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Chris Urmson: Self-Driving Cars at Aurora, Google, CMU, and DARPA | Artificial Intelligence Podcast
youtube · 1593 days ago
Manifesto of Hong Kong Protesters
youtube · 1594 days ago
“On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” - Berbix - Medium
medium · 1597 days ago
Rent the Backyard wants to build a studio apartment in your yard – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 1597 days ago
Ep 19: Matt Rogers, Co-Founder at Nest and - My Climate Journey · 1600 days ago
incite · 1600 days ago
How to Manage a Board
blog.ycombinator · 1600 days ago
This monthly subscription offsets your personal carbon footprint
fastcompany · 1603 days ago
The climate change policy with the most potential is the most neglected
vox · 1603 days ago
Best places to visit in Copenhagen - Airbnb
airbnb · 1604 days ago
Tandem - A virtual office for remote & distributed teams | Product Hunt
producthunt · 1605 days ago
How Alipay Users Planted 100M Trees in China |
alizila · 1607 days ago
1 big thing: What the U.S. can learn from Germany on drug prices
axios · 1607 days ago
Wren - Erase your carbon footprint
projectwren · 1607 days ago
Y Combinator-backed Project Wren is aiming to make carbon offsets more consumer friendly – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 1607 days ago
Envisioning a Future with Large-Scale CO2 Removal - The Elephant · 1611 days ago
Your next car may be Chinese and electric
youtube · 1612 days ago
Only 2% of genomic material available for research comes from Africa, 54gene wants to change that – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 1613 days ago
China Is Forcing Tourists to Install Text-Stealing Malware at its Border
vice · 1613 days ago
Work at a Startup Expo 2019
youtube · 1616 days ago
Announcing Startup School 2019
blog.ycombinator · 1617 days ago
Advice on Organizing and Running Growth Teams from Dan Hockenmaier and Gustaf Alströmer
youtube · 1619 days ago
Advice on Organizing and Running Growth Teams from Dan Hockenmaier and Gustaf Alströmer
blog.ycombinator · 1619 days ago
Female Founders Office Hours and Happy Hour - July 26
blog.ycombinator · 1620 days ago
Wren - Offset your carbon footprint by saving rainforests | Product Hunt
producthunt · 1620 days ago
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Why is Rent So High in SF? A Guide to San Francisco Housing Policy
blog.starcity · 1621 days ago
Britain's popular digital bank Monzo doubles valuation to $2.5 billion
cnbc · 1621 days ago
Why the age of electric flight is finally upon us
bbc · 1622 days ago
Lenny's Newsletter
lenny.substack · 1624 days ago
I don't care about cookies · 1627 days ago
All nugget, no chicken: Ex-Boeing engineer targets cafeterias with food tech startup
geekwire · 1632 days ago
Tiger Global leads $15.5 million funding round in OkCredit - ETtech
tech.economictimes.indiatimes · 1635 days ago
This App Is Like an Uber for Grandkids
news.vice · 1634 days ago
How Much Equity to Give Your Cofounder - Michael Seibel
youtube · 1639 days ago
Does the news reflect what we die from?
ourworldindata · 1644 days ago
California Fire Tracker: The latest on wildfires across the state
projects.sfchronicle · 1645 days ago
Join Y Combinator’s 3rd Annual Career Expo on June 29th, 2019
blog.ycombinator · 1654 days ago
Searchlight - Make better hires with early reference assessments | Product Hunt
producthunt · 1646 days ago
When is the Right Time to Apply to Y Combinator? - Jared Friedman
youtube · 1660 days ago
Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Heckling Jerry Seinfeld, His 2020 Campaign, GoT Predictions
youtube · 1662 days ago
Applications for YC China Fall 2019 Are Open
blog.ycombinator · 1667 days ago
Children Change Their Parents' Minds about Climate Change
scientificamerican · 1669 days ago
GM Cruise raises $1.15B at a $19B valuation from Softbank and Honda – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 1670 days ago
Start-Ups Hoping to Fight Climate Change Struggle as Other Tech Firms Cash In
nytimes · 1669 days ago
WorldCover raises $6M round for emerging markets’ climate insurance – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 1669 days ago
Tristan Harris says tech is "downgrading" humanity — but we can fix it - Recode Decode with Kara Swisher · 1671 days ago
San Francisco (1955 Cinemascope film)
youtube · 1673 days ago
From Oakland High to Silicon Valley: Y Combinator's Domonique Fines
kqed · 1675 days ago
Shiok Meats Raises $4.6 Million Seed Round To Develop Cell-Based Shrimp
forbes · 1675 days ago
Paid Email Newsletters Are Proving Themselves As A Meaningful Revenue Generator For Writers
buzzfeed · 1677 days ago
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