books
amazon · 657 days ago
Not even trying: the corruption of real science
corruption-of-science.blogspot · 693 days ago
Join the Hyperscale Discord Server!
discord · 736 days ago
OpenAI Residency
openai · 740 days ago
OpenAI’s API Now Available with No Waitlist
openai · 752 days ago
California Tries to Close the Gap in Math, but Sets Off a Backlash
nytimes · 766 days ago
Solving Math Word Problems
openai · 772 days ago
Fears of a ‘Bottleneck Recession’: How Shortages Are Hurting Germany
nytimes · 796 days ago
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Opinion | The Economic Mistake the Left Is Finally Confronting
nytimes · 812 days ago
OpenAI - Twitch · 852 days ago
Americans' Life Ratings Reach Record High · 869 days ago
Microsoft and OpenAI have a new A.I. tool that will give coding suggestions to software developers
cnbc · 895 days ago
OpenAI Startup Fund
openai · 928 days ago
Will Hurd Joins OpenAI’s Board of Directors
openai · 951 days ago
Short Story on AI: Forward Pass · 987 days ago
Lattice Series E
lattice · 993 days ago
Multimodal Neurons in Artificial Neural Networks
openai · 1011 days ago
Future of AI
joinclubhouse · 1012 days ago
Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman Suggests Trading Halt to Let Investors 'Recalibrate'
mediaite · 1047 days ago
World GDP over the last two millennia
ourworldindata · 2401 days ago
CLIP: Connecting Text and Images
openai · 1069 days ago
The Strength of Being Misunderstood
blog.samaltman · 1104 days ago
PG and Jessica
blog.samaltman · 1172 days ago
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Champion Of Gender Equality, Dies At 87
npr · 1178 days ago
The Four Quadrants of Conformism
paulgraham · 1235 days ago
Orthodox Privilege
paulgraham · 1244 days ago
Researchers and Founders
blog.samaltman · 1269 days ago
Open Thread 156.25 + Signal Boost For Steve Hsu
slatestarcodex · 1272 days ago
Project Covalence
blog.samaltman · 1272 days ago
beta.openai · 1277 days ago
nobody knows the future
defmacro · 1286 days ago
Idea Generation
blog.samaltman · 1291 days ago
Lachy Groom Raising About $100 Million for Second Fund
wsj · 1300 days ago
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