David Pakman
Hellvetica is a horrific take on the famous typeface
theverge · 20 days ago
The Luxury Battle Brewing Over Tiffany
nytimes · 21 days ago
Netflix open-sources Polynote to simplify data science and machine learning workflows
venturebeat · 25 days ago
Something in the Way We Move
nytimes · 26 days ago
One Of New York’s Top Seed Investors Takes On Outside Capital For The First Time
forbes · 38 days ago
Ransomware Forces 3 Hospitals To Turn Away All But the Most Critical Patients - Slashdot
it.slashdot · 47 days ago
Tesla starts wider release of V10, and it finally includes Spotify - Electrek
electrek.co · 53 days ago
FYI, Airplane Water Is Dirtier Than You Think
huffpost · 59 days ago
The Quiet Robot Revolution That Can Unlock A Trillion Dollars In Retail Efficiency: Meet Tally
forbes · 62 days ago
Opinion | There Is No Tech Backlash
nytimes · 63 days ago
Casper Dreams of Being Bigger Than Mattresses
nytimes · 65 days ago
Introducing Flow, a new blockchain from the creators of CryptoKitties
medium · 67 days ago
Simbe Robotics raises $26 million for autonomous inventory robots
venturebeat · 67 days ago
Bringing Efficiency To Retail With Automation
pakman · 67 days ago
Ninja, the biggest name in Fortnite, is leaving Twitch
theverge · 108 days ago
Sovereign (Crypto) Networks
placeholder.vc · 109 days ago
Procter & Gamble writes down Gillette business but remains confident in its future
cnbc · 110 days ago
Blockchain Ballers
pakman · 110 days ago
Machine vision can spot unknown links between classic artworks
technologyreview · 110 days ago
Your Data Were ‘Anonymized’? These Scientists Can Still Identify You
nytimes · 117 days ago
How Women Are Forming Collectives and Changing the D.J. Game
nytimes · 117 days ago
How IBM Watson Overpromised and Underdelivered on AI Health Care
spectrum.ieee · 119 days ago
Apollo 11 in Real-time
apolloinrealtime · 125 days ago
Cities: Skylines is Turing Complete - Daniel Bali - Medium
medium · 125 days ago
Netflix Is Boasting About Huge Numbers for Stranger Things Season 3
vulture · 128 days ago
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Cheers! Misty Celebrates National Slurpee Day on 7-11
youtube · 130 days ago
SEC approves 1st consumer RegA+ token Props for cross-app rewards – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 130 days ago
CryptoKitties | Check out Kitty #995745!
cryptokitties.co · 134 days ago
CryptoKitties | Check out Kitty #782398!
cryptokitties.co · 134 days ago
Protesters in Hong Kong Have Changed Their Playbook. Here’s How.
nytimes · 142 days ago
Facebook iOS and Android apps test letting you turn off annoying red dots - 9to5Mac
9to5mac · 145 days ago
Adobe’s prototype AI tool automatically spots Photoshopped faces
theverge · 157 days ago
Training a single AI model can emit as much carbon as five cars in their lifetimes
technologyreview · 165 days ago
Justice Department Opens Formal Review of Music-Licensing Rules
wsj · 165 days ago
How Scientists Use Nuclear Fallout to Identify Art Forgeries
nytimes · 165 days ago
The ambitious plan to reinvent how websites get their names
technologyreview · 166 days ago
Pastis Reopens After a Five-Year Hiatus
nytimes · 166 days ago
The Whole Story Behind Vanna White’s 'Wheel of Fortune' Salary
goodhousekeeping · 167 days ago
FedEx to deliver 7 days a week to satisfy online shoppers
apnews · 168 days ago
NFT Dev Meetup x Dapper Labs, OpenSea, Quantstamp, SuperRare & Unlock
eventbrite · 186 days ago
CryptoKitty Creators Release New 'Easy-To-Use' Ethereum Wallet - CoinDesk
coindesk · 193 days ago
Start-Ups Hoping to Fight Climate Change Struggle as Other Tech Firms Cash In
nytimes · 194 days ago
May the 4th Be With You
youtube · 198 days ago
Altice USA Buys Streaming-Video Network Cheddar for $200 Million
wsj · 202 days ago
The once-hot robotics startup Anki is shutting down after raising more than $200 million
recode · 202 days ago
Avengers movie adds gas engine sound to Audi’s electric e-tron in product placement fail
electrek.co · 202 days ago
The Rise of Live-Streamer Style
nytimes · 206 days ago
At Colorado, a Breach in Football’s Wall
nytimes · 214 days ago
Robots are Coming
youtube · 217 days ago
Get Ready for National Robotics Week
spectrum.ieee · 230 days ago
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