Sam Altman
OpenAI Residency
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OpenAI’s API Now Available with No Waitlist
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California Tries to Close the Gap in Math, but Sets Off a Backlash
nytimes · 28 days ago
Solving Math Word Problems
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Fears of a ‘Bottleneck Recession’: How Shortages Are Hurting Germany
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Opinion | The Economic Mistake the Left Is Finally Confronting
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Americans' Life Ratings Reach Record High · 132 days ago
Microsoft and OpenAI have a new A.I. tool that will give coding suggestions to software developers
cnbc · 157 days ago
OpenAI Startup Fund
openai · 191 days ago
Will Hurd Joins OpenAI’s Board of Directors
openai · 213 days ago
Short Story on AI: Forward Pass · 250 days ago
Lattice Series E
lattice · 255 days ago
Multimodal Neurons in Artificial Neural Networks
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Future of AI
joinclubhouse · 274 days ago
Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman Suggests Trading Halt to Let Investors 'Recalibrate'
mediaite · 309 days ago
World GDP over the last two millennia
ourworldindata · 1664 days ago
CLIP: Connecting Text and Images
openai · 331 days ago
The Strength of Being Misunderstood
blog.samaltman · 367 days ago
PG and Jessica
blog.samaltman · 434 days ago
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Champion Of Gender Equality, Dies At 87
npr · 440 days ago
The Four Quadrants of Conformism
paulgraham · 497 days ago
Orthodox Privilege
paulgraham · 506 days ago
Researchers and Founders
blog.samaltman · 532 days ago
Open Thread 156.25 + Signal Boost For Steve Hsu
slatestarcodex · 534 days ago
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Project Covalence
blog.samaltman · 535 days ago
beta.openai · 540 days ago
nobody knows the future
defmacro · 548 days ago
Idea Generation
blog.samaltman · 554 days ago
Lachy Groom Raising About $100 Million for Second Fund
wsj · 562 days ago
How to Make the Most of Your Work From Home in These Times
medium · 608 days ago
Please Fund More Science
blog.samaltman · 613 days ago
Ginkgo commits $25M of free access to our platform for partner COVID-19 projects - Ginkgo Bioworks
ginkgobioworks · 625 days ago
Funding for COVID-19 Projects
blog.samaltman · 628 days ago
The Virus
blog.samaltman · 636 days ago
Hard Startups
blog.samaltman · 646 days ago
How To Invest In Startups
blog.samaltman · 690 days ago
Results of Sam Altman’s 2015 “Bubble Talk” Bet – Danielle Morrill
daniellemorrill · 700 days ago
Emergent Tool Use from Multi-Agent Interaction
openai · 808 days ago