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Nurx HPV Screening Kit - Assess your risk for cervical cancer from home - Nurx
nurx · 326 days ago
Why Silicon Valley needs more visas
techcrunch · 327 days ago
2019 will be the year alt-meat goes mainstream
fastcompany · 330 days ago
Vinod Khosla on How to Build the Future
blog.ycombinator · 333 days ago
Meet YC in Waterloo and Toronto
blog.ycombinator · 335 days ago
How to Choose a Startup to Work For by Thinking Like An Investor
triplebyte · 334 days ago
The next industry ripe for change
virgin · 336 days ago
The Problems With Martech, and Why Martech is Actually for Engineers
caseyaccidental · 339 days ago
Half of all cars sold in Norway in 2018 were electric
qz · 339 days ago
How Does Your State Make Electricity?
nytimes · 349 days ago
The Oil Industry’s Covert Campaign to Rewrite American Car Emissions Rules
nytimes · 360 days ago
Renewable Energy, Climate Change and Technology: Michael Liebreich and Azeem Azhar in Conversation - Exponential View · 360 days ago
The Wooing of Jared Kushner: How the Saudis Got a Friend in the White House
nytimes · 364 days ago
How to Build a Successful Growth Team with Jeff Chang @Pinterest
open.spotify · 365 days ago
Is Your Home At Risk From Wildfire? Check These Maps.
buzzfeednews · 366 days ago
Scooter mechanic, once homeless, says cheap rides now help him pay rent
sfchronicle · 366 days ago
Nigerian logistics startup Kobo360 raises $6M, expands in Africa
techcrunch · 366 days ago
The clean meat revolution is coming | Opinion
newsweek · 366 days ago
Open Positions
swingleft · 366 days ago
Amplitude, Founded By Forbes Under 30 Alums To Make Products Better With Analytics, Reaches $850M Valuation As Sequoia Leads New Investment
forbes · 368 days ago
When Software Eats the Real (Estate) World
youtube · 373 days ago
9 most useful piece of advice I’ve received – Mathilde Collin – Medium
medium · 372 days ago
Meet The Solo Female Founder Who Helps Engineers Find Their Dream Jobs
forbes · 373 days ago 2017 • Karri Saarinen - Scaling design with systems
youtube · 374 days ago
How CO2 Could Be The Future Of Fuel | VICE on HBO
youtube · 375 days ago
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YC alum Make School gains rare accreditation for 2-year applied CS bachelor’s degree
techcrunch · 376 days ago
David Wallerstein: Earth 2.0-A Sustainable Human-Earth Operating System
youtube · 377 days ago
Lab-Grown Diamonds: They're Real, and They're Spectacular
gq · 379 days ago
Autodesk to Acquire PlanGrid to Accelerate Construction Productivity
prnewswire · 382 days ago
Airbnb booked more than $1 billion in third quarter revenue
cnbc · 387 days ago
Standard Cognition raises $40M to replace retailers’ cashiers with cameras
techcrunch · 388 days ago
Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis
nytimes · 389 days ago
The Next Chapter: Announcing Simple Habit’s $10 Million Series A Round
blog.simplehabit · 389 days ago
Y Combinator is Hiring a Visiting Partner in the Life Sciences
blog.ycombinator · 391 days ago
How Humans Get Hacked: Yuval Noah Harari & Tristan Harris Talk with WIRED
video.wired · 391 days ago
Gaming AMA with YC Visiting Partner Holly Liu
blog.ycombinator · 394 days ago
These startups, platforms, and apps hope to deliver the Blue Wave
fastcompany · 397 days ago
Hardware AMA with YC Partner Eric Migicovsky
blog.ycombinator · 401 days ago
Did You Vote? Now Your Friends May Know (and Nag You)
nytimes · 398 days ago
Volunteer in the midterms
thelastweekend · 401 days ago
Volunteer on The Last Weekend
swingleft · 400 days ago
Political Climate · 400 days ago
Click & Grow Raises $11 Million in Investment
clickandgrow · 403 days ago
The Facebook Dilemma, Part Two (full film) | FRONTLINE
youtube · 403 days ago
The Re-emergence of American Anti-Semitism - The Daily · 403 days ago
The Facebook Dilemma, Part One (full film) | FRONTLINE
youtube · 404 days ago
#871: Blacklisted In China - Planet Money · 404 days ago
A Little Goes A Long Way!
secure.actblue · 404 days ago
Growth AMA with YC Partner Gustaf Alströmer
blog.ycombinator · 405 days ago
votesaveamerica · 478 days ago
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